Monday, December 22, 2008


"Do you want this cookie?" Mr F asks

"What?" Mrs F replies.

"Do you want this last cookie?" He asks again.

Oh yeah I forgot... he actually went out this morning and bought break apart cookies... and brought them home to the house wherein I have been baking factually good Christmas cookies nearly every single day.

"NO... I shun non Christmas cookies during the week of Christmas!" Mrs F retorts.


julie said...

What are break apart cookies?

I'm the same way this time of store bought. Home baked Christmas cookies or nothing.

Right now, we got nothing:(

But I will be baking soon !

Mrs Furious said...

Well these are an organic brand (Immaculate Bakery..?) but they are refrigerator cookie dough that is just stuck together little balls that you break apart and pop on a sheet and bake.

He's out of his mind... it was because we had a coupon for them that was going to expire.

Mr Furious said...

" was because we had a coupon for them that was going to expire."

Yeah, pretty much. That, AND the out of my mind part.

It's my job to serve dessert before bed, and you don't want to face that angry mob if there's no cookies. Especially Baby, "Cookie. NOW!!"

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F,
I made white trash TODAY.

It would be a lot easier if you just said "Hi my name is Mr F and I have adult onset ADD."

nuff said

Mr Furious said...

I went to the store before the rest of you rolled out of bed. That was HOURS before you made white trash.

And that white trash was practically gone before dessert-time anyway.

Mrs Furious said...

nice try

julie said...

You two are hilarious.

I actually have a package of that cookie dough in my fridge. I have a confession to make. After my cookie baking debacle last week, I didn't have the cookies I planned to give to my postman (I live on a rural route so I know my postman...i never gave gifts to my city postman) and my garbage collector. So I baked a batch of those break-apart sugar cookies and bagged them up with a coffee gift card. They didn't get my famous butter cookies this year. I'm slacking in my holiday duties.

Supermom said...

HA HA!!!

I want a cookie!

To go along with the white trash recipe!

I hope you all are having a nice Monday!

Mrs Furious said...

Hey at least you gave him cookies! I had forgotten about that. I guess I'll be making some more today.

Do you want the recipe? I'll email it to you. But I'll warn you it is like crack and I ate nearly an entire recipes worth yesterday. Ugh. You really can't stop.

Elizabeth said...

Yup, my guess was "they were shiny" Not far off!

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