Thursday, February 12, 2009

Self Fulfilling Prophecies

Ever since I went to the doctor my tailbone actually hurts more.

Just goes to show you how big the mental aspect is.

If you think you are healed you can block out the pain.

When you find out that you aren't... it all comes flooding back.


Or is just that the stupid bloke of a doctor jabbed me right on the broken bit?


Robin said...

A haircut really does give you a little boost, doesn't it.

I'm really sorry about your ass. That sucks.

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. Really.

julie said...

I'm really sorry about your ass. lol...that just struck me as so funny to read.

Haley said...

Hang in there, lady.

Elizabeth said...

What did he do? Poke you in the butt and say "HOw much on a scale of one to ten does this hurt?"

I go to a massuse every once in awhile And she her scale is 0= no pain, 5=punching me in the face, what does this feel like?

So was it a face punching pain level?

Mrs Furious said...

"5=punching me in the face"
That is the funniest pain scale of ALL time.

The butt jab was about a 4.5. Which was an improvement over when he did it 6 weeks ago... which would have be a 10 on a 1-5 scale... you know worse than a punch in the face... a punch to the temple that actually kills you.... if you will.

Now my sitting pain etc is worse... so I think he really did bruise it. The brute.

Mr Furious said...

Getting poked, driving, and sitting to get your haircut probably didn't do you any favors...

Mr Furious said...

a punch to the temple that actually kills you

Where have I heard THAT before?...

Me, Myself and I said...

You two commenting back and forth REALLY is entertaining. LOL. Love it.

Elizabeth said...

It... deleted my comment! Which was witty and well composed, I promise!

What I was going to do was clarify that our masseuse (she comes to the theater once a week, we still have to pay her individually, but yeah... its fantastic) means is at 5 I will punch HER in the face.

And don't the two of you sit in the same room and comment back and forth? Or was Mr. F at work?

Mrs Furious said...

that makes a bit more sense.

he was at work... this time.

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