Tuesday, December 23, 2008

One More Christmas Craft

Kid received a soft fleece blanket with fringe cut on one side when she was Baby's age. She still has it and loves it. It is always in the car on road trips; it's always snuggling on the couch on sick days. I'm not sure why the fringe was only cut onto one side but I will say snuggling up to the non fringe side is a little less annoying.

I thought that maybe Kid would like to make one for Baby for Christmas. She did. She did not want to fringe it on both ends for aesthetics sake like I did. You know how kids are... this blanket had to be a carbon copy for fairness sake.

You will need 1.25 yards of fleece fabric (you might want to go 1.5 in case you need to straighten the cuts as I did)

We had the top and bottom of our blanket at the selvedge ends (top and bottom of fabric bolt). The blanket is 1.25 yards wide. We cut off the selvedge ends (very noticeable in fleece). Then we marked a line 8" up from the bottom end of the blanket and snipped fringe to that line. Then we tied each fringe in a knot. That's it.

This fabric was a designer pattern so it was about $8 total. Of course this is a project that could be done for a little as $4 depending on the fleece (even less if on sale).


Kiki said...

Fleece is good and now I know what to do with all of it that I bought last year on sale....

Can't wait to see those skirts...are you making one for you???

Supermom said...

Love this idea!

I might "borrow" this idea.

Michelle :)

Mrs Furious said...

I'm still working through the 6 yards of wool felt I bought 6 years ago!! But a good sale is a good sale... how could I not buy it?! ;)

Be my guest. :)

Elizabeth said...

yes, the puppet theater is from awsome fabric I bought erm, two years ago? I still have about six yards of it for me!

Mrs Furious said...

Rejoice!! It just came! :)

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