Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This Week The Plan

Alright so I'm running a bit behind what with all the delousing and all.
Good news is that I haven't had any babysitting the early part of this week and I've been able to just focus on taking care of business. I think I've got a good handle on the lice for now.
I've also gotten started on my batch cooking and have been putting up one thing each day this week.
We also got the basement and garage pretty squared away mold-wise and I've been able to get back to my workouts. So this week has been a veritable pleasure compared to last week... even with the nit picking (literal) I put in 3 times a day.

Sunday - Sausage & Onion Quiche w/ Tomato Soup
Monday - Beef Stroganoff w/ buttered egg noodles & peas (batch cooking)
Tuesday - Asian glazed salmon, fried rice w/ broccoli & peas
Wednesday - Chicken Soup & rolls (batch cooking)
Thursday - Tomato & Meatball Soup
Friday - pizza
Saturday - Potato & Leek Soup (batch cooking)

When I'm making a batch meal I try and make enough for 5 dinners. I serve one and then freeze the others.

The beef stroganoff was pretty good. Kid said "I hate to say this but the meat doesn't taste very good and is dry." But then she ate two servings. And Baby only ate the meat... so.... mixed review. The taste was good... I think we're just not all about the crockpot meat cooking... it does sometimes leave you with over cooked meat. I wish I had used a cut of beef with more fat & connective tissue. This is sounding like a bad review... it's not... we'll happily eat it 4 more times. I just like my old traditional recipe (Joy of Cooking) that just calls for sauteing the meat better than slow cooking it.

I'm making my own chicken soup and potato leek recipes... so I know they're good. I'm also going to make a big batch of rolls and shape them and freeze them so they're ready to get baked the day I want them.

I also made a big batch of Gingerbread Waffles. These are really good. VERY gingery. Next time I might take that down a notch but that is just a personal preference. This recipe made 18 waffles at about 200 calories each.

I'm also going to make a dozen egg & english muffin sandwiches and wrap them and freeze them this week. Mr F & I both really appreciate having a quick on the go breakfast. On days when I'm sitting it is very hard for me to eat breakfast let alone make it. I've just got too many people coming in and out at the same time.

Off to the library... more to come!

Oy. Spoke too soon. Kid is back home with lice. Not actual lice. But they found another nit which sent her home... along with half her class. Ridiculous. So I'm keeping her home the rest of the week. I can't have her continue to get reinfected everyday... and I don't want her to have to keep getting sent home (talk about shaming). The kids aren't even having lunch time they are all (the entire school) standing in line and getting their heads checked at noon. This is obviously not working since almost every kid in her class has been sent home twice this week already... and they've all been medicated (which we can't repeat for 10 days... and which I'd prefer not to repeat if possible) and nit picked several times a day.


Amy said...

I just opened my Google Reader, hoping to find a new post from you.
So dude, the lice. You're like Job from the bible....CRAZZZZZY!

And here's the best slow cooker chicken recipe ever:

Chop one medium onion and put it on the bottom of the crock pot. Put one whole chicken on top, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Don't add any'll make enough of its own for a kick ass gravy. Cook on high for 4 hours, medium for 6, low for 8. I've found that it comes out best on high.

Karen said...

You are awesome. I wish I could come up with some stuff to make ahead. Unfortuantely, I wouldn't have the freezer space to store it anyway.

Have fun at the library.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm assuming this means you've still got that baby in you!

I'm doing the chicken. I've got an onion & I've got chicken. Done. It's too hot for me to deal with making soup all day.

We don't have a lot of freezer space either but we do have a side by side... which I think helps even if it isn't technically more space. I always wish we had an extra one so I could really max it out. It is a tight squeeze in there right now!

Andrea said...

Ive missed the plan segments every week you always motivate me to get on it. I love the idea of the breakfast sandwiches I make taco and freeze egg,bacon & little cheese sometimes potatoes for Chris all in a cooked tortilla wrap in saram freeze taste fantastic and so easy.

Supermom said...

I am glad to see you are out and about today!!!!!!

How are things?? It is such a lovely day today!!!!

inkelywinkely said...

Aw, girl, I hope things get better...I just got done doing my menu plan..everyone always wonders how I get it done so cheap (under 50 for 3 meals, drinks, and snacks for a week)...honestly, if my family weren't Cajun I don't think it would should try what I do...
3 day meals:
Gumbo, rice, french bread
red beans and rice
White beans and rice

I can give you authentic recipes if you cheap and only gets better up to the third day..of course you have to throw it out soon after that if it isn't gone- which it always is.

Anyway, they cost very little, are very little effort, and last a long time, so I don't have to keep cooking. And, they are SO GOOD they noone gets tired of eating it three days in a row.

Nutmeg said...

Ugh with the lice. When I was teaching the second and third grades had lice and ringworm going around. There was a crazy cycle of kids in and out and it continued for two months until we had winter break and there was no one in the building for two weeks. Everyone needed a doctor's note to return to the building, but that worked when nothing else did.

good luck!

Mrs Furious said...

I wish we had a long break coming up. It seems like that's what we need. Enough time for all the eggs to hatch and die. I'm pretty frustrated since the attitude at the school kind of makes you feel bad & guilty... even though she obviously got it AT school. I'm doing the best I can. She's got a crazy full head of hair and it is almost impossible to see the nits since they ARE HER HAIR COLOR. I wish we could use this extra time on an actual vacation...

Today was a nice day. I walked to the library... and even mowed the lawn! I'll call you soon... don't want to pass the lice on!

If I served Mr F beans everyday... good Lord... stand back! ;)

ooh I like the idea of the potatoes in there.

inkelywinkely said...

hahaha, I me. My daddy swears that I "cook the fart out of 'em". LOL.

inkelywinkely said...

hahaha, I me. My daddy swears that I "cook the fart out of 'em". LOL.

Me, Only Better said...

Your meal plan sounds delish. And the gingerbread waffles - yum. How do you reheat those?

I am also trying to batch meals, but it is a pita due to the oldest being vegetarian. This weekend I think I am going to do homemade perogies and freeze them.

I do a vegetarian lasanga that I make and freeze, and also I get a bunch of ground beef from the butcher and premake and freeze patties. Then we do a combo of veggie burgers and hamburgers.

I am sorry to hear about the lice again. Yikes. Poor kid. I would keep her home as well.

Mrs Furious said...

Me, Only Better,
I just toast them in the toaster on a low setting (2 out of 6 on ours). But I toast them twice. If I do it higher they get too crisp on the outside before they're warmed up on the inside.

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