Thursday, July 23, 2009


"You think vacation is going to be great

and then

in like 3 days you're bored with it." Kid said as I snuggled her in bed last night.


Me, Myself and I said...

I don't blame you at all. Hightail it home...pronto!

Angie said...

Tough decision. Let us know if you drive through here and need a break. We are now NOT going up north (tony's mtg got moved to down here). A little hard to leave, very tough drive. Has Mr F had enough time to paint though :-)

Mrs Furious said...

Good to know.
And re: Mr F... that is the only reason we haven't left yet. He's trying to get it done in the next couple days so we can come back.

Me, Myself & I,
Oh I'm done. And now the weather has turned and there is really no reason to stay here.

julie said...

I would be so ready to go home, too. That is a really long time to be away from home and the regular routine. But, ugh, about the ride back.

BsOnlyToots said...

Awww good luck wit the ride home!

P.O.M. said...

Kid is so insightful.

What if you left sooner, but took a couple days stop in the middle on the way back to break up the driving?

lucinda said...

I'm still planning on being there Sunday night. Are you leaving sooner than planned?

Smitty said...

We took the kids to Shanty Creek a while ago. We got there, got unloaded, Smitty Jr. ran around like crazy, then like an hour later asked when we were going home.


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