Saturday, October 17, 2009


I wish I had accompanying pictures for this. You all missed a whole heap of cute.

Yesterday Kid went on her very first real honest to goodness sleepover. She's had this same friend over to our house for two sleepovers, but Kid has never slept ANYWHERE without one of us. Ever.

Her friend had invited her, and Kid was excited about it, but also pretty nervous. I assured her that lots of kids get nervous and it is okay to come home whenever she wanted to, but that she should go and give it a try.

Her friend's mother also invited Baby. Now, Baby wasn't one bit nervous. She was quite excited about the prospect. She talked about it for days. There was no real way that that was going to actually happen... seeing as she's only 2 and wakes up at least 2 times in the night... but we let her go along. I knew that it was making it easier for Kid. And if you had seen Baby's little cherub face all lit up about her sleepover you would have given her anything she wanted too.

Mr F and I made a reservation for dinner (thank you Cougar) and then we planned to pick up Baby and bring her home for bed. I figured it also would be a good opportunity for Kid to bail out if she needed to without having to ask to call us (did you ever have to do that?... I did... and it was torture).

When we got there they were all in their PJs. They had just roasted marshmallows in their fireplace (how cool!). Baby had not missed us but she was ready to come home to bed... she was so worn out she actually fell asleep in the car. Kid was doing great and barely acknowledged us as we packed Baby up and hit the road.

But the cute part was watching them pack for the sleepover. Kid had a big rolling suitcase. She dressed in her BEST dress and even put on tights... yes... this is the same child who *cannot* put socks on by herself in the morning. Baby also dressed up... she wore tights (yep Kid managed to put tights on her too... hmm... I think I'll be a little less accommodating on Monday morning), slippers, a PJ top, and Kid put 8 bows and barrettes in Baby's hair. She looked special. She packed her belongings (several pairs of crocs, 2 of Kid's turtlenecks, a baby blanket, a baby doll pillow, stuffed animals, her halloween pants, junk mail, two necklaces, and a book) in a little wicker bin we use for books.

So as they came out of the house and down the front steps (I SO wanted my camera) they looked very funny. Kid was dressed up like it was Christmas eve... and... Baby looked like she had just escaped from a mental hospital.

They were both so proud of themselves and each other. They were grinning from ear to ear. I mean they thought they looked GREAT.

Later last night when we carried Baby in from the car and lay her in bed Mr F and I watched some TV. There wasn't really anything different than any other Friday night. At that time they'd both be in bed anyway... but... it felt so weird. We really felt Kid's absence. It was so strange. Mr F said "It's kind of exciting that they are getting older and kind of devastating. At least [Baby] is still a baby." "Yeah at least she's still small. If they were both seven I'd go in the kitchen and kill myself." I replied. We both laughed. But we also both had trouble sleeping. I got up at 3 and couldn't get back to sleep... it was uncomfortable not knowing that both my kids were sleeping soundly. It really is one of these big leaps toward independence. It is fun, and it is a new chapter that will bring new exciting experiences, but it also feels like we're leaving things behind. It's a total mixed bag of emotions.


Me, Only Better said...

It is so fun when they start growing up, and yet so scary too!

I always feel a little out of sorts when my babes aren't in their own beds.

Glad you and Mr F. had an evening out! Fun stuff!

Sabrina said...

man, sounds like kid & baby really looked cute (plus a little maniac thrown in for good measure) when leaving the house and even though i don't have kids of my own, i can understand your anxiety for kid not being there overnight!

sweet story i have to share: my best friend's 8 year old slept over two days ago at my place for the first time ever (he really had wanted to do that, literally begged her), and i sooo had to grin when i got him ready for bed and he had a whole bag of stuffed animals with him! my heart melted, i can tell you :)

Nutmeg said...

great story.

glad you had a date.

Lori said...

Amen sister!

Can I tell you it's not much easier when they are older. I have two in college and a Jr. in High school and I still am having issues.
I guess it's "easier and harder" at the same time... Can that be possible? lol

I so wish you would have snapped a picture of the two of them. Your details of their departure made me laugh out loud.

Rah said...

hilarious and precious!

the part about how they both looked so "great", but so different, reminded me of me and my sister. we are three years apart-i also have a sister who is 9 years younger than me, but she was somewhat like my child:) EVERY single picture of my sister and me from childhood is EXACTLY the way you described Kid and Baby on their way to the sleepover. i always dressed up like i was going to a party of all parties. i have dresses, tights, dress shoes, and a HUGE bow in my hair. my sister on the other hand had a crazy amount of clips and bows in her hair, something like tights with a shirt-no skirt or paants over the tights, or a fancy dress with a sweatshirt over it. oh yea, and always had on her reebok high tops no matter what she was wearing. i would put on lipstick and carry a purse-she would cake on massive amounts of make-up and cary half of the house with her wherever we went. we love looking at them now-it really is so fun to look back at. your post tugged at my heart-made me feel a bit nostalgic!

thanks for sharing with us-have a fantastic weekend!

katieo said...

oh that is TOO cute.

Mrs Furious said...

Hey ladies... my little sister drove in to see us. We haven't seen her in about a year. So... I'll get back to you all tomorrow! Enjoy your evening.

Supermom said...

I totally feel you! Tonight Lil O is at her first sleep over.

I miss her terribly!! I keep hoping she will call wanting to come home.

Where did you go for dinner??

Miss Theresa said...

Way too cute!! Enjoy your visit with your Lil Sis!

julie said...

adorable. I love that Baby was invited, too. Good for you and Mr F for taking advantage of the time alone and going out for dinner.

I felt that same way when Jack slept over someone's house for the first (and only so far, thank god) time. i missed him.

Kiki said...

I remember my first (no sleep) sleep over...debacle! Sounds like yours girls had a much better experience and I love that they dressed for the occasion!! So sweet that they were invited together!!

Enjoy your sister and the rest of your weekend!! XO!

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