Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No I'm Not Dialing It In

I'm on standby.

The kids are fairly occupied. I'm making soup.

And I'm at your beck and call.

Got a random question for me?

Then ask away.


Heather said...

When's Baby's birthday?

Mrs Furious said...

January 31st. I did that on purpose so they'd both have 31st b'days. She was due on 2/1. But it was a scheduled c'section so why not make it easy on myself and everyone else when it came to remembering!

Randi said...

Wanna talk about recycling/reusing etc? what do you do? Have you increased it with your compacting? Did you always do it for the environment? You might have talked about this before, it was just on my mind right now.

Mrs Furious said...

That was going to be my #1 New Year's Resolution: To do a better job recycling and make more of an effort. Sure, we recycle. We recycle what our city will pick up (which is shockingly little). But we don't go crazy or really recycle everything we could. I feel TERRIBLE about it but also somewhat overwhelmed and not too knowledgeable about it. I'm sure there is a place we could drop more off at but then I get too lazy to look it up.

We do use cloth napkins.
We do use cloth towels instead of paper (unless cleaning something disgusting like dog poop!).

We recycle the basics:
cardboard cartons, bottles, etc.

Kid and Mr F take reusable containers for lunch... but we do use plastic ziplocs for storing things.

And we have reusable grocery bags... but still somehow manage to have a pretty decent pile of plastic ones anyway.

What's the deal in Canada. Is it different in each city?

Randi said...

yeah every place in Canada is different. Big cities have real options, but everywhere else does basically pop cans and bottles (which we get paid back a deposit for, do you have that in US?) and paper/cardboard. Rarely do you find plastic or glass recycling.

Small towns basically don't have much options, plus worse than that...small towns have small town garbage dumps. Garbage (aka anything, paint cans, etc) are just dumped into a hole in the ground and lit on fire periodically.

My grad study project involved working on a landfill, wanna know one of the suprisingly horrible things for landfills? plastic grocery bags! I guess they don't take up much room, but that's what the whole dump looks like, they blow around and don't decompose at all. Since I worked there I try even harder with the reusable bags, but again, somehow have a huge stock of plastic.

Christy said...

How did you meet Mr. F?

Did you & his parents instantly dislike each other?

Why are you Mrs. Furious? I couldn't find why that was your blog name.

OOPS!! I am a very curious (read: nosey) person :))

Mrs Furious said...

state to state and city to city is totally different.
We had a bottle/can deposits in MI (10 cents) but not here.

I find we're good about the reusable bags for grocery shopping... but not any place else. Now that we're not shopping hopefully that'll get better ;)

Mrs Furious said...

I met Mr F at dog training in Brooklyn, NY about 10 years ago.
You can read all about it HERE. Start with the bottom post.

Um... his parents... that is harder. I liked his mom but I always felt uncomfortable around his dad. I think they always made me feel like an outsider. Watching my parents with Mr F I always taken by how nice and normal and welcoming they are with him. I never was treated like that by his.

And Mrs Furious is a play off of Mr F's blog. He was Mr Furious (after a Comic character) for several years before I did mine. I thought it was funny to play off that and my love of Donna Reed for the ultimate irony in avatar name vs picture.

P/F said...

So, Mrs. F. we've seen you with long hair and with short hair (both look good IMO). Have you been thinking about growing it out again, for the convenience? At all?

...and I feel you on recycling. We have a whole station set up in our garage because we have NO curbside recycling. We pay a bit each year for our membership to recycle Livingston, and have to drop our stuff off on Saturday mornings. It really puts a cramp in our weekend plans, but our garbage can is literally less than 1/4 full.

Mrs Furious said...

Interesting on the recycling membership. With all the hippies around here you'd think they might have something like that. I'm going to investigate.

I think I look best with it short (for now) because I don't have to do anything to it and I always look somewhat styled (at least my head). Plus no frizz at this length. However the cost of keeping it this length is a bit much. I've thought about maybe switching to a different style a bit longer. I'm not sure. Mr F is a supporter of keeping it this length. I also don't look as young as I did with longer hair... since I'm kicking it with a 50 year old on a near daily basis not looking 12 is a good thing (for credibility's sake).

Marie said...

What do kid/baby eat for snacks?? My girls are going through some weird growth time and are consuming E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G!!! And with not buying premade snacks anymore, I find myself giving them homemade cookies/brownies/etc.. a bit more than I should..

Marie said...

Oooh..and laundry. What laundry detergeant do you use? And do you put the clothes away in a timely fashion? (I sort them by person, but then they tend to stagnate for a while in a basket in their room until a)i get sick of it and actually put them away, or b)they are all dirty again!)

Marie said...

Knowing everything you know now...would you still move to where you are or stayed back and turned down the job?

Mrs Furious said...

we don't use any detergent. About a year & a half ago we bought an ionic water thing that attaches to your machine (Laundry Pure) so the water is treated with silver ions and UV light and gets your clothes clean with cold water and no detergent. It was expensive but eventually it will pay for itself (and no pollution!)... plus for sensitive skin no detergent.

As for putting things away...
"I sort them by person, but then they tend to stagnate for a while in a basket in their room until a)i get sick of it and actually put them away, or b)they are all dirty again!"
Ah... yes... that is exactly how we do it!

Kid is giving me some grief but she's getting used to it. It's only been about 2 weeks since we ran out of our old misc snacks.
She can have fruit, nuts, yogurt, pb & j, toast, popcorn or a bowl of cereal. She takes a snack to school and that is always either a hard boiled egg or smoked salmon w/ a piece of fruit.
Baby is more of a grazer so instead of picking her unfinished food up I have moved it to a counter with her step stool pushed up. I've been amazed how much more she eats now that she can just get it when she wants.
Oh and I make muffins once a week with grated apple & carrot or zucchini in them and call them "apple" muffins. Baby loves those.

Mrs Furious said...

Tough one.
For me? It would have been better/easier to have stayed. We would be in about the exact same financial situation... but have had the ability to move to a cheaper house if we needed to.

However Mr F really likes his job and is happier than he ever was in MI... so that's worth something.

I wish we had not bought our house here, though, but had rented. I fear we bought high (yet again) and I think I would feel better feeling a bit less tied to the place.

Elizabeth said...

would you like me to come visit in March or April? Or would it be imposing? I'd love to come, but don't want to be in the way! (don't feel obligated to say yes if it's inconvenient, I'll understand.)

Mrs Furious said...

not an imposition at all! Take your pick. We're not going anywhere.

Suzy said...

Mrs. F,
I just moved from MI to IL. I am totally feeling your displaced pain!! What is the number 1 piece of advice you can give to me (that I haven't already read, that's how loyal a reader I am) about moving to a new state with no family, friends, or job as I am a newby SAHM??? Sound familiar? ACK!!

wootini said...

Oh, fun, license to be nosy:

So how DO you cook the Whole Foods frozen veggies?

What is the right way to cut an apple? (I've been wondering ever since you mentioned this after your skating incident!)

Do you envision returning to work outside the home when your kids are older? If so, do you think you'd return to the same field or pursue something altogether different?

Mrs Furious said...

easy things first...

The Right Way To Cut An Apple:
quarter it
place each quarter on one cut side and slice off the core by cutting straight down. You are just angling your knife so you can cut off the triangular tip of the inside of the quarter. Make sense? (I may need to do a video!)
Then you cut the quarters in half. Peel them (if needed) and then slice into thin slices.
I swear this is the fastest best way!!!

I also seed zucchini and cucumbers the same way.

As for work. Yes I will return to work. I don't know what I will do. I'll probably go back into social work until I decide. I'm not sure if I'd like to go the analytic route and do private practice or if I'd like to go administrative.
I also think that I'd like to start a daycare (in a non home setting) that could provide a really good home like environment. I'd really like to see better care options for middle income families. It's something I think a lot about. How to give people better affordable child care options. I have seen some amazing child care programs that are government funded for underprivileged kids but a lot of care nosedives until you get to a really high end price bracket.

Christy said...

I am shocked and amazed that Kid eats salmon.

How many siblings do you have and where do you fall in the lineup?

What is your favorite '80s movie and song?

Christy said...

You've mentioned being in therapy for many years. Has it been the same therapist?

Mrs Furious said...

First, all I can say is that you know how much I hated it here... and by about 3 months it was much better and here I am at 6 months and I feel okay. So no matter what it will get better.
Secondly, You have to go to every story time and playdate type thing you can find in your area. And if you hate them go to the ones a town over. You just need to make one friend to feel much better. Just one!
Thirdly, Church, church, church. Seriously that is a huge advantage that I didn't have.

I tried to get people to like me more in AA. I think in a weird way my ambivalence toward Asheville kept me more honest and the people I have become friends with are a better match for me. While I know fewer people I am more confident that the ones I know like me as I am. So I say don't try to hard... just show up. Hopefully the right people will take notice.

Also if I didn't have a blog community of friends I would have gone off the deep end! It really was a life saver to have people here even if I didn't have friends outside.

Robin said...

This is so interesting.

Phew, that's how I cut apples. Good to know I've been doing it right. ;)

My brain is dead. I have no questions. (of course, I've been reading you forever so I feel like I know everything. :)

Mrs Furious said...

I have 4 brothers and sisters.
I have one older brother (he's 3.5 years older). Then I have a younger half brother and sister (8 & 11 years younger) from my Dad's 2nd marriage. And I have a younger half sister from my Mom's 2nd marriage (also 8 years younger).

Favorite 80s movie would be Say Anything.
And honestly In Your Eyes is one of my all time favorite songs.

I have had several different therapists. I had a nice psychologist at the end of my high school years. In college I used the counseling services. Then after college I had 5 years of analysis (3 times a week)... that was the best thing I ever did. It was hard and a crazy commitment but I wouldn't be here doing this or married to Mr F if I hadn't done it. I totally changed my life. Then once I got pregnant I had been seeing a psychologist until I moved here (so 6.5 years) and she kept me married and while that was just once a week she saw me through a lot of my adjustments to married life and motherhood and I grew a lot during that time. So glad I did that too. Mr F and I would probably be divorced if I hadn't. Seriously. We'd also be divorced if he hadn't gotten his own great therapist while we were there. He hasn't done nearly as much work as I have but he's in a totally different place awareness wise because of it and I no longer have to be his therapist. He's really changed. We had a lot of hard times because of his ADD and we both needed help to get through that and adjust our relationship.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh the veggies..

for broccoli I pour them into boiling salted water for 2 minutes then drain them. I push out any excess water... basically this thaws them. Then I heat the pan up with a little oil and toss them back in and season as I would. I swear you'd think they were fresh! I have not had the same luck with the Cascadia Farms broccoli though... the Whole Foods just isn't soggy.

The Chinese stirfry veggies I just stirfry no biggie...

The California Mix (broc, carrots, cauliflower) I do like the broccoli but boil them for 3 minutes... then heat with a little butter and season with "house seasoning".

House Seasoning changed my veggies lives.

1 c salt
1/4 c black pepper
1/4 c garlic powder

I mix this up and have it in a shaker. It makes everything restaurant quality.

Green Beans I boil for 7 minutes and drain then mix with butter and house seasoning. Sure you know they were frozen but they are delish so you won't care. I use about a Tablespoon of butter for a whole pound bag.

Corn I do the same way as the bean... same with peas.

Robin said...

Oooh! I thought of one.

How do you go about finding a great therapist? (I can't find a decent hair stylist for crying out loud.)

Mrs Furious said...

Recommendations. Then you may have to try a couple. It is not likely that you'll just stumble into the perfect one. I always had good connections in NY and got recommendations from social work professors (all of them were therapists). But even then I went to 3 had initial appointments and could just tell I liked the 3rd better. Everyone's style is different. My therapist in NY was completely different from the one in MI but they were both what I needed at that time.
University's are your friend in this department if you live near one. The psychology or social work dept are full of therapists (good ones). Look in the school directory online and then check your phone book for their private practice numbers. Even if they aren't taking new patients they'll give you a good referral.

Mrs Furious said...

Also smart established therapist know other smart established therapists. If you meet a child psychologist you really like and have found to be smart ask them for a referral (or 2 just in case) for an adult psychologist or couples therapist. They all travel in similar circles or went to school together.

carrie said...

Please remind me how to do your carrots in sherry...I can't find it anymore. I just needed an excuse to ask again! :)

(listening to Joelle and Carla GO AT IT in the background! Wowzer! lol)

Robin said...

Thanks so much! I really feel like I could benefit from seeing someone, but just don't know if we can swing it finacially. (our insurance only covers it after we meet our [very high] deductible)

Mrs Furious said...

I hear you. With $60 co-pays over here forget it!

There is a psychoanalytic institute in Houston (are you near there?).. google psychoanalytic institute or society and your nearest city or bigger city and see what you get. You can often go there for cheaper and get an analyst in training (they are already a therapist) who is being over seen by an analyst for cheaper. Check it out. Also if you take a class at a college or university you can go to counseling services... they often have pretty good therapists.

Mrs Furious said...

I take the carrots and cut them into matchsticks. Then I saute them in the pan with a little olive oil and chopped garlic for a minute or two then I pour in a little sherry (1/4 c ish depending on how many carrots you are making) then steam them until just tender. Season with salt and pepper. They are freaking fantastic. Also great to do summer squash this way... I scoop out the seeds then matchstick those too. They only cook for about 3-4 min total or they get too mushy.
If your sherry cooks off before the carrots are done either add more or add a splash of chicken stock!

Mrs Furious said...

the above comment was for you obviously!
And the carrots typically take about 7 minutes total cooking time.

Mrs Furious said...

I have a way better answer for you now that I've thought about it more. I'm going to post it in a post tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

No questions, but I enjoyed reading your responses to everyone else's! Say Anything---YES. ;)

I am going to try grating apples into our muffins--how easy! Great idea! :)

carrie said...

Thanks! On the menu for tomorrow night.

Mrs Furious said...

Whenever the carrots get rubbery (I hate when that happens!) or their is an odd apple that just doesn't seem crispy anymore I grate them up and put them in freezer bags. Yes the apples will turn brown but I'm going to bake them anyway. Then I've always got some little something on hand to add in. I usually try to do 1/2 apple and 1/2 carrot or zucchini. It still tastes more apple than anything else so they really don't know!

Mr Furious said...

Taking the job was a no-brainer as far as my career goes. We had great benefits, but my old job was an absolute dead-end. I was over-qualified and underpaid, and would only see 3% cost-of-living increases for the rest of my life.

I needed to get back on a magazine full time. I think the fact that I freelanced for the last ten years cost me just about every job I interviewed for and failed to get for the 3+ years I was interviewing.

Asheville and this job might not be where we stay forever, but even my short time here has made me vastly more marketable to a future opportunity. I am confident that if I walked into my interview at Lands End or another magazine now I would get the job.

Mr Furious said...

The Laundry-Pure really works. I was 90% sure that thing was a scam, but it's awesome. Only for the worst loads (very dirty items or musty dish towels) do I add detergent, and only a half-amount.

Claire said...

Just wanted to let you know that I just came back from a weekend in Bird In Hand, Pa. where I saw more Amish than I ever have before - looked out my hotel window at one point and saw a whole bunch of Amish kids walking home from school - thought of you and it made me smile!

Mrs Furious said...

I wish I had been there! :)

wootini said...

Thanks for the veggie cooking and apple slicing info, Mrs. F!

wootini said...

I meant to add, I would totally put my kids in Furious Daycare in a heartbeat!!

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