Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pit Stop

I decided to bump up our departure in order to allow a quick stop over across the state at my mother's house in the woods.

The Knotty Pine Jewel

Feeding the Chickens

Walking the Trails

Picking The World's Smallest Blueberries



inkelywinkely said...

aw, looks like you guys are having a blast!

(pray for me as we are planning a big camping trip next weekend..complete with tent by the lake, no running water, and no electricity. Help me lord.)

wootini said...

It's gorgeous! Looks like loads of fun.

inkelywinkely... good luck. you are a better woman than I!


HC said...


Let me just tell you, that having chickens when I was little, and collecting eggs, has made me the calm, collected go-getter that I am today.

For reals yo.

And dude, I am so getting psyched for Haley's Big Weight Loss Take Two (Return of the Size 8 Jeans) that I'm considering a return to blogging (with a new name and new blog)...I'll keep ya posted.

For now, I'm just recovering from a crazy puerto rican armpit sunburn... one trial at a time, methinks.

julie said...

I love your mom's pad.

dat31 said...

You can do it. Crossing my toes for you. (from angie, logged in under the husband)

Amy said...

Hi there Mrs. Furious. I am the interactive anchor on News Channel 7 and I will be featuring your blog this week as a BLOGSTAR on my blog site, it features my blogs and community blogs too. You are our first STAR! I will be mentioning you on air Wednesday night at 7pm on News Channel 7. Hope you'll be watching.

Mrs Furious said...

I should be home just in time to catch it!

1st leg down.... 3 to go. We're hitting the car right now!

Kiki said...

Your mom's place is idyllic....real chickens...that is awesome, fresh eggs...sign me up!!

Haley, if you get back to blogging please let me come visit, I miss you!

Mrs.F, it won't be long now till the whole freaking nation knows what we have know're awesome!!! Get home safe, keeping you in my thoughts!!!

Julie said...

Mrs. F...awesome about the BLOGSTAR! I grew up in that viewing area!

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