Monday, October 5, 2009

Your Life Sucks Here's Ten Bucks Giveaway

If you were diligently reading ALL THE WAY through my weekend post then you know I've decided to give away four $10 giftcards over the next 6 weeks.

The thought is that while I can't change the world, and I can't change your life, heck I can't even change my own right now... I can make you (okay only 4 of you!) smile and hopefully feel a little Furious love.

The problem is that how much your life sucks is completely subjective. And I'm not sure how I'll go about choosing winners. I mean I'd hate to take someone who is already hurting and then say "Oh you thought you're life sucked before... guess what You Lose". That seems somewhat horrific. So I'm still thinking about it.

And I have time because I've already picked today's winner.

Me, Only Better you are the first winner! Email me (mrsfurious at hotmail dot com)!

Last week I put up a post asking people to share their own "my life sucks and is falling apart" stories and Me, Only Better left a comment that really stuck with me. I could feel her level of despair and I wanted to be able to do something... just a little something... to make her day brighter.

It was that comment that inspired me to do this series of giveaways to begin with, so it's only fitting that she be the first recipient.

Since she's Canadian (yes giveaway is open internationally!) and there are no Targets (how can you survive?!!) I've thought of two other options: iTunes & Gap Options card (good at Old Navy, Gap & BR). Let me know which one you'd like!

So if you're thinking "But Mrs F if only you knew how miserable I am... I would have won this" Hang tight... you'll have three more chances!

Never before has having your life suck felt so good.


Andrea said...

I love the title its catchy. Heres hoping we all have a better week and month for that matter :)

Me, Only Better said...

Aww Thanks! That is so sweet!
After writing that comment, and my post on the weekend, I decided that no one can get me out of my slump but me! I have taken steps towards that - initiating several good conversations with my hubby, and deciding that as much as I miss my kitty, she would want me to move forward and not be stuck here. Wallowing is good, but sometimes only you can know when it is enough.

Also, I did the Run for the Cure yesterday (I walked) and while I was walking a man was also doing the 5k with 2 prosthetic legs. And it really gave me some perspective. Last week was a bad week, but this week I am choosing for it to be better.

A gift card is a lovely treat that I would graciously accept, and if you insist, I will (=

But my life doesn't suck as much today, and in the spirit of what you are trying to accomplish (which is one of the things I love about you most - your willingness to look past your own pain and reach out to someone else) I would be happy for you to send that on to someone who's life does suck much more than mine.

I feel all your Furious love and I truly do appreciate it so much more than I can express in words.

Mrs Furious said...

Hey Andrea... I didn't even realize it rhymed until you mentioned it!

Me, Only Better,
Ah you can't pass on the gift card. That might be my only giveaway rule. You deserve it. And I'm really happy that talking about it last week did help... I guess it was kind of like therapy after all. Maybe I'll keep hosting that!

Missives From Suburbia said...

The part that made me laugh in this was "sorry to all the losers" in your tags.

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