Thursday, June 4, 2009


Somewhere in our house there is a black hole where all the pacies go.

You might remember that for Baby's 1st Christmas she received a stocking filled with pacies. It was possibly the greatest moment of her life (only time will tell).

But where the Hell does she put them?!!

How can we go from having 8 pacies to never being able to find one WHEN WE NEED IT?

Every couple of days Mr F and I have to toss the joint in an anxious frenzy right before bedtime. We leave no stone unturned. Seriously. We might find a secret cache inside one of my stock pots... with the lid on... in the back of the cabinet. Heck.... I've even checked the toilet bowls.

Well last night we couldn't find A SINGLE ONE.

Not one!

We looked in every toy bin, under the sofas and under the cushions. We went through the car and all the little purses and baskets. We combed the grass, people.... the grass!


And I don't care what you think about pacifiers. When you are waiting in line at the DMV over your lunch break and a woman comes in with her kids... one of them a toddler who has recently discovered how great it is to AMPLIFY their voice... you will change your mind. You will be wishing and praying that that woman has a purse full of pacies.

And so will she.

Not that I know anything about that or anything.


inkelywinkely said...

UGH.. I know...I remember the pacie days...and wanting them to last longer.LOL.

Marie said...

My girls refused the pacie so we never had to hunt. Because of that we are not big on the pacie's here (so easy to be when your kids don't want them!). That being said, if I had one right now and it would stop the HOWLING coming from the baby because, well, she's almost 2 and has been tantruming all day...I would SO SO SO SO use it..for her, for me...whatever would work.

Of course I am off to brew a cup of coffee to calm myself..guess thats my "pacie"..and I gotta tell you, I'd be PISSED if I came down one day and couldn't find the coffee pot.

P.O.M. said...

Can you get those clippy things with a ribbon that tie the pacie to their shirt? But I'm sure Baby is way to smart for that - she'd have that off in .2 seconds flat.

katieo said...

We're in the same boat with Thomas. Down to one. We have binky-radar on at all times (did he go outside with it? Did he get out of bed with it? The last time I saw it was in the drawer next to the wooden slotted spoon...)
It's ridiculous. But it's my savior right now in the middle of the night. I keep expecting to find a stash of them in the filing cabinet or our glove compartment or something...

John Howard said...

I have no idea where they disappear to. We went through probably millions of them when Jason was little. I have no idea what happened to them all. Of course, we'd occasionally find one behind or under something, or in a drawer, but nowhere near the amount that he went through. I'm surprised when we moved that we didn't uncover a few hundred or so, but we didn't. No idea where they all went. They're probably engineered somehow to disintegrate into thin air over time.

julie said...

I was one of those people pre-kids who didn't want to give my kids pacifiers. And then I had a child who clearly needed one! Jack left the hospital with one stuck in his cute little mouth. I really wish that it was okay to give binkies to older children. I think it is soothing for them (and for the parents.)

Good luck finding them!!

Mrs Furious said...

there is some sort of plastic & silicone magnetic force out there somewhere.

Both of my girls were huge pacie lovers. They just needed to suck so much and didn't want milk to keep coming out! I go with it more with Baby than I did with Kid. At this point Kid could only have them in bed... I cared a little more what people of thought of me then I guess ;)

they don't last long enough ;)

We tired those back in the day... but... yeah I'm sure she'd either take it off or strangle herself with it ;)

That is exactly how we are around here. For some reason Mr F always blames me and gets all accusatory when we have to hunt for them again like I am taking them and losing them myself... "There were THREE on the dresser last night."

I always say that I've never seen an adult with a pacie... but you see plenty smoking, chewing their pens, biting their nails, etc. Meet the needs now and then maybe they won't need to fill the void later.

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