Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good News Bad News

Well the bad news is MY DOG IS DEAD.

The good news is that it has completely taken my mind off of "project change" (or lack thereof... whichever it may ultimately be).

As far as the grieving goes... it's still going. I am shocked at how grief stricken I am. I never really appreciated what the loss of a pet was like for someone before this. I really feel like what I would up until now only have thought you could only feel for a person. I said to Mr F that I have to rank this right below losing either him or the kids. Not just because I have spent everyday all day for over a decade with him (or... yes... maybe that is it) but also because dogs are so dependent on you. They need you. And that is where the guilt comes in. As I said to Kid "unfortunately Putty didn't speak English and he couldn't tell us if something was wrong." And, right now, that is killing me. The what ifs. I'm working really hard to let them go as they come up... but they do come up about every 5 minutes.

I'd love to have something else to write about... but other than watching the horrifyingly large hives that have taken over Baby's body... I've got nothing but tears.

This week has been one of those weeks where I just want to turn my grownup badge back in.

I just want to get one of those beer helmets and pop some cold cans of cherry coke in them and watch 12 straight hours of real estate shows on HGTV.

But Baby just woke up. The hives are now around her eyes. We're off to the ER.


Kelly said...

I hope Baby feels better soon. I have had hives as an adult, and I know they must be alot harder for a small child.

Supermom said...

I hope Baby feels better soon. Please update about the hives as soon as you can.


Torey said...

I feel for you Mrs. F. Sometimes being a grown up SUCKS. I'm so sorry about everything you're dealing with. Wish we were closer to help.

Good luck at the ER. Any chance they're stress related because of Canine?

Karen said...

I was wondering that too. Maybe the hives are because of Putty. That happens to me quite a bit.

Hope all goes well with Baby. Sorry for the loss of your puppy. Take care of you.

Staci said...

OH NO! I hope all is okay w/Baby! (((HUGS)))

Claire said...

I'm reading along thinking of composing a very sensitve comment about going through the loss of my dogs - and then I get to the beer helmet line and I'm laughing - just know that we understand and it is all about losing a family member - a really good family member that always gave you unconditionally love.

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