Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hello everyone, Mr. F here pinch-hitting while Mrs F and the kids are at the cottage...

Mrs F wants you all to know that internet connections are all but non-existent at the cottage and in town, and she may not post until returning to Asheville next week. By then (after some drama) we'll have our high-speed connection at home and I'm sure her posting will resume with a vengeance.

Our belongings all arrived on Monday, as did some of our new appliances. We are going with Mrs. F's planned arrangements (see previous video) and so far so good. Things are fitting and looking good in those spots. Perhaps I'll add some pics tomorrow so you can see where things are at.

That's all for now!


Julie said...

Mr F,
You are so fantastic to be doing all the stuff around the house the while Mrs F is away with the girls. It is probably so much easier to move around furniture and such while the kids are out of the house, too. Good luck painting.

Hope your new job is going well, too!

Send love and happy thoughts on to Mrs F:)

kenady said...

Great post Mr. F! Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing photos:)

Claire said...

Good job Mr. F - we appreciate you keeping things up-to-date for us all!!!

angie said...

Mr. F

You are a superb painter. Good luck with that.

Actually glad Mrs F doesn't have web access....she can just relax away. :-)

Jennifer said...

Dude! Definately put up some pics. Cough .. well if you have time or whatever .. cough. :)

Thanks for the update. I love painting. Have fun!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks honey ;)

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