Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Excuses Are Legit... Aren't They?!!

Unless you are obsessed with watching that little turtle over there (where?... there in the sidebar) trudge slowly through the grass (or take a nap in the grass as the case maybe) I thought I'd give you a little weight loss check in.

You know you're riveted.

As soon as we got home from vacation I started working out. I made a vow to work out 40 minutes each night for the next month. I am 15 days down.



I made that vow for a good reason. My typical workout regime is more like 4-5 days of 60 minutes. But, as has become evident in the past year, I can sometimes feel boxed in by such a long workout. (so that's reason #1)

And having gotten myself significantly out of shape I knew I needed to ease back up or I'd be tempted to over exert myself, get injured, and then get discouraged. (reason #2)

But more importantly I made that vow to prove to myself that I really do have the time and energy to execise EVERY SINGLE DAY. I might not have the time and energy to exercise for an hour every day but I can do something. (if you are counting that would be reason #3)

It's very easy for something to come up and for me to feel like "Well I don't have enough for a full workout now... I guess I'll have to sit on the couch and watch TV" (hey I didn't say it wasn't crazy talk)

This 30 day plan is trying to break me off that. To prove that even when I think I don't have time I do have enough for a short workout. And that shorter workouts can still provide a good workout.

It's more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

Last night was the perfect example:

I was tired from a rough night the night before with Baby. I spent all day cleaning out the porch. Now in my head I was already starting to rationalize that that was the workout and I didn't need to get on the treadmill. (That is a fairly consistent excuse pattern for me.... and guess what?... if it were true than I wouldn't be trying to lose weight again.)

I mean I was really tired. Really. And I seriously contemplated throwing the towel in for just one day (but isn't that how it always starts?!).

Then I decided, just to keep my commitment to myself, I'd go down and hop on for 20 minutes. THAT'S IT. I told you I was tired. And I was.

I decided to kick out some seriously hardcore intervals for the full 20 and then cool down for 5. I figured I could pound anything out for 20 minutes. Than after my cool down I stretched and then thought "What kind of freaking fool are you? You are only 15 minutes away from your daily goal. You just hiked up a hill at 12% incline. Seriously? Seriously you are going to quit now?!! If this isn't sabotage I don't know what is!"

And, people, I got back on finished out the full 40. And proved to myself that I really can keep this commitment. Not just the 30 day commitment but the commitment to myself to move through this.

That even my A list excuses are... well... excuses.

Last night I, for the first time EVER since moving here, came up with some first class excuses... and then... I worked out anyway.

And it was good for me.

On lots of levels.


Torey said...

Way to go! I find excuses to not do lots of things, and I should take a page from your book!

lucinda said...

I can really relate to the excuse that housework (or yardwork) counts. And it is so true that if it counted I wouldn't be in this mess. Just this morning I was telling myself that because i have to do all the floors I could skip my work out But I didn't. I worked out the full hour and then mopped all the floors. Yea for me.

Andrea said...

excuses excuses we all have them they all try to own us.

katieo said...


It's always something, isn't it? kids, house, money, blah blah blah. I was just telling myself that this morning after a dinky 20 minute workout. Little steps, little victories - that's how it happens.

carrie said...

Love it! I have these two quotes on my bulletin board (to remind myself being good at making excuses really isn't a talent): "Make your excuses. Then do it anyway" (anon). and "He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else" (Benjamin Franklin).

angie said...

Yea!! Congrats.

julie said...


bad ass is back.

Carrie, I really like the quotes.

BsOnlyToots said...

*claps* you are awesome! I would have totally sat my big behind on the couch, ok not on the couch, but here in front of the computer ... reading blogs. Hey, at least my fingers get a workout! LOL

Heather said...

WORD. I'm famous for coming up with the BEST excuses. And I've also learned to just say NAH, thanks anyway, I'll just do the workout.

P.O.M. said...

aThat's a great way to think about it. Even just doing SOMETHING is better than nothing. 20 mins walking is better than 20 mins watching TV (and snacking, for me).

Danielle said...

I'm a FABULOUS excuse maker...I can talk myself out of anything (even good stuff) It's all mind over matter though. It's really about convincing yourself that you HAVE to work out...easier said than done I know!

Kiki said...

Wanna come do a 5K here??? Heather, the kids, Lauren (other sister) and her kids will all be here, could be so fun!!!

I'm running a half marathon here in February, some women, who are a little older than me talked me into it...what was I thinking???

It's 12:05 a.m, I'm about to get my run on, right now, thanks for the kick in the butt!!!

Mrs Furious said...

when is the 5K? I just might.

I'd love to get back to everyone but I feel that my responses would be VERY repetitive. ;)

Missives From Suburbia said...

I find it so empowering when I can overcome myself!

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