Saturday, December 27, 2008

It Is All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

This is Kid showing off her newfound independent skating abilities:

This is us almost an hour later right after our horrific wipeout:

We were finally in a pretty good skating groove when some kid skated straight in front of us and knocked Kid off balance. Of course I was holding her up so by chain reaction I was knocked off my feet. Kid slammed down on her hand and I actually caught some air before slamming down so hard on my tailbone that I actually couldn't get up. (I should note that I have a very prominent tailbone... it's practically a deformity) There I was in the middle of the ice with Kid crying hysterically whispering to her "Mommy is really hurt. Mommy is really hurt. I can't help you up just yet." I felt really badly for her since it looked like she might have broken her hand... but I was in no condition to help her. It was taking all of my inner strength to hold myself back from crying and vomiting (yes I hit the ice that hard) and drag us back up and off the ice. Turn in our skates the whole nine yards. I was in so much pain that I couldn't stand or sit without whelping softly. Of course no one seemed to notice or offer any help. I had to call Mr F to pick us up since I knew I couldn't drive home. He wanted to take me straight to the ER but I'm stubborn in the face of pain and wanted to come home and eat first.

So I'm here on the couch trying not to use any of my muscles. I fear I may have actually fractured my tailbone. We saw tons of people fall and get back up and continue on. Damn my genetically flat buttocks... they offered absolutely no protection! If I hadn't been motivated by pride I'd probably still be lying there.

If this derails my workout efforts I'm going to be pissed.


Supermom said...


Perhaps you really should go to the ER!!!


Let us know how you are!

How is kid???????

Marie said...

bad news--broken tailbone usually means tylenol and one of those donut cushions to sit on...

hope your better soon!

Mrs Furious said...

Kid's hand seems okay now. It was pretty swollen. But watching me limp around shut her up :)

That's kind of what I thought... that's why I'm not rushing to go sit around an ER. I was thinking "what on Earth are they going to do for it?" It's not like you can cast your butt ;)
Tylenol?... I was thinking sangria! ;)

I'm watching the Ruby marathon...

tom@julie Peisel said...

Oh man.

Hope your butt feels better soon:)

Robin said...

Man, I'm sorry. I bruised my tailbone really badly in high school. I could hardly move. It was really bad. I never went to the hospital so I don't know if it was broken.

"cast your butt" LOL

Some good pain meds (or sangria) are definitely in order.

Me, Myself and I said...

Oh man, That is horrible.

Take it easy.


Christy said...

OUCH! I fell on my tailbone when I was young and it hurt for the longest time. I hope you recover quickly!

gooddog said...

OH no! Take care of yourself as much as you can. I'm so sorry!

Lori said...

I fell down the stairs in August!
I can tell you I saw stars and I "STILL" have the bruise!
(5 months later)

I'll be sending healing vibes your way.
Damn that ICE!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks for the well wishes!!

It still hurts like a *&^$%!

I've got to be better by Monday since Mr F goes back to work. I will give him props; he is waiting on me hand and foot.

You know I was getting all cocky right before we fell because we had made it two days in a row on skates without falling. ;)

Missives From Suburbia said...

Ohh... I hope it feels better tomorrow. I haven't done that ice skating, but I have done it snowboarding, and it is not a pretty injury.

Haley said...

Owwwww... hope you're up and around soon!

P.O.M. said...

Ok, first off - you totally said you were going to hurt something and you did (The Secret??)

Second, holy hell. I hope you're ok.

Last "genetically flat buttocks" - are we related???

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