Friday, October 2, 2009

Who Am I To Say No?

My friend Torey suggested I start "Bitch Fest Friday"... and I was like... well... I was probably going to do it anyway why not share the joy?!

So here you go...

Today is Bitch Fest Friday.

That means that YOU are free to bitch about your life in the comments.

Cause lets face it... sometimes you just need to get things off your chest and stop being such a big person about your problems. Sometimes you need to whine about them for a bit and cry like a little baby.

I hear you.

You know I hear you.

The rest of your day you can pull yourself together and put on a happy face... but here... you can be a basket case.

That might be my new motto.


Kelly said...

I have just been up all night with my 9 month old (again). I am very sick with some nasty cold. I am tired of my husband thinking his sleep is more important than mine!!! He actually complained this morning because he heard me trying to get the baby to lay back down, and he said it woke him up. I cannot think of anything more stupid that he could have possibly said!

Marie said...

OMG Kelly-the husband/sleep thing is a nonstop thorn in my side! He ALWAYS sleeps AT LEAST an hour past when I get up, then does NOTHING to help w/ getting everyone ready. The rest of the time he's great, but in the morning he SUCKS!!!

And right now it is 59 degrees in my house. Earlier this week I was in capri's. I hate, hate, hate freezing all winter...and knowing that in 2 months I would LOVE this temperature because its not the ZERO thats in our future doesn't really help.

Mrs Furious said...

"Why is there pee all over the floor?!" Kid calls from the bathroom.

Not pee. Water. Toilet is leaking all over the floor. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Well lets see I was afraid I was going to get fired all week because this year has sucked sales wise, luckily I didnt I in fact got relocated to a very good territory but the excitement was short lived as husband was laid off yesterday WTF! Timmy got bit by a spider earlier in the week and looks like he could be an extra for Rocky, they just said benadry instead of giving him a steroid shot so we have to walk around with everyone looking at "Champ" until he heals. I overslept so no time for exercise today thats about all i can think of right now lol

Running in Alabama said...

Have you ever had so much that wants to come out that it all gets jumbled up and you don't know what to say???

Mrs Furious said...

Running In Alabama,
just take one thing at a time... we're here... we'll listen.

word to the weather.

nothing more stupid. What did you do?! Mr F would have been getting an earful.

Oh I'm sorry about your husband! If you were closer I'd give you some of Baby's steroids... that stuff works! When I took her to the ER she looked so horrific because they were all over her face, etc that people were inching away from us in the waiting room it was kind of hilarious because I knew they thought it was some kind of horrendous illness... I felt like making her a sign "I'm not a leper".

Kelly said...

Mrs F- I gave him a load of potty mouth any sailor would've been proud of because he claims he can't hear the crying, but me saying lay down woke him right up! Marie-Im sorry you have the sleep/help issue too, but I have something that will make you feel better. On the weekends, my husband will sleep as much as 6 hrs later than me, and say it's ok because he 'works' and I stay home!

julie said...

As I was happily going to drop my kids off to school and go on my way to continue my crazy mini-biggest loser exercise routine (work out for 1 3/4 hours as opposed to sit on the couch and think about exercising), Murphy said that he feels like he's going to throw up.

Not that I want to deal with barf-o-mania, but he better make good on his claim.

I know this is nothing to really bitch about, but it bites that I finally have the determination to get to the gym and have it messed with.

Ms. Flusterate said...

My bitch 'o the moment: This cold I have that is going on and on and on making day-to-day life really hard and draining and killing my motivation to exercise and eat healthy (even with a much diminished appetite).

I know, small complaint in the big scheme of things, really. I keep thinking each morning, upon waking, that TODAY is the day I'll be back to feeling good.

Here's to hoping for tomorrow and making it through another long day/evening!


Torey said...

Yay!!!!! Just what I needed!

First of all, Sorry everyone is having it so rough.


I have STREP THROAT! I've had it since Monday. I also have 2 (thankfully) healthy children to combat with. Has N stayed home? NO!! I'm fricken DYING over here and and he's at work.

The past two nights Beta hasn't slept AT ALL. She must be getting some teeth, but add that to my STREP THROAT and I WANT TO KILL SOMEONE.

Gup got into "medicine" yesterday which thankfully turned out to be a cough drop but in the process of trying to figute out what it was, he bit me really hard causing me to smack him in the stomach out of reaction. GREAT give me the Mom of the Year award. I know he's just so bored from being stuck at home with me all week watching TV,

My usual sitter (my mom) can't take the kids for me. Because she's mean. *just kidding*

And then N announced he has to work until 10 tonight. WTF????????? over 12 hours at work while I try to battle our children and NOT DIE of STREP THROAT.

I want to hand in my mom card (thanks Mrs. F for that idea!), lock myself in the bathroom and scream. Except, there is no one to watch the kids, the bathroom door doesn't lock, and I have no voice.

Thanks Mrs. F! I feel a little better!

Me, Only Better said...

I am wallowing in grief over the death of my cat.

Every September, when I go back to school my life falls apart, and I wonder why the frig I am trying to further my education. It hardly seems worth it.

My husband told me yesterday that he thinks I will leave him when I am finished school, so therefore he sees no incentive to improving our fractured and fragmented relationship. WTF? Talk about manifesting your own destiny.

I just can't stop feeling sad. Not just for me, but for everyone who has problems/issues and needs something more.

workout mommy said...

ha! i love it!

my kids don't sleep at night, my hubby travels all the time, and I'm about to have a nervous breakdown b/c baby# is going to be here soon!


(thank you for this!)

PS: I'm donating $1 for every comment I get on my Livestrong Day post today. Shameless self promotion, I know, but its for a great cause. (cancer sux)

inkelywinkely said...

I have been dealing with the ex wife, her crazy ass mom, and her crooked cop boyfriend. I( am so tried of people hurting that poor kid just out of spite for me and my husband.

I just want to scream..Can I do that here?


I feel better now.

Kiki said...

I got my period...again. Ken ordered something online and the company charged us an extra $500 for sending additional stuff that he didn't order. Oh, that came out of our checking account, so we've spent the past 45 days waiting for them to refund the $...finally today our bank is just crediting it back to us! Lastly, my PC laptop has a Trojan Horse virus that is rendering my computer useless and it's freaking me out!

But...I may as well laugh as to cry, so I'm off to get on the treadmill and then oogle some real estate I can't afford! Love you Mrs F!

Mr Furious said...

"Why is there pee on the floor" was the first thing I heard this morning.

As I stumbled into the bathroom with my already splittingheadache, I stared at the puddle and just said, "What. The. Fuck."

It wasn't TOO bad, and it might be the radiator, not the toilet (not sure if that's better or worse), but when the hell will this shit stop?

At this point I'd almost rather burn the house down and start over than fix that fucking toilet.

Mr Furious said...

I know this is a booby prize to Mrs F, but the baby she's watching is realy damn cute and charming and he had me smiling moments later.

Mrs Furious said...

so did he make good?!

I'm sorry you had to miss your workouts... I know you've been working really hard!

Ms Flusterate,
I hear you. Sometimes being sick feels like you are dying a slow death. I hope you get better soon.

Oh I wish I was there to help you out. I KNOW how hard it is to be on your freaking death bed and have your husband seem oblivious to the fact that you NEED help. When we had food poisoning on Sunday I was like "you know how you feel like dying... that's how I felt when I had the stomach flu and you wouldn't come home to help me." HELLO sick days are for taking when someone is SICK. Sometimes you are physically not able to care for your kids and they need to take off and take over.

Me, Only Better,
I'm so sorry. I really feel for you and your loss.
And I'm sorry about your husband. That's a hard situation to be in. I hope you guys can move through it.

Mrs Furious said...

workout mommy,
Kids that don't sleep just makes EVERYTHING else harder to bear. I always wonder what it might be like (how much I could accomplish?!?) if I slept through the night. Good luck with your baby!!! Hang in there!

Oh I know your custody situation is so hard. I'm sorry. I hope the courts eventually see the situation for what it is.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm sorry. You deserve something better.

Mr F,
I got him to laugh today. That was pretty great.

Andrea said...

bitch fest Friday I feel as though I need bitch fest week lets just say everything from moving again to losing a vehicle and health insurance all in a week is really more then I came imagine Im telling myself Im in a nightmare.

Mrs Furious said...

Dude that IS a nightmare!

julie said...

Mrs F,

NO, Murph did not throw up. Well, why would he when he was not sick?!!!!

He told me around 10:30 am that his stomach didn't hurt anymore.

I wanted to kill him, but tomorrow's his birthday and his absence would certainly been noticed;)

Seriously, though, I was in a cranky, bitchy mood for the rest of the day because of it. And then I was mad at myself that I was taking it so poorly. I mean, I cried on the phone to Tom at work for pete's sake. Over missing a day of working out?! Clearly it meant more to me than that. I felt like something out of Diary of a Mad Housewife. Crying at the kitchen table because my son stayed home from school 'sick' and I didn't get to work out at the gym. Wack-o. I cried over a laundry list of issues triggered by the 'no workout' thing.

I think I really would have rather been cleaning up vomit today.

It is kind of fun to bitch with no judgement here!

Sorry for everyone's troubles!!

Mrs Furious said...

So were you feeling frustrated that your motivation was there but you still couldn't get your workout... and then... there is that fear that once you start having things mess with you and you miss workouts that it will just lead to losing your mojo? I get that.

Rah said... vent is great!

I'm exhausted...My tailbone is broken and it is truly the most painful thing I have expreienced. Not to mention, I can't do anything!

D and I have so very little money. For once I just want to have "enough". I don't even care about the extra. I hate working hard and not making enough money.

I want a baby.

Every now and then I wish I had a "glamorous" job, other than the one I have that exhausts me physically and mentally. I start the day refreshed and leave with pen and marker on my hands and shirt, and my hair pulled back into a bumpy ponytail.

I want to go on a nice, long vacation.

Apparently, I could go on and on. Didn't know I had so much to go on about. It feels good!

I am overall blessed, but who doesn't like to share their sorrow with others:)

Mrs Furious said...

How did you break your tailbone?!! Isn't it HORRIBLE?! I felt much better at 12 weeks post break. Hang in there it is a rough recovery but you will feel better eventually.

julie said...

Mrs F, that is totally it. It feels good to be understood. Thanks.

Rah, I want to go on a nice, long vacation, too!!

Elizabeth said...

It's a little late, but may I join in?

yesterday (Friday) was FILLED WITH ANGER.

First, I've been working on a group project - pagan related- to be honest, I've been doing most of the work, and every time I post a discussion about a topic, or what I've worked on I get STOMPED ON. One person in particular, who insisted on teaching classes BEFORE we finished the new material is now bitching that she "Has no idea what this is, and now she's taught a whole class one way we can't change it" Only ruder

She's had all the information all year and just never bothered to look at it.

So I'm done, they can finish the damn thing by themselves. (sorry to be vauge, explaining woudln't neccecarily help)

Then my boss is being all crazy again.

I get a massage. During my lunch breaks. Once a month. This is Thursday.

She's started saying things like "Well I have to cover you on Tuesdays incase you decide to have a massage."

So first of all, TUESDAY NOT THURSDAY. Second of all, if there's a REPAIRMAN COMING IN I"LL STAY THE FUCK IN THE OFFICE FOR FUCKS SAKE, I WANT THE SEWING MACHINE TO WORK!!! Third: the fact that once a month I'm in another part of the building for half an hour makes me unreliable in her eyes.

Then the Industrial sewing machine has been broken for awhile. The cord got caught in the machinery and ripped open. HOwever there is thread caught up in the bobbin race that I cannot get out.

Now I"ve taken the damned thing apart. I'm good with sewing machines, I service them (for minor issues) all the time.

When I tell her, she just says "oh well that's not a problem I'll just fish out the thread with a pair of tweezers"

Because *obviously* I'm too dumb to have done this WEEKS AGO.

Oh. Wow. Um, didn't realize I was THAT angry.

Sorry for the swearing!

Mrs Furious said...

Never too late for bitch fest. Your boss sounds difficult... like clueless difficult. I hate that. Really pisses me off when people are slow on the uptake.
As for the pagan project you're doing the right thing. It's taken me a long time to allow myself to *quit* when a situation became a stressful nightmare. If what you are doing isn't being appreciated and it's ticking you off... you have a right to protect yourself from all that negative emotion. After the whole bitch teacher situation I just decided to fuck it. I'm not helping with anything EVER. It's not worth it if it's going to piss me off. I don't need people to like me enough to risk it.

Amy said...

I guess I used my bitch ticket on Thursday when I wasn't invited to do so.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I was just over checking your site hoping you'd had the baby! Really hoping things work out before you lose your health insurance.
Always welcome to bitch about your life. God knows I'm not going to stop.

Rah said...

Mrs F-

I broke it last weekend. I was coming out of my sister's front door. It was pouring rain so I decided to make a quick dash to the car and as soon I as my foot hit the second step I was actually in the air. Landed on my butt with my arm stuck underneath me and my upper back slammed into the other step. Very painful!! I was worried that today being one week that has passed by, and no pain relief. 12 weeks??? Wow, I guess there is no need to worry-this will linger for a while! I seriously never imagined that a broke tailbone would be this painful.

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