Saturday, October 3, 2009

Randomness Of The Day... PLUS... future giveaway information

Last night I had two separate nightmares about being with Baby in an armed robbery. Hands down being in an armed robbery was one of the scariest situations of my real life. It completely altered my perception of my daily safety. And it taught me I'm a runner. As in I'll choose flight. In my 2nd dream I was getting away with Baby in my arms. I still woke up feeling stressed.

This week I made a whopping $150 babysitting. Which sounds and feels impressive until I divide it out by the hour. And then... well... it's less than minimum wage. It also leaves me feeling like all the bone marrow was drained out of my body by the end of the day. I'm watching for LONG days. 9-10 hours. And yesterday I had both extra kids... plus... my own. And with kids ranging from 5 months to 7 years (some of you may know exactly what that is like) I never get a chance to sit down. I'm meeting needs THE WHOLE DAY. And since I haven't worn Baby in a sling in almost 2 years and the little baby goes down in it... my back is killing me. I need to build those particular arm and back muscles that get tweaked while carrying a little one around... and... trying to cut apples, wipe butts, build towers, etc.... because I woke up today and something is pinched and I feel like I can barely breathe.

I need to get back to meal planning and batch cooking. Especially on sitting days when I'm watching kids right up until dinner time I just don't have time to make dinner. That will get easier as the baby gets older... and sometimes he sleeps at the right time and I can still get stuff done on time. But this week several times I wasn't able to get dinner on the table on time and we were eating about an hour later. The problem with that means I then don't have time to workout... and Kid is practically eating and then going to bed. If I could get some freezer meals stocked up I'd be able to pull something together a lot more easily. So this weekend I'm going to focus on finding some good things to cook up and stock the freezer with. If you've got a tried and true big batch recipe that freezes well please send me a link!

This weekend we are also going to work more on eradicating the mold that is in both our basement and garage. Unfortunately that is also where all my workout equipment is... and I haven't been able to workout because of the mold. My eyes immediately start burning and itching when I'm down there. That is another frustrating set back. I'm going to need to make myself do the 30 Day Shred until I can get things cleaned up down there. The problem with that is that I just don't get the same level of stress relief from that as I do from working out on the treadmill.

In other random news I'm starting to think about Christmas (12 weeks away!) and this years gift boxes. I'll be giving away 4 boxes this year... so... get ready. Oreo truffles anyone?! Yeah that's what I thought.

I also just ordered THIS BOOK for myself last week. I found it on Amazon for $3. You may recall that I recommended this book a few years back after my good friend lent me her copy to read. I like this book enough that I'm thinking of including it in the gift boxes this year or doing a separate giveaway. I highly recommend it to all mothers... and the title is a misnomer... it is not a religious book. It is a book about simplifying. And this is the perfect time of year to read it. Before we get all caught up in the stress of holiday time.

That's what I've got for you today. After I have my coffee and my back starts to feel a bit more pliable I need to put away the girls summer clothes and put the huge piles of winter clothes that have been washed and dumped on the couch away. I'd also like to go to Barnes & Noble this weekend and spend a couple of bucks on a mocha and a slice of lemon cake and let the girls listen to the story time. I've decided that I can take $5 a week of my babysitting money and spend it on something frivolous JUST FOR ME. I think that's fair.

I've also decided to give away a $10 Target giftcard (or iTunes, or Gap Options card) to someone whose life is falling apart on October 5th, October 19th, November 2nd, and November 16th (four separate giveaways). I know what it's like to have a shitty ass week and I know what it is like to have so tight a budget that you can't afford a single luxury. I know it's not a lot but it is enough to get yourself a bag of candy and a people magazine, or a pumpkin scented candle, or a tee shirt. And sometimes that is what you need to make your life a little more bearable. I was going to give myself $10 a week for luxuries but then I thought I'd go halfsies with you. For every $5 dollars I give myself I want to be able to give the same to someone else. SO stay tuned for that. I'm not entirely sure how I'll choose the winners... that will probably be the hardest part.


julie said...

You mean so much to us, too, Mrs F.

I have the book, bought on your suggestion almost 2 years ago. I can attest it is excellent. Plus, you can find it at a good price used as well online.

Wow, those days must be long and tiring with having a little baby in the house. Especially when it's not yours so it is like spikes of long, constant care days followed by the regular days (which are constant care as well, but with a different intensity.)

What a nice idea with the Target gift cards. It sounds like quite a few could use that 'pick me up' and it is very inspiring. I have never forgotten when my mother-in-law gave me a little cash just for me back before I even had kids and I was laid off from a job and feeling really down, depressed and totally pinched for cash. I remember how unexpected and wonderful it was to spend that money on things I didn't need, but just made me feel good and more normal. You are a sweetheart and so thoughtful.

gooddog said...

It is always so encouraging to me to read about your heard work and then see how you are pulling yourself up and giving things to others. I need to do more of that... I will!

Wow. The mold is that bad? Ick and I would be so pissed...

Way to go on the $150. I know it isn't much but you are doing what you need to do right now and should be proud of yourself.

I'd LOVE to read what you end up making this weekend. Right now my freezer has chicken pot pies, chicken noodle soup, chili and OF COURSE Mrs. F's chicken BBQ. I was just thinking of adding some kind of enchiladas to the stash this weekend.

Have a productive and enjoyable one!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks ladies. It really does make me feel much better to think about doing the giveaways. I've been on the receiving end of a well timed Target gift card and I know that a small gesture like that can make all the difference on a BAD day. Now choosing the recipients is going to be hard!

The mold is a problem. It just sprang up last week with all that rain. It's white and fluffy and on everything. Mr F fogged the basement which killed it but you then have to clean the mold off... the dead mold still causes allergies. THEN we thought the garage was safe then I went to put something in there and in the light of day (I workout at night IN THE DARK) that it is in there too. So now we need to fog the garage and clean that shit too. IF we move this will be an easier project since as we pack we can just clean off the dead mold. If we're staying it's going to be a more complicated process. We'll be tossing a lot of stuff (toys,etc that were out soft enough to have been penetrated). Huge hassle. And it's been relatively expensive ($400 so far).

I'm sure the sitting will get easier as I adjust to it... but since they aren't mine I don't ignore them as much. I'm really brining my full on A game for 10 straight hours and that is tiring.

Torey said...

How old is the baby?

I have a two shouldered carrier I could ship you that would put a lot of the weight on your waist and hips instead of on your back and shoulder. Would that help? We're not using it, because I have. . .a. . .few? more that I like better. But this one is certanily better than a sling for long periods of time.

Let me know!

Mrs Furious said...

He's 5 months... and he's on the small side.
I'd love to try it. I'll give it back!
Feeling better? Are you on antibiotics yet?

Torey said...

perfect! It will work great for you!
you can even put him on your back! just send me your address cause i don't know where i put it!

the antibiotics are helping but NEITHER of my children are sleeping. what is the deal with that??

wootini said...

What a wonderful idea with the Target gift cards, and especially after everything you guys have been through here recently. Craziness!

I so sympathize with how hard and long the day is when you are watching someone else's kids... it is really a tough, sometimes under-appreciated job. And way more stressful than watching your own.

That mold sounds unbelievable - you had never had it before, right? It seems so strange that it just appeared out of nowhere like that. I wish I lived closer b/c we have a perfectly good dehumidifier sitting unused that I would have been so happy to give you.

Looking forward to hearing about what you make for freezer ready meals - I don't have any of those but I do have a really good, cheap & unusual (not tomato based) vegetable soup recipe if you are interested. I always think of you for some reason when I make it. :) Actually, it does freeze pretty well, come to think of it.

And hurrah for compacting Christmas!


wootini said...

Oh I meant to say that I sure hope Baby is feeling better!

Mrs Furious said...

Yes we never had it before. In fact we had a relatively dry basement. I have to assume it is related to the crazy torrential rain we had. If we can clear it up and clean it up and it stays that way that is probably what it was. If it comes back we are SCREWED. We really want to sell this house and that will not help.

Yes please give me the soup recipe. I really don't have a big soup repertoire.

Baby seems to be doing better in some regards and worse in others. She seems sicker but the rash is pretty much gone. The steroids could be what is making her so crabby though. S

Amy said...

You're amazing to me. If not for the mere fact that you opt to watch another person's BABY and then carry the baby around in a sling until it falls asleep. I wouldn't even do that for my own children! Amazing. You have no end to patience. And then you're worried about how the rest of us are holding up. I love you.

Preppy Mama said...

Mrs. F I don't know how you do it. You definitely need to buy yourself something special, we all know you deserve it!!

inkelywinkely said...

Girl, I know just what you mean on the babysitting pay. I chagre 18 bucks a day, with food and teaching,7-6:30, and STILL can't get more than two days a week and my "employer" is wanting to fire me because she "just can't afford that anymore"...but she can afford to eat out, smoke, feed four indoor pets, drive a new car she pays a note on and go to out of state trips atleast twice a month.

Oh, well..good thing I am so great at doing without (LOL) and am used to it, so my family can eat and have extras on less than $50 a week....

I hope things work out for you. The best thing I do from the freezer is burgers. 1 lb chub, no seasoning or anything, in a ziploc bag, smashed with a plate until very flat and round. Put in the a cast iron skillet seasoned with salt and pepper on one side. Brown the buns, spread on mayo, onion, lettuce, mustard, pickles and tomatoes.

Flip the patty when browned and top with american cheese and turn to low...all the way down. Take the patty off we cheese is melted.

They taste JUST like sonic burgers...we serve these with "lookalike" mcd's shakes...Place vanilla ice cream, some water, and some chocolate instant pudding in the blender...blend until thick and creamy...YUM.

Very quick and easy CHEAP fast food...from home. :)

inkelywinkely said...

Oh, yeah, mrs f...just to let you know...

It could be worse, right?

Mr F could have a psychotic ex wife that thinks it is fun to destroy your life. LOL.

Man, don't I love being with a man whose been married to an idiot. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate nightmares, I rarely get them thankfully, but they sure do scare you don't they? :(

I made $120 over the last 2 weeks babysitting (not as many hours as you) and it will be gone with 2 prs of boots. lol!

I love your blog, have been reading through your posts and have added you to my blogroll.

I think it's super sweet that you're going to "split" your 'me' money with someone else... :) What goes around comes around right? I love it!

Mrs Furious said...

LOL I guess being the 1st wife does have its advantages. ;)

Oh thank you. Not that amazing in person... I promise!

Preppy Mama,
thank you... I am really trying to think of something that will have some kind of impact... maybe a weekly Amish book?! ;)

Oh thanks for the comment and stopping in. I'll check your blog out!

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