Sunday, June 14, 2009

Money Well Spent

Every year for my birthday I get a few birthday checks. I don't know if I can say what I usually spend it on... but it's a safe bet that it just goes into the bank and toward some bills. This year, for the first time ever, I have actually taken that money and spent it on myself.

This year I was fortunate enough to receive $250.00

I went to Sear's with the intention of returning all the whacky bathing suits and I did that... but I also got these wedge sandals for $19.99...

I kept the blue skirted suit... forgive me... but Mr F basically said I looked fat in the retro one (in a nice way). The blue suit (which he also said looked better in person and the blue goes more than it seemed in the pictures in case you were wondering) was $68.00

Then I went to Old Navy because they are having a 1/2 off on all men's clothing and Mr F needed some underwear (hop to my peeps... for real... 1/2 off of EVERYTHING). That's when I discovered that mini skirts are back in style. People, I was made for mini skirts. It's my perfect look. Believe it.
So I got these two outfits (skirts $19.50, camp shirt $19.50... which fits like it was sewn for me, 70s style tank $15)..

Now, I know, that the 70s shirt is kind of maternity looking...

but I don't care because I love this detail....

and I can wear it with a mini skirt and that makes me feel like I am about 12 years younger than I am.

Then I had to make a return at Target and buy some diapers. I got this outfit (which looks WAY better in person... it is all tissue weight and kind of hard to see whats what on the bed)...

shirt $9.99 (plus the same one in pale ochre) skirt $9.99 (it's a faux wrap)

I also got this tank for $8 (and one in brown)...

The skirt is from Dillard's $29.00 it hits below the knee and looks really good with the new shoes.

Grand total $237


julie said...

good for you for using the money on yourself! I love all of the outfits.

Mrs Furious said...

I almost titled it "JULIE!!! I Went Shopping!"

Staci said...

YAY! Those all look awesome! I love the green tank detail too!

You are one HOT MAMMA! I only wish I had the legs/bum for mini skirts. :P

ROCK IT OUT for all of us who can't! ;)

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks. I am very happy that I am finally feeling like I am seeing the results for all the working out I've been doing. Weight is the same but my body has changed!

northerngurl said...

Love the green tank Mrs. F...lookin good!

Supermom said...

Awesome clothes!!!

I'm jealous that you can pull a mini off!!
I want to make out with you now tooo. Ha ha. Joking of course. Or maybe not.

julie said...

I almost titled it "JULIE!!! I Went Shopping!" LOL!

All feels right in the world when you get to go shopping at Target.

Mrs Furious said...

Bwahahaha... don't tell me it's catching ;)

thanks :)

tell me about it!

Elizabeth said...

you look so serious in your pictures!

Ah mini-skirts... my legs look like huge treetrunks in anything above my knees. I was looking at some pics from highschool, gee wiz, I hit 15, and got kinda huge!

The struggle continues...

but you look so cute! (sorry for the rambling, it's been an intense weekend, and it's gonna get more so for the next few! wheee! I love theater! Opera singers live upstairs- its adorable and harrowing, they sing at all hours)

Mrs Furious said...

Dude I went to NYU... musical theater majors... need I say more? I can totally relate.

Serious... I know... it's kind of hilarious. I'm usually just struggling to get in view before the timer goes off and I don't have time to smile.

inkelywinkely said...

LOL. I wore an old navy camp mini today.

The outfit you showed on looked awesome and is so not maternity- looks extra comfy.

I bet they all look great. LOL @Mr wanting to make out with you!

Mrs Furious said...

"I wore an old navy camp mini today."
seriously? that's funny.

" looks extra comfy"
being able to show some leg while still eating as much as I want = priceless ;)

inkelywinkely said...

LOL! I soooo get that- is that bad?

Mrs Furious said...

Noooo... it's perfect ;)

Nutmeg said...

lookin' good. I wish I had the legs for a skirt that didn't come down past my knees. I've got legs that are way out of proportion large for my body size... and straight up cankles. Calves so big that I can't own boots because they don't zip up.

Anyway, I have spent a lot of hours this spring looking for a friggin' pair of jean capris that fit... even remotely.

Marie said...

Those outfits are seriously cute. The green/skirt outfit you had on does make you look seriously mid-20's. And loving all the skirts!

*sorry about the overuse of "seriously"...don't know whats going on there..*

Supermom said...

I'm just saying!!!!!!!!!

Smitty said...

You're always welcome on my blog, Mrs F! You caught us in an unusual moment of clarity and culture. Usually, we're talking about beer. Or yelling at stuff like Mr. F.

Missives From Suburbia said...

Love the outfits. That tank is adorable!

I like minis, too, now. I went through a period where I thought I was too old to wear them. Now I realize my legs are my best asset. Show them off while I've still got 'em.

BTW, I'm going to do a post on the 30-Day Shred soon. Get it. Seriously. I lost about six pounds of fat doing nothing but the workout -- I didn't change my diet in any way -- and my abs are starting to become cut, and my legs are shaping up nicely.

P.O.M. said...

Hi from Mexico. SO jealous of your purchases. I am dying for new clothes, but just can't spend a dime right now.

And cheers to rockin' the MINI!!!! They've never gone "out" in my book.

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