Monday, February 9, 2009

Don't Lose Your Heads...

I'll be back to my usual 10x daily posting soon.


BsOnlyToots said...

OH GOOD! I keep refreshing and nothing! LOL

Torey said...

ok, but i have a question.

when making the tilapia, what do i do about the fact the fish is frozen? do i let it thaw??? keep in mind, i'm an idiot and don't really cook. but i'm hoping to make this tonight. . .

Mrs Furious said...

thaw the tilapia first. You can do that by putting it in a bowl of cold water and then changing the water every 15 minutes until it is thawed.

Once you cook them you can refreeze them.

I'll be back!

Torey said...

haha! Thanks. . .I'm a total cooking idiot. . . hopefully nathaniel appreciates this! i'm also making your whole foods broccoli! i'll let you know!

Staci said...

Oh Lord.
That is totally something my MIL would do. :P

I know exactly how you're feeling about the whole deal. sucks.

I'm glad to hear you're taking time for you and will be getting out. Enjoy it! :)

wootini said...

Well you know we will be here whenever you post! :)

I'm really at a loss for words about the Playmobil thing...

BsOnlyToots said...

OK so, I'm telling you our inlaws MUST be related! LOL Good for you taking time off and relaxing, and not stressing so much! :)

julie said...

The playmobile thing is sad. It is clearly some weird way of trying to make a connection where there is none.

I could totally see my MIL doing that, too.

No phone call on baby's birthday? That is so sad. They are the adults. They should be the ones making the effort for some kind of relationship. It is not up to Baby to call them. Jeez.

I get you on the whole blog break. I have not been posting at all.

Glad you are feeling better physically. You must so want to get caught up with everything at home now that you are a bit more mobile without as much pain.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched the video yet--later, after the little ones are asleep--but, I am making your ginger/brown sugar salmon tonight! YUM!

Torey said...

Um. That's weird I wonder if it's her way of acknowledging her absence. A phone call would have been better for sure.

The tilapia was AWESOME!!! And I did the brocoli with trader joes frozen broccoli and it was awesome. N thought it was fresh!!! So thanks for that! Take your break. We will all be waiting when you cone back.

Andrea said...

its good to get away!

Kiki said...

I'm with everyone else, take your time...soon something will happen and you will run to post about it!!! We'll be here.

Your inlaws are a mystery and what's awful is they don't even get what they are missing. So sad, your children are amazing and they are missing bugs me when people do not appreciate what they have.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm so glad they both worked out for you! :)

I hope you all like it!

" So sad, your children are amazing and they are missing bugs me when people do not appreciate what they have."
Thanks... and... you are right. It's like they just don't even "get" it.

How did I know you'd be able to relate ;)

I'm practically at a loss for words my ownself... it is just that one step too weird.

I just needed to allow myself to take an afternoon without things Sometimes I get my priorities mixed up ;)

Also it's like 70 here and the kids want to be outside and I just feel like I *should* be active... and going out.
And yes I have lots of stuff to do... and I'm still procrastinating!
For some reason I feel like the baby (that I'll be sitting... in August) is coming like next month. I just have that antsy "I need to get everything ready" feeling.

Anonymous said...

The salmon was wonderful! :) We'll be making it again!

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