Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spelling Lessons

"Mom how do you spell Keep Out?!" Kid yells at me from down the hall.


SaraDru said...

Ha! This is so cute! I vividly remember asking my mom how to spell "I'm running away".

Mrs Furious said...

Oh that is hilarious! I'm sure your mom was having a good laugh over that!

Jennifer said...

Apparently BOTH your kids like to be nudey! lol

Me, Myself and I said...

Aw, wonderful siblings.

Hubby has been in hospital since Monday night. High blood pressure. On 5 different bp pills twice a day and a nerve pill. YUCK.

Thought I would get my fix while I am home for a second. Have a good day!

Renee said...

Me, Myself and I-so sorry to hear your hubby is in the hospital-here's to a speedy recovery-will b keeping your family in my thoughts.

Too funny....we keep saying we're going to change the lock on my son's door-it is actually one for an outside door and he can lock it from the inside and then no one can get you think that has happened more than once?!?! :) He loves to make warning signs as the look on Baby's face...

smellyshelley said...

Baby looks like she can read it too! If my kindergarten girl wrote a sign like that, my preschooler would go in just to mess with her. Looks like Baby has the same devilish side!

Mrs Furious said...

Me, Myself, & I,
Oh NO! I hope he is doing all right and that things get under control. I'm sorry you've been under so much stress this week.

monkey see monkey do

we had deadbolts on all the interior doors here too... we had to remove them all so that the kids wouldn't get stuck somewhere.

Baby knew from the picture that it was a "No baby" sign... of course she doesn't consider herself a baby so she kept reading and yelling "No babies! No babies!" Like "yeah I get it... now let me in." It was pretty funny.

Heather said...

I'm seeing that Baby also enjoys a little nudie time!

s potter thomas said...

Do you think one of those signs would work on my door?;) My kids All went through that! It is such a crack up when they do the sign for the first time!;) My 8 & 10 year old are always asking where I am if I am not in the family room or kitchen! god forbid I go to the bathroom and they don't know where I am! I mean come on their 8 & 10 already! They are much worse than my older two kids were at the same age!
Baby Furious likes to be a nudey too! She looks so cute!

Me, Myself and I, I hope your husband is doing better today and will come home and be fine! I will say prayers for you both! I know how stressful it is to have a loved one in the hospital!

Mrs. Furious, this gave me a good smile as I am reminded of my kids when they were at this age! My 21 1/2 year old just moved out, so I am in mourning in a way! It is so hard for me! My therapist said it is because to me my 10 year old son (not 21 1/2 year old son) moved out. Plus he moved out in haste because I wouldn't let him go out anymore until he got a job working 20 hrs. a week! He chose to move in with his buddy and pay rent! He has to get a job either way! He is going to j.c. but he put me off for 2 years about getting a job! His father is helping him (my ex-husband). Oh so yeah I have a psychologist, psychiatrist, (when my daughter moved away to school I went into a depression I didn't realize!) and numerous other doctors! I am a HUGE believer in therapy! And I am not good with my kids moving out!

Mrs Furious said...

That made me laugh... believe me... I will be in a mental hospital when they move out on me! Or in an RV parked across the street from their dorm room ;)

Yeah I thought a little bootie shot would be good for everyone's spirits!

s potter thomas said...

Believe me I have felt like I needed to be in a mental hospital! If it wasn't for having to take care Jack and Ben, my youngest boys 10 & 8, I would have just gone into a rest home! In fact we have been to one for stuff with the kids and I was picking out my room! When we took Ashlea to San Luis Obispo Ben was 4 and was a wreck! jack was bad off too and it made it way worse for me! Plus she was crying saying "your leaving me" and I said "this is what you want!" "but we will go get the trailer back and pack you back up and bring you back home!" Anyway, we went out to eat and I had to tell the waitress no one died, we just dropped off our daughter and sister to live here for school! It was horrifying and now funny! She lives in Chico now and We still miss her and have her room ready for her to come home to and visit! ( It is updated as a guest room, but it has the colors she likes and she helped me paint the room. (And is still Ashlea's room!)
You will be crazy when they move out! Some people it is no big deal with, but not me! ( and you!) You better have more kids or something! If I didn't have Jack and Ben I don't know where I would be! (I would probably be staying with Ashlea a-lot!);)

Christy said...

How sweet!

Mrs Furious said...

I'm hoping by the time Baby is ready for college Kid has come home... and I'll never have to be without one of them. After that hopefully my nieces will start having kids and I can steal them ;)

s potter thomas said...

Aha! Good idea! I am waiting for grandchildren! Although Ashlea says she doesn't want kids! Jack and Ben were really good birth control for Ashlea and Andrew! I found a book in Ashlea's room that is a book about a girls body and what happens etc. and in front of the book she had written (she was probably 11 or 12) "this is a really good book" "I hope some other girl gets to read this and likes it" " I hope that girl is my daughter". I told her about that and she just laughed and said "did I really write that?" She has lived with her boyfriend for two years now and they have two German Shepards! I told her when they get married they have to move close to us, or I want to move close to them so I can help with the babies! (they will hopefully have!

I actually told Steve to get his vasectomy reversed! He said "Yeah right" "we're to old!" He just turned 49 and I am 43 and going through perimenopause! Did you watch the Oprah's about it? The shows were really good. Anyway you have a good plan!

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