Monday, June 1, 2009

This Week The Plan

First things first... SLUG REPORT... things are getting better on this front. Several nights of slug harvesting really reduced the damage. Then I spent an afternoon collecting slug eggs (HUNDREDS) and removing them. Then I put out watermelon rinds to draw the slugs and pill bugs away from the plants and then applied the Iron Phosphate Slug killer (totally safe for everything but slugs). It also helped immeasurably that it stopped raining and we had two hot, dry, days to dry out those beds. My flowers are blooming again and only one plant seems to have been damaged beyond recovery.

Second... this is the first day of Kid's summer vacation. Wow that came quickly! I'm feeling both relieved, excited... and a bit overwhelmed. While in many ways we don't have to do anything I also feel like I should be taking advantage of all our extra time and should really be getting ahead of the game. Remember I have a newborn coming on August 24th (no not my own)!

On other fronts our fence is GREAT and has really made a difference in our outside time and enjoyment. It's also provided a good border to the neighborhood that has allowed us to utilize space that previously felt too close to the road. I moved our outdoor table set up to the front under the big maples... it makes me feel a little fancy. It would be even fancier if we couldn't see our garbage can... but I guess you can't have it all. Pictures to come.



Sunday - bbq chicken pizza w/ herb salad

Monday - Pesto Pasta w/ Grilled chicken & zucchini

Tuesday - Honey & Orange glazed salmon, dill noodles, green beans

Wednesday - Tuna Pasta Salad

Thursday - Shrimp & Snap Peas w/ rice

Friday - Pizza & Salad

Saturday - out to dinner w/ friends

Sunday - my birthday and I'll be damned if I'm making dinner

Diet & Exercise:
Adding the pilates back in was key. I'm already seeing significant muscle definition. So I'm doing around a 30 min intense cardio workout most days followed by 15-30 minutes of pilates routines on my apparatus. Even when I'm really rushed I can do a shorter arms set, leg set & abs in about 10 minutes... I don't know why I waited 10 months to set it back up.
I'm also still food journaling. I have not been sticking exactly in my range and I'm not losing. I just kind of feel like it is more important for my energy and commitment to go toward the workouts right now and I really feel like I'm not in the mental place to be really hardcore committed on both fronts right now.



The Other Susan said...

Sounds like you are back on track!

My Pilates studio is adding a 7 am class on Thursday mornings, so I'll be able to do 10 classes in June, which gets me back on track after a busy May in which I missed a lot of classes. I am very excited.

lucinda said...

I found an indoor/outdoor plug in mosquito attracter/trapper that we have found to be successful at night in our room. It doesn't make a loud noise like a zapper but does an an ultraviolet light, a fan amd emits CO2. I got it at a neighborhood ACO. t has saved our nights.

Mrs Furious said...

The Other Susan,
I think so. For sure I'm seeing that the looseness that was upsetting me and making me feel flabby was just the lose of toning from the lack of pilates. I think I'm going to be where I want to be in a month... you gain strength so quickly (thankfully).

Oh I'm happy for you. Twice a week of a full workout is just right.

send me a link to what you mean. Will it work in the day?

BsOnlyToots said...

On the moquito front: Target has Cutter Mosquito Wipes .. they are just like baby wipes but have mosquito repellent in them and are "family safe" I use them on all the kids day and night around here (Florida)

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks. I'll get some TOMORROW... the mosquito situation here is ridiculous!!

BsOnlyToots said...

UGH yes they are really bad this year here too .. i love these wipes .. they dont smell bad either! lol

inkelywinkely said...

Girl, my bday is Thursday and I am making Byron cook. I know I am going to have to end up eating beans, but I don't care.LOL.

Is it sad that all I want is a cup of TCBY cheesecake yogurt and a long cotton dress that I can wear around the house without a bra?


inkelywinkely said...

Oh, yeah....form the "mosquito state", make sure you have no standing water around your yard. Even a small bit in the bottom of something will allow them to lay eggs and hatch there.

Another thing, they are attracted to fragrances like perfumes, air fresheners, and fabric softeners, so if you leave your windows open, cut back on that inside.

If you have lavender around your house, pests will not come anywhere near it.

inkelywinkely said...

Okay, Mrs F, since I was raised by a dad who built cars from the frame up, I had to go and talk some sense into Mr. F. I HATE those cars...they are horrible..

Even the ones that were REAL police cars still weren't that great and had MAJOR issues, which is why they don't use them as much anymore.

I make 900 comments like a good stalker and hopefully he has a healthier obsession. :D

Mrs Furious said...

will lavender repel the mosquitos too? We don't have any standing water but we can't control what goes on at all our neighbors'. Seriously it is out of control.

And THANK YOU... for real... I will not EVER stand for him getting that piece of crap. I told him I'd divorce him.

Andrea said...

I had to laugh cant believe lil crazy girl infiltrated the fence! Lovin the plan.

inkelywinkely said...


Lavender will ward off ALL of those little pests. Pest control companies actually use lavender oil in green pest control spray.

And, don't worry, I am sure that he will never do that in fear of you killing him and hiding his body in that massive trunk.

Kiki said...

{planting lavender}...Mosquitos love Ken, so if you want to borrow him, he will draw the Mosquitos to him...if the cost of feeding him is daunting consider that new fan that you attach to a belt loop. I'm going to strap one around Ken's neck and one on each side of his pants...because seriously that man gets chewed up!

Mrs Furious said...

"And, don't worry, I am sure that he will never do that in fear of you killing him and hiding his body in that massive trunk."

The girl is 7 she comes over and says to me "Nice gate! It must be nice not having to be out here watching them [the girls] all the time." I just wanted to be like "who are you?! You are one of the kids I have to watch!!"

Mrs Furious said...

fan?! I'm googling it!

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