Friday, October 16, 2009

Bitch Fest Friday

Let it all out.

It's good for you.


Robin said...

I have the worst cramps in the history of cramps. Yes, I know that's a bold statement. But I remember the beginnings of labor being less painful than what is going on in my uterus right now.

Mrs Furious said...

LOL Robin. Somehow that is not what I was expecting. ;)
I'm sorry to hear that.
Don't you find it is SO much freaking worse since having kids?

Torey said...

I'm fricken sick AGAIN!! I can't stop coughing.

There are issues at work. It's not good, and it's bumming me out.

N has SAD, and he sucks all winter long. . . and winter started early. POO!!

Mrs. Smitty said...

Robin - me too! I actually told Smitty yesterday that I was in labor, there was no other explanation. Today they are less but it still feels like someone is squeezing my insides. ugh.

Mrs. F - I have found since the Things were born everything about it is worse, the PMS, the mood swings, the cramps, the flow and my utter iritation with it all. I just add it to my list of "you did this to me" to bust out when they are old enough to tell me that I'm not fair and a mean mom =)

whew - you're right, I feel better. Yay for bitch fest friday!

Mrs Furious said...

what are you work issues? At your job?

Supermom said...

I got nothing!

~mumbling, I so wanted to bitch!~

Mrs Furious said...

Mrs Smitty,
LOL I think I'm pregnant EVERY month. Even though around here that isn't even possible.
For me, since kids, it is like I am hemorrhaging. It's crazy. I pretty much have to stay home the first two days. And the mood swings? I never really had that before... now...well I did cry to the teacher when I quit class parent didn't I? That was only a little embarrassing. ;) But in the moment I feel things so intensely that I really am out of my mind.

Robin said...

Yes, it is worse since I had kids, but this is the worst ever. My PMS was so bad, I was starting to think I might be pregnant. (not impossible, but damn near.)

LOL at Supermom bitching about not having anything to bitch about.

Kelly said...

My main bitch is that my roof is leaking and we won't have the money to fix it properly til January. Which sux seeing as it's right above Jamie's bed.And, even thought this may seem trivial, I can't find any cute cheap baby girl clothes. I was so excited to shop for pink and frilly, and it's been really hard to find things in my budget. Anyone got any ideas?
Robin- I know what you mean. my cramps are deathly bad since having kids. I think women should get payed disability once a month for putting up with it!!
Mrs F- you must love me- I needed to bitch- thank you! Cute pic btw!!

Mrs Furious said...

I do love you.
I'm sorry about your roof! I hope you guys can patch it enough to make it through for now.
What size is your baby?

Mrs Furious said...

Just give it a couple hours... something might come to you ;)

Kelly said...

Mrs F-Im looking for stuff for the new baby so winter stuff 0-3 months.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh shoot I don't think I have anything that small left but I will go look in our bins just to be sure.

Mrs Furious said...

nothing... I was hoping there'd be a stash I might have forgotten about but I must have gotten rid of all that before we moved here. Sorry!

Ms. Flusterate said...

I'm kind of lame in that my bitch is What? Wait. Let me think a moment.
Oh, and my husband has a man cold. It's going to be a LONG weekend with him.

Mrs Furious said...

Ms Flusterate,
hahahahaha... I do feel for you!

dasnowz said...

Thank you for doing this. I need to let it out. Not all but some.

I need you to come beat up a teacher for me. My 11 yo was pushed down in school pe class playing soccer (which I thought was a no contact sport) and broke a bone in her wrist. She is now in a splint until Monday. Then we re-xray and decide what to do now.

My husband still has no job. And no prospects.

I go to school full time and I love my anthropology class but I hate taking 10 page essay tests. I have one today. SO dreading this.

I have the solution to cramps and bleeding. Mine got bad enough and since I knew we were done with kids when my Dr offered me a Hysterectomy a year ago I got one. Its been bliss since.

Hope you hear something soon on the operation change home front. Also, I hope you get the lice under control. It may take until a 2 week break from school to get it in control because they keep passing it back and forth.

Hope you have a good day. I feel better now. But I still need to take a test and confront a teacher.

Andrea said...

All I can say is I hate moving and if my husband tells me one more time he works 12hr. days and he really dosent feel like helping unpack or move the last of the stuff Im gonna take his 12hr days and shove them where there is no sun:) ok much better.

inkelywinkely said...

I HATE that Punk is my stepson. I hate that I had to wake up after two hours of sleep. I hate that I had to keep pushing the sleep button because I was so sleepy. I hate that I had to make him choose between brushing his teeth and eating. I also hate that we had to drive in the FREEZING WEATHER to school and bring him in his shorts and a short sleeved shirt, because we aren't allowed to send him in our clothes and that is what she sent- KNOWING FULL WELL THE WEATHER EXPECTED. Why can't he be homeschooled? Why is she so damned scared to lose child support? Can't she trust that things that are best for her kid are better than money? I mean she makes more than us together and we pay her almost half our income!She has NO bills! Get with the God-forsaken program, woman!

Also, I hate that the brake lights, reverse lights, cab lights, and parking lights didn't work because we blew a fuse trying the crank the truck 89000 times this morning and it decided it didn't want to crank for 15 minutes.

I hate that I have to go through Punk's entire bedroom, and make room for 3 people to live in there, and that I have to buy an air mattress for him to sleep on while they live here..and he will no longer have his own room.

I hate that I am going to have to not only keep our budget working for us three, but add three more people to that, and try to not have anxiety attacks, which is hard enough right now without the added pressure.

I hate that even though I am not in college anymore and thank God every day for it, I have to try and haggle alot of financial aide for a single mom trying to go through nursing school and get some of her courses transferred from a completely different state.

I hate that as well as we have done for ourselves and for the first time in my life I have been able to say that I have done it all myself with no help, I may have to apply for food stamps.

I hate that I can't eat a piece of bread (for the last few months) without immediately having a feminine issue you can guess.

My gums hurt in this one spot, too..has for three days now, and I can't figure it out.

Sorry, I am just really having a time today...and, BTW, this helped majorly...maybe it has something to do with the tiny bit of sleep?

inkelywinkely said...

Kelly, I can ask my brother and his wife to send you some stuff. His kid is pretty large, between us for her age. : She grew out of the baby baby stuff pretty fast.

Supermom said...

I GOT ONE!!!!!

All the damn laundry in the basement piled up for ME to wash!!!!!!


Jenny The Bold said...

I am soooooo sick of my husband hunting. Seriously I can't wait until it ends. But will it ever end? Bow hunting, duck hunting, goose hunting. And next will be gun hunting and then ICE FISHING. It's driving me absolutely crazy! Help!

Chrissy said...

I hate that I'm 41 years old and have a huge honking zit right next to my mouth. I really HATE that I tried to operate on it last night and only made it worse. And, I've touched it 3 times today and keep wiping off the cover-up (which is not covering it up at all!!)

It's near the corner of my mouth so if I smile like the Joker all day you can't see it. But, then I look like the I'm on drugs for smiling so much and so big (and that's so NOT me).

I also hate that my weekly one-on-one with my boss is in 1 hour which takes time away from me wasting time on the Internet.

I might hate that worse than being 41 with a zit!

***none of this is anything to bitch about in the big picture. :)

Daisy girl said...

I hate that we can't afford to go out to dinner!!! Oh how I miss that!! And the fact that I have not been able to find a job.. being on a strict budget sucks!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh that is hilarious. I HATE when that happens. You just want to wear a sign that says "Not Herpes".

Oh that all sucks. Hang in there. I hope your custody arrangement gets better.

I guess one thing I can be thankful for is that Mr F is not a hunter. I would kill him if he had a hobby that required so much time AWAY.

Moving is the worst. And I hear you 12 hour days for him = 12 hour days for you.

Mrs Furious said...

I wish I could help... sadly I am not as furious in person as I like to think I am in my head ;)
So sorry about your daughter's wrist. Ugh. On top of everything else that is the last thing you all need.

Good luck on your test! I am (SO) glad I am done with all that. I still have school nightmares.

Mrs Furious said...

Daisy girl,
Oh I hear you. #1 thing I miss. That and just not having to be so conscious of spending all the time. It gets old fast.

Kelly said...

Thanks Mrs F for looking, and thanks inkelywinkely Id appreciate that. I found some stuff at goodwill today, and I was ecstatic!

P.O.M. said...

Almost 34 and still single. My eggs are drying up.

My friends are taking my Amish obsession (brought on by you) to a whole new level. One just sent me an ad on Craigs List that she saw:

"AMISH gone bad
Date: 2009-10-12, 9:46PM
Hi ladies. my name is mervin.i used to be amish so if you would like some amish........ we'll talk about that later. i am 5ft 11in and weigh 125lbs.i am also interested in dating. if this sounds like something you would be interested in. your pic get mine. Please include your cell number so i can send you pic of me. "

DUDE - this is a untapped resource of possible future husbands for me. THought you would get a kick out of it. My fav part is look how SKINNY he is. He weighs less than me.

Mrs Furious said...

That is fucking hilarious. Oh God.

dude have you done online dating yet?

P.O.M. said...

I tried online dating before the captain. It was joke. Most guys seem to just be looking for a hook up. I even tried eHarmony, which I renamed to "eUgly."

Just bought online the Sarah books you suggested!

Here's another bitch: I'm in super lazy mode and can't snap out of it.

Here's a good one. I stayed over at a guys house I have been seeing again. It was sunday night. Then I went to his house again Wed night and there were a pair of girls earrings on his NIGHTSTAND that were not there Sunday night. So within the 2 days of us not seeing eachother - he had another girl in his bed.

P.O.M. said...

I have another funny story to tell you not related to this...

My bestie that has 2 kids was talking about how lice was going around the neighborhood kids. I said something to the effect that "yeah, my other friend is having that issue too." Like I know you in real life.

I'm a dork.

Jenny O. said...

My 5-yr-old has an fever/illness that we have to assume is flu to be on the safe side, although I do NOT think it is flu. And because she is sick I couldn't take her to neighborhood happy hour. So in other words, my kid is getting in the way of my drinking and relaxing. ( That sounds bad, huh?)

Mrs Furious said...

Yucky. Please don't see him anymore.

And you are going to love the books. You need to give the first one a couple of pages before you are sucked in... but you will be.

if I can't count blog friends.. um... I'm pretty much down to single digits (if that maybe just one hand).

Mrs Furious said...

Jenny O,
When kids get in the way of drinking it is ALWAYS a tragedy!
I'm more than a bit jealous that you have a neighborhood happy hour!!

Elizabeth said...

I... there is too much.

Job is hellacious. The Rep show is coming up. Rep means two shows at once.

Also someone decided that this was a good time to schedule the Ball.

The Ball is our huge fundraiser that we decorate. So. Pretty much a third show.

The director of teh Rep is a method director. So there is no acting, so everything has to be even more 'real' than usual. I don't even know what this means.

No one else does either.

I stepped up into the truck today while we were collecting huge ass plants for the ball (the theme for this room is "Carnival Trinidad" these plants are room sized.) and wacked my head pretty bad on the steel frame of the truck.

My Saturn Return started this month.
so, yeah, that should be fun right?

inkelywinkely said...

Jenny O, I refer to Mrs. F on a daily basis as one of my friends. LOL...I honest to God have more bloggy friends than RL friends..I have just never been able to be as open with RL friends and STAY friends. LOL....

I always attract the crazies. Speaking of which, did I tell you Mrs F, that the chick I was babysitting for started acting all nuts and I told her I couldn't keep her kid anymore, so she called the cops and filed a theft report...seriously. She was pressing charges for "theft of a potty chair"...even though she had $80 shoes of mine...

I tell you, RL just does not work for me..I like that I can hit the little x in the right hand corner of your tab and you disappear if I want you to, and if I need your attention, I just open up the bookmark- why can't RL be that way?

julie said...

I love Bitch Fest Friday.

Maybe it will become a real blog trend like "Wordless Wednesday."

Lord knows we need it.

I didn't have much to bitch about yesterday, but today is another matter. I am actually 'hiding out' upstairs for a moment from my much loved, but annoying family.

Mrs Furious said...

Aw that all sounds hellacious. Wailing your head can be the worst! I hate how it hurts like a bitch but it has the added embarrassment factor that other injuries somehow don't have.
Okay so I don't know what I'm talking about but apparently for the last 2 years I've had Saturn square my Sun (bad) and now it will trine my Sun (good)... that's my gist anyway and hopefully my terrible luck will finally change!

Does that actually count as a bitch fest? I need more details.

julie said...

Mrs F,

Nothing too bitchy going on. Just stuff with Murphy. As usual. I was in a bitchy mood today...feeling all 'why must I do everything?'...even though I really wasn't entitled. Shhh....don't tell Tom I said that though.

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