Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mrs F's Googles Of The Day

Believe It.

Renewed Obsession?

How Kid would like to spend next weekend.

How I would.

How we'll really spend it.


Julie said...

I really liked how you put this together...

Heather said...

Kid's fascination with all things Christian is so quirky and hysterical to me that it's pursued independently of you. I noticed the Berkeley Parents Network came up first on the first google search -- very handy, although I can't figure out for the life of me why their stuff is so out of date on some things. Good luck with that though!

wootini said...

Well now I know how I'll be spending Sunday night... I am totally obsessed with the Hasidim, have read and re-read every single one of Chaim Potok's books a million times, and even went so far as to take an in-depth class in Jewish history and religion in college! There is no way I will be able to stop reading that FAQ!


Kiki said...

"One option is to squish tent worms in front of the others, which will usually make the rest run off (at least temporarily). "

The tent worms catch on that your on to them???

Mrs Furious said...

we're coming to Charleston on Thursday eve... we'll be there until Sunday morning. I'll email you tomorrow!

tell me about it... what do you think I've been doing all afternoon ;)

pits?!! Who freaking knew kids could have smelly pits?! She smells like Mr F!

I'm glad you appreciated my handiwork ;)

wootini said...

I'm still reading it... laundry? what laundry?

Andrea said...

I love how you are just all over the board in interests, the sights and sounds theater looks cool I actually just saw the j&k+8 episode where they went there looks like fun for all ages.

Kiki said...

Oh my gosh, I'm freaking out..I'll come down for sure if you want, okay, I'll wait for the e mail....but I am off on Sunday, I know you're planning to leave that night but...maybe....I'll work out whatever, you let me know what you have planned and I'll work around it...Yipeee!!

Kiki said...

Okay, you said Sunday morning and I wrote Sun. day...clearly overexcited...I'll work something out whatever! So silly this late at night. Ken promised treadmill assembled by the end of the week, I don't want to tell you what I had to promise. (I'm just kidding)

SK and Family said...

I loved reading your googles--inspires me to keep track of what I google one day (if I don't get distracted and forget, LOL!).

Wild about the shaving of the hair--and, that scene in Braveheart has ALWAYS bothered me...

Nutmeg said...

Um... dude. The beautiful custom where the bride and groom get to spend time together alone and break their fast alone? That was actually the time when the bride and groom were supposed to go and "break the fast" :wink, wink, nudge, nudge: while their parents stood outside and listened to make sure they were getting it on officially.

Not the most beautiful thing I can think of, but some people might like it. On my wedding night we read the cards on the giant bed in our hotel room and I fell asleep with 8,000 bobby pins in my hair.

Mrs Furious said...

try as I might I just can't quit J&K + 8.... that's how we found out about the theater. I'm thinking of taking Kid so she can go to a couple of shows around xmas (maybe)... I'm not sure that they won't scare the bejesus out of Baby.

LOL I love how slap happy you get ;)

I knew they shaved their heads... but I didn't know why. Fascinating.

"That was actually the time when the bride and groom were supposed to go and "break the fast" :wink, wink, nudge, nudge"
Now that is what I always thought...

P.O.M. said...

The other day I didn't get to comment on this because I clicked the link and ended up reading the entire page while pretending to work.

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