Sunday, May 31, 2009

When Pictures Lie

This certainly looks like a snap shot of some iconic childhood...

But that's because you can't hear the whining.

Because you can't see Kid's permanent scowl while *enjoying* the sprinkler which she demanded I set up.

These pictures were taken before they started fighting over the blue flowered beach towel.

Moments after this I could be heard yelling...

"Enough!!! You have two playhouses, a balance beam, bikes, a slide, a sprinkler, a sister... more than almost every other child in THE WORLD and you won't play with any of it!!!"

Which I guess does make it pretty iconic after all.

This is after this morning's conversation that went like this...

"I don't like when you correct me." Kid informed me.

"Yeah... well I don't like when you are rude." I rebutted.


Elizabeth said...

Wow, isn't Kid's birthday in October? Like the END of October?

Ha! Well if we're going back to oldschool frugality, (and I mean that in a good way, in keeping with what you've been trying to do, and mindfulness, and things we buy actually having meaning, and I have a migriane so this is all coming out crazy-ness)

In that case, no new toys all summer makes sense.

Supermom said...

Give them an empty cardboard box! I bet they'd play with that!!!!!!!


Mrs Furious said...

Truthfully I haven't bought them much since the whole compacting started. But when they don't play there is that impulse to entice them with something *new* and then it always backfires. It is the most infuriating thing about kids.
I won't buy them anything until 10/31! I swear!!

Oh you know that's true.

I should have called in sick today ;)

inkelywinkely said...

OMG. I understand this. It annoys me to no end for there to be a hug tv, every cartoon channel known to man, a wall of books, a computer, and toys sticking to my feet and yet to hear punk proclaim, "I'm boooooored."

Those are the days when you have a 6 year old argue with everything and you wish child abuse was not illegal. LOL.

Penelope Anne said...

I used to hear it all the time until we got Hope and now if they get bored they aggravate the doggie :)

Kiki said...

If we complained about being bored my mom made us clean. We didn't complain about that too often!

The pic does look idyllic though!!!

julie said...

We have so many classic childhood photos like that with a 'back story' lurking that would crush the cuteness of it all.

inkelywinkely said...

There is this really cute pic of my brother and I at ages 1 and 2...we are 14 month apart...

He had his bottom lip out and looked all cute, and I was looking like I was daydreaming. Everyone loves that pic until they are told that I had just stomped his feet and was pinching him during the photo in the back and that he began wailing right after the pic was taken...that I wasn't daydreaming but was instead trying to look all innocent. LOL.

Yes, I understand those photos all too well.

Smitty said...

Your scene is so familiar to me. Loads of sprinklers, slides, sporting equipment, books, music, etc. And all of it will be ignored and they will declare "I'm bored."

I just wish he was old enough to mow the lawn and do major housework when Smitty Jr. says that, whilst being surrounded by every "thing to do" imaginable. Kids.

By the way...the huge white Crown Vic? Mr F should totally get that. I provided what I thought were two very sound reasons on his blog. The best reason: his getting that Crown Vic now will virtually guarantee Kid an Academics scholarship to an Ivy League school.

Mrs Furious said...

"his getting that Crown Vic now will virtually guarantee Kid an Academics scholarship to an Ivy League school."

In that case maybe I should reconsider my stance.

"that I wasn't daydreaming but was instead trying to look all innocent."

Penelope Anne,
Sadly Canine isn't that entertaining.

I am absolutely going to implement that rule... otherwise it is going to be a LONG summer.

"backstory" makes it sound much more intriguing.

P.O.M. said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh, typical summer fun - aka being bored with a million toys and sister. Don't they understand what WE would do to be "BORED" in that way? Le Sigh.

When did kids hair get so long?

Mrs Furious said...

Kid's hair is redonkulous! She has the craziest growing hair. Her hair really didn't start growing until she was 3.5 then it has been like a weed ever since. She won't let me cut it. The beginning of the year she had bangs and everything... she's been growing those out and now their (finally) long enough to tuck behind her ear. She's very into having LONG flowing blonde hair. She flat out thinks she is the most beautiful girl in her whole school because of it. I am going to hack off a good 4 inches...

Missives From Suburbia said...

MY GOD, Kid is gorgeous, Mrs. F. I mean, I know they both are and all, but there are moments when Kid makes me catch my breath.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh thank you. Yes, I agree, she is quite beautiful... despite not looking a thing like me ;) She thinks so too.

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