Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Otherwise Occupied


Rah said...

I love that picture with you and the girls. It's awesome!

northerngurl said...

Beautiful pics. Is that Lake Superior? We usually go there every summer (in Ontario), but not this year. :-( I miss it.

julie said...

I love the photos. That area is so beautiful.

katieo said...

Beautiful! I hope you're having a great time.

Once I was on a field trip to the SB dunes (I went to Interlochen for high school) and my ecology teacher freaked out at me. Started yelling, waving his arms, etc. I looked around but couldn't quite hear or understand what he was saying. Turns out I was standing on a clump of dune grass. I didn't even realize it and got in MAJOR trouble for it.

Anyway, looks like you have a LOT of it there, lol!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks. I took it myself and even Mr F was impressed... and that is saying something!

Lake Michigan up by Traverse City. Cold water but not quite as cold as Lake Superior!

I thought it was about time I put something up!

Oh yeah the dune grass has taken over. You can see me standing on the top step of our beach stairs.... it was a full set of stairs... now there are only 3 not covered by the sand and grass. It's amazing how the topography can change in one year. We have almost NO beach because of the grass taking over. And YES it is illegal to damage it. And it is a pain in the butt because it cuts your feet and Baby won't walk near it and I have to haul her everywhere we go!

P.O.M. said...

Those are great pics!
I think Baby might be afraid of the car for a long-long time.

Mrs Furious said...

Yeah... that's what I'm afraid of.

Claire said...

I amazed at how "oceany" this photos look - it really fascinates me to see an area that looks like this and isn't the Atlantic Ocean. You make me want to visit it all!

Mr Furious said...

Claire, the water is better than the Atlantic coast...cleaner, more clear. It's almost like the Caribbean.

And, no salt. No fear of sharks.

Claire said...

You sold me with the no sharks!

Deb said...

I like that photo of you. There's something vaguely Amish about it.

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