Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One More Thing I Hate About Asheville

Yesterday I took Baby to the mall for the first time. Not the first time to a mall... the first time to the local one here in Asheville.

We were trying to snag some deals at the Land's End sale at Sears (and sadly we were a little late on that front). I parked in front of the Sears and loaded Baby in the stroller and in we went.

But before I opened the door to the store I noticed something.

A "no guns" sign on the glass of the door.

I don't know if that is supposed to make me feel safer... like "don't worry little lady with your little child no one in here has any guns." or what? That's not exactly the feeling it gave me.

Because it would never occur to me that my fellow shoppers would be packing heat.

So when I saw the sign my heart sank and I got a pit in my stomach. Much like I did when I saw the "no gangs" sign on the local public school door when we first moved here. Or the "no guns" sign on the door of the city preschool building that I take Baby to "Mommy & Me" classes at. Or on our doctor's office door for that matter.

When I see those signs I don't think "Well... PHEW... no guns in here!"


What the hell is going on here?

This is not a big city folks. It is less than half the size of Ann Arbor.

I'm not hanging out down by public housing. I see these signs in my neighborhood. If you are trying to tell me my neighborhood is not safe... then it sure as hell shouldn't have cost us this much to move here.

I've lived in NYC, for crying out loud, and worked in the inner city public schools there. In NYC they had security guards sitting at desks in the front of those schools. Bring that on if there is really a problem... don't just put a sign up.

And at the Sears?!! Seriously? I have NEVER seen anything like that at any of the city stores I have ever been to. EVER.

Am I really to believe that someone toting a gun is going to see that and think "Oh shit... that's right I can't bring that in here... what was I
thinking?" smack their forehead and go stash it in their car?

Cause that is not what I think.

I think... enough people are carrying guns that they need to state where it is and isn't legal to carry them.

And that scares the shit out of me.


Get me out of here.


Me, Only Better said...

Is it wrong that this post makes me really glad to live in Canada? Yikes!

Nutmeg said...

I think that is more a rural gun law thing. The NC firearm law states that you can carry a concealed weapon (if you have a permit) unless the place you are entering says you can't. (And schools and some other places)... so if Sears says you can't you can't.

I think that has a whole lot less to do with the city than with the country. New Jersey residents CAN carry hand guns, but they need to prove that they have an urgent need for the self protection that a handgun affords... Most people don't qualify. The same isn't necessarily true in PA or NC, which are much more rural.

Of course, I hate guns, and I think it shouldn't be legal for people to own or carry hand guns, but I think it's definitely a rural thing more than a city thing.

I basically just told you that NC sign stuff to make you feel better... like HEY!! This isn't as dangerous as it feels.

It probably feels like walking around the old west... you just never know if that little old lady has a .22 in her tapestry bag.

It makes me just a tad nauseous to think about.

Kristina said...

There are signs like that on the door of most Minnesota businesses. It has to do with the concealed weapons law.

julie said...

I totally agree with you, Mrs F. It would make me feel like "where the fuck do I live?!" I do get it that it is a rural thing though.

Claire said...

When I moved to Houston and got off the plane with my four daughters there were pick-up trucks everywhere with gun racks and rifles sitting on them - and I also moved to Pa. the first day of hunting and that was really a lot of rifles in the gun racks! It is definitely a rural thing - and took a lot of getting used to as I grew up on Long Island!

Shirls said...

can I just say, this is yet another reason that makes me grateful to be a Canadian, we just don't pack "heat" anywhere, its far from the norm.

actually I personally don't even know anyone who owns a gun for hunting or anything! *whew!*

Mrs Furious said...

Me, Only Better,
Yes I too wish we lived in Canada!

Rural. That makes more sense... although it still makes me nervous that enough people are carrying that they need to put up signs.
"you just never know if that little old lady has a .22 in her tapestry bag. "
Yes. I do kind of feel like that. It's starting to make me paranoid.

I've never seen that before coming here. I'm not used to having a daily reminder that people have guns. It's unsettling.

the rural thing never occurred to me.... I was thinking maybe a Southern thing. But it makes sense. We are surrounded by really rural areas.

I cannot even imagine if I saw guns out like that! I'm really uncomfortable with guns.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I am not a fan. The way I see it nothing good is coming out of a gun. I'm kind of Amish that way ;)

lucinda said...

Rifles in pickups, rural. Concealed handguns, not so much. We obviously have guns (my deer meat comments) but handguns are different. I don't understand the need to carry one just to assert the constitutional right to bear arms. I don't think it's a rural thing, I think it's an idiot thing.

Mrs Furious said...

I was actually going to call you and ask if they had no gun signs on the school there to cross reference that.

Mrs Furious said...

I mean the more I think about the more I am unsettled.
Concealed weapons is scary.

And while I agree that guns in pick ups is more *rural* I think the concealed weapon thing might be cultural. I don't know.

angie said...

Did you know there's a great house across the street from me in a town where most people don't own guns. :-)

Elizabeth said...

"Don't go to parties with metal detectors. Sure you feel safe inside, but what about all those people outside with guns? They know you ain't got one." Chris Rock

Also, it is a legal thing, they have them everywhere in Ohio as well, and here! posted everywhere you'd get on UNC's campus. It does have to do with the conceal carry laws. It's legal to have a permitted weapon on you in all public places, unless they have a sign. Doesn't mean people are any more likely to have a gun under their coat at the grocery store in Asheville then they were in Ann Arbor, the rules are just different.

Marie said...

Hmm..I've never seen a sign like that around here. I don't think I'd feel to comforted either (phew..a no gun sign. we'll be safe here!). It is probably a legal thing, but still. I wouldn't be comforted by a "No Pedifiles" sign on the local school either even though that a law too!

A random question (if you wish to answer)..what is the difference between the jar of "Active Yeast" and "Bread Machine Yeast"? I've been buying the active yeast, but just saw the other one and thought maybe I'm screwing it all up (though I think the bread comes out fine). Just curious...and w/ your vast baking knowledge thought you might know!

Torey said...

I noticed that in NC too. If it makes you feel better, I know lots of people in NC, and NONE of them carry concealed weapons!

Did you like the mall though? I thought it was nice when I was there!

megO said...

Concealed weapons remind me of life in Arizona, but I never saw any "no guns" signs there. At least NC has those! If I remember correctly, there are also "Brew Throughs" in North/South Carolina, where you can buy a margarita, a six pack of beer, and bullets. Now that is convenience!

Mrs Furious said...

Bread machine yeast is the same as instant or rapid rise yeast. You can use it as you would the packets you get at the store. I just bought some since it was a better deal $ wise.

I guess the whole concealed weapon thing in general unnerves me... and the signs just draw attention to it. I guess I'm naive but I just never thought about *normal* people having a gun on them before. I'm moving to Wisconsin where they don't permit them!

Staci said...

I'm sure you know that you are allowed (with a permit) to carry a concealed weapon here in MI.

We just don't have the signs up stating where they are allowed. Or none that I've seen in my travels.

I know both my grandfather & uncle carry one. WHY is beyond me. I think it's stupid. We live in MID MICHIGAN...not really a crime ridden location. So what is the point?

But on the other hand...
My husband does own a few guns. My oldest son, DH & I have all been through hunters safety (youngest will go through it this year). I'm fine with guns for hunting, with the proper education.

Maybe that's hypocritical of me?
Or maybe it's the country hick in me. :P

I have to say having a supply of venison saved our food budget greatly this winter.

Mrs Furious said...

Guns for hunting either for meat or to control the deer population has a purpose. I'm always going to be afraid of guns but that doesn't bother me like a concealed weapon does.
I mean what on Earth does someone need a concealed weapon for... except to shoot people.
Yes I know you can have them in MI but something about the signs everywhere kind of makes you think (or feel) that more people carry them here. Certainly I'm sure more carry them then did in Ann Arbor... just based on social economic/education/politcal views.

Mrs Furious said...

So here is the thing...
The doctor doesn't have to have that sign up. State law prohibits guns at schools and malls, etc. But sign is not mandatory at private businesses (I'm not even sure the sign is mandatory on the schools, etc). So the implication I get is that the doctor feels their is cause to request that people not bring their guns in. You know what I'm saying?

Staci said...

I mean what on Earth does someone need a concealed weapon for... except to shoot people.

EXACTLY!!! That's why I think my grandfather & uncle are total idiots for having them. WHY do a 75 & 50 year old NEED a concealed gun?? WHO's after them? Old ladies? Gangsters? The Mob? WHO???

Heck...I think it's SCARY to think of a 75 year old with a frickin gun. Grandpa's not the best driver...& he has a BIG TRUCK...what's he gonna do with a small concealed gun? LORD.

Yeah, the signs would scare the crap out of me too.

Plus, when your kids start reading them to you...what will THEY think??

That'll be a great conversation. :/

Mrs Furious said...

"Plus, when your kids start reading them to you...what will THEY think??"
Yikes I didn't even think of that. Kid already gets the whole international symbol for no business so she'll now exactly what it says. Thankfully she hasn't been with us when we've been to those places. Ever since the whole armed robbery business she knows that guns are scary.

Feener said...

that would scare and bother the bejesus out of me.

michelline said...

Welcome to the South. It's not the North.

michelline said...

I guess I never thought about it. I'm definitely anti-gun, but I guess I'm so used to people having hand guns around here that I don't think twice about signs like that. I'm so used to living in a conservative back-water of a big city (how's that for a contradiction?), that it's just a part of life. And that's sad.

Mrs Furious said...

"but I guess I'm so used to people having hand guns around here that I don't think twice about signs like that. "
I'm sure in time even I won't notice them or thing they are out of place. When you've never seen them before it is quite startling.

Anonymous said...

These comments made me wonder how low Canada's violent crime rate is, and it appears to be double America's...

Deb said...

I'd never seen it before moving to Minnesota, and it's not a rural thing -- those signs are all over Minneapolis and St. Paul (although, personally, I consider St. Paul rural, because I'm a city snob that way). It freaks me out, too, because I'm afraid it's going to give someone ideas.

Penny Williams said...

I noticed the same sticker at Sears and it gave me pause too. I am shocked anyone has to be told that. The crime rate here in AVL really is low compared to many other cities. Probably overzealous lawmakers wanting some good PR for a change. My husband thought I was nuts for noticing, really noticing as you did. Good to know I'm not the only nut in AVL!

Mrs Furious said...

While I'm here you'll never be the only nut in AVL ;)

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