Friday, January 23, 2009


"Mom you are actually lucky that llama spit in your face." Kid says

"How?" I ask, suddenly taken back to that horrible day this past summer.

"Because this could have happened too..."  Kid begins and then pauses dramatically. 

"Llamas can bite all your fingers off!"  Kid proclaims.  

"Oh God." I say through laughter.

"For real!  It's true... it could have happened." Kid continues

One more thing to be grateful for.  Sure I had wretched disgust spit directly into my eyes, but Kid's right... at least I have my fingers.


Renee said...

Something tells me Kid is a chip off the ole' block ;) Kid really is so wise for her age...the same has been said of my son-'he has an old soul' I've been told?!?!

Yep-you have much to be grateful for-you have a broken butt but at least you still have your fingers!!!!

Christy said...

For reals mom. Hahahahaha!! Again, my girls and your girls would love each other. Chloe, 8 1/2, got a dictionary yesterday at school and has been looking up cuss words. "Mama, JACK (and she spells out ASS) is in here." "MAMA! Penis is in here." Good times.

Mrs Furious said...

Yeah she came out an adult. It's been fun to watch her get a little more child like due to Baby's influence.

"MAMA! Penis is in here." Good times.

Oh that's funny. Hey... at least it's learning... right?!

Torey said...

Actually, Llamas only have teeth on the bottom, except for adult males who grow fighting teeth when they reach maturity. Domestic Llamas usually have their fighting teeth removed. So, while a llama can bite your hand HARD, they probably won't remove any digits.

Why yes, I used to show Llamas in 4-H. And really, How the heck did you get a llama to spit in your face?????? What were you doing?!?!

I love Kid's take on it though!

Mrs Furious said...

Just bad timing at the farm!

We actually had a llama board at our barn at our house when I was in high school. I didn't get that close to that one though.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh and I should say this is just another one of Kid's crazy exaggerated stories she comes home from school with...

apparently Carter's brother got his fingers bitten off by a llama...

just like Willow climbed Mt Everest (Willow is 5)

they get some good stories going and of course they all believe EVERY single one of them!

Torey said...

What, your 5 year old hasn't climbed Mt. Everest? Yikes. . . maybe you guys DO need a nanny. . . ; )

I remember those days. The crazy one upping stories. . . that stops just after college I think!

Sorry you got spat on! It's really nasty! (And usually green!)

Mrs Furious said...

Oh God it was disgusting! It really did spit right into my (open) eyes!!!

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