Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oops He Did It Again


katieo said...

get that man on a budget.
I know what you mean about "saving" that eighty bucks (or however much you set aside) but for us, it's more about limits. Even if it's $15. All of us (well, most of us) work differently when FORCED to do so within boundaries.
I mean, it's the difference between paying for groceries with a debit or credit card and actually having the cash in your hand. With one, you go over, oh well. With the other, you just can't...or be embarrassed at the checkout line.
If Mr. F wants to spend "his" portion on coffee- I say go for it.

At least it's ALREADY written off as an expense. $15 (or 7.50 in two installments, lol) is so much easier for us to deal with than the unknown - or trusting Aaron to just really try to go without in a tight month. Some months we don't have any room for it but it been SO valuable in teaching both of us about needs/wants/budgeting.

And if there IS leftover money at the end of the month of both of your amounts, you can set up a plan for that money to also encourage not spending the whole thing. (or not...)

I know I'm not your financial adviser but DO IT. ;)

Staci said...

Take that man's card! LOL! :)

Maybe he would do well with $5-10 dollars a week CASH. Like you said, he doesn't NEED anything during the week. Replenish it every week. If he still has the full amount from the previous week then put the $5-10 that he should have gotten into a little FUN fund for the family.

I'm there with you. Tears in the produce aisle.

I agonize over what to buy on almost EVERY item in my cart. SUCKS.

Robin said...

Ditto what Katieo said. Especially "I mean, it's the difference between paying for groceries with a debit or credit card and actually having the cash in your hand. With one, you go over, oh well. With the other, you just can't...or be embarrassed at the checkout line."

Our "allowances" aren't much but it's nice to have just a little to spend on whatever you want. When it is limited, it puts a whole new perspective on what you "want."

smellyshelley said...

You may have already tried this, but...a lot of times if you write to the taxing authorities and ask them to abate the penalties they have assessed they will...or call them. Some of the state boards are very nice. Also, most states have two ways of calculating the may be beneficial for you to look at an annualized method of the underpayments penalties if your income changed a lot, or if it is irregular throughout the can have it recalculated this way which may result in lower penalties if you track your income month-to-month.

Just a though, sorry you got my tax antennas up.

Haley said...

I think a small spending allowance for both of you sounds like a great idea. It's kind of like dieting -- if you're too strict, you can't maintain that level of rigidity, and you end up stuffing cookies down your gullet.

Think of the allowance as a fiscal chocolate croissant to preserve your sanity (and Mr's F's!).

Claire said...

I always loved it when people would say, "I don't have any money" and then go to Aruba - when I say I don't have any money I mean I don't have any money- I always wondered who was really speaking English???? and what was their definition of "not having money"?

Andrea said...

I think an allowance is a great thing especially for men at least mine he has no idea what a dollar is our how to not spend it luck for me the only way Chris gets his allowance is if he has good surveys at work then he actually gets cash which he uses for lunch out during the week which when I told him if he plans to eat out he needs to use that money since that conversation he now eats out once a week. I really think his idea of budget means he cant spend any money.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm doing it... if only so I don't have to freak out over every penny he spends. Although I'm docking his first allowance the price of the coffee! ;)

I'll be back ladies... I had one of the school meetings all evening. It was interesting and I have a lot to think about tonight.

I will get back to you all tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

My dh's allowance is $20/month and mine and our boys' is $40/month (but I also have a $20/month candle fund, lol).

Mrs Furious said...

Indeed. Broke is very subjective. ;)

I have been debating the allowance all day. I keep lowering it ;)

I think that giving him some amount he can spend without my having to go over every little thing is a good idea. Plus I need to be able to let myself & the kids do some amount of enjoyable stuff too without feeling guilty about it.

I think I'm going to start Mr F with $15 and myself with $30 for me and the girls. If we run out we'll have to think about what we're spending it on.

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks for the tax tips!!!
It's extra confusing now that we only have half a year to pay in MI.
We will be getting some professional help ;)

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