Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Little Piggy Went On Vacation

I have definitely gained at least 5 pounds on this trip.

This morning I went to put on my shorts and I could not... ahem... fit in them.

Not good seeing as I only have a few things to wear to begin with.

I also have a big honkin' zit on my face, which... not to brag or anything... is pretty much unheard of on me.

Could it be the 2-3 sodas a day? The daily licorice? The chex mix & doritos? The evening cocktail or two? Or the huge dessert served immediately after dinner which I consume whether I am hungry or not (I'm usually not)?

I thought when I got here I'd get plenty of exercise walking up and down the beach. But lo and behold the beach is non existent this year due to the crazy impenetrable stronghold of the dune grass (illegal to pull). So most days we can't walk along it at all. Not with the huge cold front blew through bringing big waves that slap right up to the grass.

And the 30 day Shred? What of that? Well by my 2nd day of driving I had done some irreparable damage to my right knee (yes I did use cruise control... no I don't know why it happened) making it unable to bear weight once past about a 45 degree angle. I'm not kidding. It has been a serious hinderance. It has made everything from getting things off the floor to walking up the sand from the water near impossible... especially while carrying 30 pounds of toys and 30 pounds of squirmy toddler. So due to the lunges and squats and jumping I thought better of paralyzing myself and have shelved the workout until I'm pain free (I'm not).

So today as I button my shorts and then took them back off in disgust I have vowed to give up these things:

NO more soda

NO more cocktails

NO more chips, dips, snack mixes

NO more than 2 cups of coffee

NO more desserts (drastic!)


drink water ALL DAY

have a half sandwich for lunch

only ONE portioned snack before dinner

eat 1/2 my dinner at dinner & save 1/2 for later in the evening (to avoid dessert!)

walk with the girls on the road everyday

start doing the 30 day Shred (excluding the squats & lunges)


Heather said...

Do you drink a lot of water anyway? I was drinking 4L a day and uh, cut it back the past 2 days and wow, my clothes are much roomier. I guess I was bloating myself!

Welcome back. I'm back on the wagon too. I counted calories yesterday = 1470. Today, not counting (but eventually counting) = 1800. Um, yeah, that's not why I'm seeing any results. Default = not enough of a deficit.

Also: FWIW I highly highly highly recommend the New Rules of Lifting For Women book -- it gets me in and out of the gym in 25 mins and I've stopped doing cardio. My clothes get bigger ever day. Woo woo!

The Other Susan said...

Heck, I'd stick with the cocktails, since you're on vacation! Unless that will sap your 1/2 dinner, no-dessert willpower, of course.

It's hard not to eat on vacation. My idea of heaven is hanging out with a good book, a bag of chips, and beer for an afternoon, enjoying the sunshine and heat. Too bad reading isn't aerobic exercise!

Good luck with the program, and don't beat yourself up to much. Enjoy your family & friends, and worry about weight when you get home--life is short, and time with loved ones is precious.

P/F said...

I haven't weighed myself for a month, but know that I've gained because my boobs are starting to spill out of the top of my bra.

I'm finding it really hard to make time for exercise this summer. Something about 3-y-o not taking naps and husband working 70+ hrs/week. I could still make time, but I don't know if I'm waiting for my weight to get catastrophic before I'm motivated to really get my sh** together or what.

Inspired by you:
2 cups of coffee max (may have a cup of tea this evening)

6 waters

no sugar/white carbs AT ALL (except the 1/2 tsp maple syrup already in my coffee right now)

I'm getting my food journal out right now :P

P.O.M. said...

I was only at my sisters for the weekend in which I broke my rules and consumed many things I usually boycott:
* Soda
* Movie popcorn
* Milk Duds
* Cheap microwave pizza
* Chips
* Cheez-its
* Left over Pastrami sandwich
* TWO bottles of wine - EACH

Splaneyo said...

Oh hey there...remember me? I live in Michigan. Hmmmm, I must have missed the call that said you were going to be here and you would love to come and visit....Ahh, just giving you a hard time. Sounds like all is well (sort of) with all of you.

I had a similar experience shopping for sunglasses at TJ Maxx recently - even with help from my ears, my nose can't support sunglasses of that size! I bought some smaller ones (like 125% of what they were 3 years ago), but Sam still kept looking at me funny. What can you do?

Say hello to the girls for me.

Kiki said...

While Heather was here at the beach I drank soda's, ate chips and dip, chocolate and ice cream....the day after she left I stepped on the scale and had gained 7 pounds!!! So I went back to my very simple eating, working out for 100 minutes/800+ calories burned and I am back to my proud 158lbs. Yay!

You'll knock off those extra pounds quick, I know when you set your mind to something you are unstoppable!!!

Enjoy the rest of your time there!!!

Andrea said...

Ive been gone 9 days and put on 5 pounds my in-laws feed us well. Im in hope that moving will get me back in gear. Enjoy yourself because I know youll get it together of course it does suck to not fit your clothes.

HC said...

Sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat. I'm already up (don't know how much cause I'm a'scared to look) and am heading out to puerto rico for a few days, so I know it's going to get worse...

My plan is to actively aim to hit rock bottom on vacation, and then begin the comeback when...well, I come back.

I believe in ice cream cones for breakfast when on vacation, and gosh dangit, I'm gonna go down BIG this time around!

julie said...

I'm with Haley on this....I will hit rock bottom on vacation and then make an incredible comeback when I detox after vacation.

Good luck, Mrs CAN do it!!

Mrs Furious said...

Sorry guys it is now much harder for me to get online. I'll try and comment back tomorrow.


I will shoot you an email when we're heading back down if you all are around we'd love to drop in and see you and your new house!

Mrs Furious said...

I typically drink a fair amount of water. I only drink coffee (2x a day) and water at home. Here, because I don't like the tap water, I've been hardly drinking any. I am definitely dehydrated.

And good work and congrats on your weight loss.

The Other Susan,
Well I haven't given up the cocktails.... with family around 24/7 I kind of need one ;)

NO naps and 70 hour work weeks... that is ROUGH.

I finally finished the damn Cheez-its over here... NO MORE!

"I am back to my proud 158lbs."

What did I miss? Are you moving? Or do you mean exercising?

"My plan is to actively aim to hit rock bottom on vacation"
Bwahaha... that made me laugh out loud.
Always a good plan.

I'm not sure if I can do it.... but I do need to at least stop gaining on this trip! Seriously... all I can fit in now is that grey Target dress.

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