Friday, October 30, 2009

Bitch Fest Friday

You know what time it is...

Let it out.

Let it all out.

(It seems to me that doing this every week makes the week go faster.... no?)


BsOnlyToots said...

OH GREAT! I get to bitch first!! Wooo!

I would like to take this opportunity to bitch about all the bad crap happening to you and Mr. F during the past (seems like forever) month(s). It really sucks that such a nice, friendly, caring family would have to deal with all the BS that has been dished to you guys lately!

OK now, for my own bitch! Last month I got swine flu and strep on top of it. I was down for 3 weeks (keep in mind I have 5 young kids!), and am JUST getting back to feeling 'normal'. I woke up today with the VERY SAME feeling I got when I first came down with stupid swine! WTF?! WHY on earth do I deserve to get this crap, and twice!??! I am a stay at home mom .. I'm not out running around pickin up germs all day everyday! GRRRR OK, thats all I've got for now! If I disappear for a while, I got sick again! lol

Hope all gets better for you guys Mrs. F ... HUGS!

inkelywinkely said...

Man, you posted this early. LOL

Well, as you know, the ex never does her job with Punk. Every Thursday that we get him, we have to reteach him everything and do all the homework he was supposed to do up to that point, as test day and homework check day is Friday..even though she signs the homework chart claiming to do it EVERY DAY.

So, we never get any time to do anything except hours and hours of homework, which we all hate, every single one of us, but we have to do...also, since there is no break and no rewards during this time, as we have to fit it in before bath and bed time and around dinner time, and I still have to find time to wash his school clothes by hand, sign all school papers, etc, we are all in bad moods. He becomes the biggest brat in the world and simple assignments that should take five minutes are now taking 30.

On top of this, tonight, his homework chart has a BUTTLOAD of crap he has to do- JUST FOR TONIGHT. We get that done, and I go through looking at all his assignments for the last week to get them done so he gets a decent grade, so we have to do ALL OF IT, since she signs it and tells him to go watch TV and get out of her hair.

So, we sit down to do the last assignment, which is review our number words, to be specific, the numbers ten through ninety-nine. And, guess what? He can't spell ANY of them. And, he is worn out and bitchy and bratty, and feels low because he feels dumb, and he is mad.

She was supposed to make him write them, a small bit at a time five times each, during the week (the tens), and each night write them out, each number, one each. He is supposed to be able to visually recognize each number, identify how many tens, how many ones, and write it out. Guess what? None of it is done, and he can't do ANY of it.

So guess who JUST went to bed? Yep.

He had to do every bit of it, 10-99..and his test is TOMORROW on everything from this week. Luckily, I think he knows it all, even though I am sure he hates me at this point (and I may have said that school and his mother suck goat's balls at one point)..

I called the school as soon as I noticed that he didn't know it, and explained the situation and asked for an extension on his test, as he will be here all weekend and we could work on it, but then I just felt crappy and didn't want to make a spectacle out of it, and may be a bit of a I made him do it all- TONIGHT. I know, I am horrible. But, I figured that he wouldn't want to spend Halloween weekend cooped up learning math, and redoing homework, you know?

I wrote the teacher a note and I told her what happened exactly, and asked that he get the chance to take the test with everyone else, but that if he failed, to please not hold his mother's actions(or lack thereof) against him, as it was his first night doing them, and allow him to retake it if he didn't do that great.

Now, you may be saying, "shouldn't he have learned this at school?"...but, nay, the school informed the parents that they will have jobs, too, to help the students move faster. The parents were to be doing this part and the school will just test on it. Mom knows this.

I feel like her laziness knows no bounds when it comes to her child. She cares not that he suffers, or has no fun, or feels like a failure. She couldn't give two shits about how crappy his one visit a week is here just because we DO care, or how much work we put into it.

Of course, I am merely "starting shit" in her book for involving the school on her lack of parenting. LOL

I will not go into anymore, only tonight..maybe I will get a second wind? haha

(oh, and tonight wasn't all that crappy...he did get top eat EVERY STITCH of candy he brought home, and it was a TON)

inkelywinkely said...

oh, and I am still offering up real homemade baked goods from the VERY deep south, if you want them to help youget through your things. :)

julie said...

well, it is 1:30am and I am still up. I need to be up in 5 hours. I have 2 hours of my work out classes to go to, shower and then I go to my kids' schools to set up and volunteer at their Halloween parties.

I am sure I will be bitchy today. And I really have no one to blame but myself. Why do I do this to myself???!!! Why am I still up?

Oh I know...the silences. It is so silent and wonderful late at night.

Kelly said...

Well, I have to bitch about my credit this morning. See, I was screwed in the credit department before I was even 18. My mom put hospital bills in my name when I was young and no matter how I tried I couldn't get them off my record. Then when I was younger and a single mom with no money or insurance, I ended up with more things on my credit. One of them was something my ex did, and yet again I couldn't get it fixed. Basically, this means that I am doomed to a bad interest rate or no loan at all. Which SUX!!
Other than that and the mold in my house making it hard for us to breathe, life is a big bowl of cherries (insert sarcastic tone here).
Thanks again Mrs F. Bitch Fest Friday does make the week seem shorter and better!

wootini said...

I'll be brief and just say, Room Mom job = never again. Last year was fine, but this year... Mrs. F you did good to get out when you did.

Running in Alabama said...

Mrs. F. this week your bitch should top the list...

Bs...drink plenty of fluids...

Inkley...thank god he has has someone who cares!

Julie...nap as soon as you get will feel decandent

kelly...been there...feel for you!

*deep breath*

I am doing a project with an engineer that has his head up his butt! Our job is already crap
(over hours) and we are on the last pass for it...he needed to check the drawings yesterday...a 30 minutes chore. I came in 3 hours early today (on FRIDAY!!) to catch all the marks, put a bow on it and get it to the project engineer.

He checked 2 out of 8 drawings.


If he thinks I am stayying here all day today to push his pencil for him, he has lost his mind!

He is a nice guy but getting him to focus (ever) is like getting a 4-year-old to eat oysters...

I'm going to get a latte...

julie said...

I just folded a load of laundry and then tipped the basket over because I was trying to move to quickly.

I just got an email from the mom who is supposed to bring in the cupcakes at the Halloween party asking if we were having a party today and since she her email has been "down" this week, she will assume no one needs her to bring anything in. Huh? Thanks so much little lady. I don't have enough stuff to do. Plus, knowing there are kids in the class with major allergies, I can't just play dumb and bring in store bought.

julie said...

Because it just keeps getting better...

This was the scene in my house just moments before:

Older child running away from younger child, screaming "Psychopath, psychopath" while holding the younger child's balloon and a pair of scissors. Younger child running after him holding my big scissors and yelling "asshole".

What the hell?! I remained calm, diffused the situation and was able to retrieve the weapons from the perpertrators.

This is what I am dealing with.

Mrs Furious said...

We've got our Halloween parade, etc at school today... and my father & his wife are here. I'll get back to you all when we get back from the school party.

But Julie... I am SO glad I'm not class parent anymore. Looks like it's shaping up that you are going to have to bail on your workout! I'd kill that woman!

Mrs. Smitty said...

Cat got me up at 5:30, Thing 2 woke up crying at 5:50, gave him a pacifier and a blanket to no avail, he just got louder. Soon Thing 1 is up and crying, gave him a pacifier and blanket and he lays back down. Thing 2 is still crying. Finally brought Thing 2 into bed with me to calm him down so he wouldn't also wake up Smitty Jr. He laid still for about 15 minutes then crawled all over the bed. Thing 1 woke up again about 7. Left the Things in their room crying again while I got Smitty Jr. up and ready. Cat has been incessantly meowing just about the entire time. Finally everyone up and dressed and out the door, I was exhausted by 8 this morning. Tempted to call in exhausted to work, instead wandered in late. Good start to the day.

Also - a bitch on behalf of you and a long distance friend who are going through tough times. I hope you all get what you need and some peace in life soon. Hugs from afar

Marie said...

My dh went out to start the car yesterday, and while it did start it sounded like a small child was being murdered. After a tow to the shop we learn that the motor is kaput. $3000 and we will hopefully have a working vehicle again.

Both our laptops bit the big one about a month ago. Dh went out and bought a new one because he has an online class and needs it. Less than 12 hrs after purchase the damn hard drive had a "Fatal malfunction". We have since returned it and are on laptop #2 which hopefully will last a bit.

Our TV has taken to turning itself off. Sometimes the picture just fades. Other times it goes out but the sound is still going. Either way its bad and is happening more and more often. And this is a fairly new, rather expensive tv. There is NO WAY we are buying a new tv right now. So if it dies we will have to do the "old school" tv from the fun.

Oh yeah, and my youngest has had explosive, up the back diarrhea twice today. AND its halloween parties for pre-k in the morning and K in the afternoon, so we can't just stay home.

Kiki said...

Well...since I'm in the company of women (sorry Mr. F, if you're reading...) I got my period and 40 is two months hurts my feelings that I have to tolerate this monthly AWFULNESS and then not even get pregnant! It should be one or the other and guess what, this month I'm not handling the "we can't have kids" thing that well and when a customer came in and offerred me her badly behaving child....I may have said, "You may not want to offer him to the only infertile woman in this store, I'd take you up on it.". Oh yeah she shot me a look....whatever.

That's all I have, thank goodness Ken and I are otherwise the Furious clan comes to the beach next week-I'm feeling kind of giddy about that!!!

julie said...

"You may not want to offer him to the only infertile woman in this store, I'd take you up on it.". Oh Kiki....hugs.

And if you are offering...I will send Murphy down to you. I am giving like that;)

Preppy Mama said...

I know yours sucks more than mine, but I LOATHE the Halloween Parade at school. The freakin parents, especially the dads are so damn rude. All cutting in front of me and my baby carriage. I am so darn short (5') the dads tower me and no one would let me move up so I could see my kid sing after!! I'm pissed!
Thanks for letting me vent!!!

Torey said...

My 6 month old has pneumonia. We've been in and out of the hospital and doctor's since Monday, with no end in sight really.

My 2 year old is having a rough week too.

November better suck less.

dasnowz said...

the school here decided to avoid anything Halloween. They decided to give the kids 2 days off and do conferences. Well supposed to. The teachers decided it meant they could take 4 day weekend. I go to school full time. No other school has it off. I have been scrambling to find care for her for the 2 days. She almost go to come to college today with me.

Still no job for him although I might have picked up side side sewing work.

My 13 yo is sick now. Just a cold we hope.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to complain here. It really does help.

Claire said...

They are teaching us a new software program at work that is so much more complicated than the previous one we use to use to put our stuff on the page in the newspaper. The "trainer" (note the sarcastic quote marks - because he is just an IT person from another newspaper - not a professional trainer/teacher) just says click here click here click here - don't bother writing it down I'm doing a cheat sheet for you - NO cheat sheet yet - he has the nerve to say why don't I have my work on the "page" - BECAUSE - this isn't the only thing I do at the newspaper!!!!!! I refuse to feel stupid about this!!! Wow this feels good!!
And just want to say that as a mother of 4 daughters I intensely disliked (hated) Halloween. See ya at the beach!!!!!!

Mrs Furious said...

I try to leave my bitching to the other 6 days a week and leave this one for you.... but... I have one of those headaches that feels like someone is stabbing me repeatedly in the side of my head while simultaneously putting it in a vise.

Me, Only Better said...

We stood in line 4 hours to get the h1n1 vaccine yesterday (my youngest 2 and I). Our schools are being particularly hard hit here, with a high absenteeism. Youngest is sick today - reaction or illness we are not sure. Mostly I am just worried. I do not like it when my babies aren't well....

Elizabeth said...

Um I am late to the party because of how much yesterday sucked.

I may have mentioned that I had the flu last week. Probably the Piggy Flu, because one of my work studies had it, and now another one has it.

I've been completely wiped out all week. I worked a 12 hour day on Tuesday. Got home, immediately fell on the floor in a heap and sobbed for awhile.

I was just that tired.

Boss Lady is completely insane. She's been sick this week, but coming in and being bitchy and crazy. (Because she has the F-ing flu... and because she's crazy)

Her passive aggressive Martyr complex is driving me up the fucking wall. "oh I'll be here until 7, but YOU go home, take care of yourself."

Yeah because my life is so easy when she's a fucking mess.

Then yesterday she kept asking asinine questions. It's hard to explain, but "did you do it this way" when 'this way' is obvious to four year old type questions.

Finnally I told her she could try it herself if she didn't believe me and she told me to 'calm down'

That's one of the worse things you can say to me. I usually AM calm when people say it to me. But not after. Oh no.

Then the project I was working on as 5:30 neared wasn't working the way she wanted it to. I asked if I needed to stay late to finish it. She said no she'd do it- unless I'd feel guilty for leaving.


That doesn't mean I stayed. Nope. Went to the weekly 'Saftey Meeting' in the carpentry shop.

By 'saftey' we mean beer.

The cute carpenter I had my eye on seems to be dating one of the costumers. Damn them and their cute outfits. (cause they don't get covered in sawdust and paint and grime, they can wear nice things and look pretty at work) They're all very nice but... damit! I never get the guy!

Um, yeah, and it's Halloween, I'm religiously obligated to go contemplate death and impermanence this evening. I'm sure it'll be good for me, but this is just NOT the time ok?

Yeah, I've been writing lots lately... sorry.

Elizabeth said...
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