Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ER Follow Up

She most likely has Erythema Multiforme. What started out as hives turned into a more severe allergic reaction (so not stress related... I had wondered that too). In retrospect I do know when it changed... so next time I'll be quicker on the uptake.

She's on steroids now. Since she's had hives in the past we'll have her tested for allergies. This could be an allergic reaction to food, etc. or it can be an allergic reaction to a virus... which is what we're assuming right now. Just to be sure we're discontinuing the foods she's had in the last couple of days (of course with Putty dying I wasn't exactly paying 100% attention to that). She goes in for a follow up tomorrow.

We are now supposed to look out for the symptoms of THIS. Cause you know if it's my kids they can't just get the regular version of something they have to get the crazy ridiculous life threatening one. Awesome. Two year olds are super complaint with mucus membrane checks... they love it.

On the positive side I did the right thing. I didn't overreact or under react. They said I followed it perfectly and brought her in just in time.

Well, I suppose that means I should have brought her in last night but whatever... close enough.

I absolutely love it when doctors tell you that things are okay UNLESS they aren't and then you need to RUSH BACK HERE because this can become a medical emergency.

I love that.

I haven't had enough of that in my seven years of parenting.


Kelly said...

Glad she's ok. My 9 month old recently had a reaction to a virus, but it wasn't that bad.

Heather said...

Could it be the mold in the basement? It's the first thing I thought of. My mom is super allergic to mold.

Hives and life-threatening allergies are a BLAST.

Love the image of you with the cherry coke helmet blissfully slurping away.

Mrs Furious said...

It could be Mr F and I were talking about that today too. But the timing of it points to the fever she had Sunday night... the hives came about 12 hours later... so it's most likely the virus. But we're absolutely getting it all checked at an allergist. If it's the mold she's going to just keep reacting. I suppose if it goes away in the next couple of days we can assume it is not the mold. Kid also has eczema so that establishes family history and the ER doc said she's probably a "super reactor"... so we need to know if it's something we can avoid. At least she's in a good mood!

this is crazy town... but now i know what to look for next time.

Gigs said...

Mrs. F., I'm just catching up with you... It's amazing how much can change and happen in a few months of life! I am so, so sorry about Putty. I do know how you feel. Our pets are part of our family too. On the up side, so glad baby is okay. One of my boys gets hives at the end of almost every illness he gets. My husband says it's the sickness leaving his body... Will be sending you all my positive energy for all your hurts, and also your irons in the fire...

Torey said...

Ahhh. . . welcome to my world. Guppy is a "rasher". Not usually that severe, but occasionally it is.

Gup gets a cold, he gets a rash. He gets a stomach bug? A rash too! He gets the Flu? A RASH! Anytime he has a fever (or not, so long as he is/was sick) he has a rash.

Sometimes it's confined to his diaper area, which is of course an extremely sensitive area, but other times it spreads across entire areas of his body, or even his whole body. We discovered this after he "had Roseola" for about the 8th time. Turns out, that's just how his body reacts to illness. Luckily we've never had any breathing troubles.

The odd part is, he doesn't have extremely sensitive skin otherwise. Lotions, soaps, contact irratants don't bug him at all.

Sorry you're going through this! Hopefully you have what we have, which is an annoyance, and nothing more.

However, there is a woman on one of the parenting websites I visit who had SJS after a prescription drug reaction, and while it was AWFUL, she survived. let me know if you want me to look for more info.

Good luck! Hope everyone feels better soon!

Mrs Furious said...

steroids have kicked in... her rash is clearing up... YAY! I am greatly relieved that this is working.

Our life just seems on fast forward the last couple of years... barely have time to adjust before things change again. I'm really hoping that we can move on to this next opportunity and finally settle into a permanent life.

Heather said...

Eczema = yikes. When we saw the allergist 2 weeks ago, he said that Lucia's eye folds indicate she's at increased risk for eczema. Pete and just looked at each other and were like EYE FOLDS???

Supermom said...

WOW!! I am glad that the meds are already helping!!

Get well soon Baby!!

Mrs Furious said...

eye folds?! interesting. I need a picture of her folds!

Kid had it as an older baby 18 mo or so and then I got rid of it by removing ALL common allergens from her diet. At 3 she seemed to have outgrown it and she can eat normally. Then this summer the eczema came back. So now I do want to get her tested since I cannot figure out what it is caused by and she is much less willing to do an elimination diet now ;)

Mrs Furious said...

I think Baby might be similar. She's had hives a couple of times this year with no known cause... could have been virus related. We'll see as time goes by.

Yes I'm greatly relieved. That was scary for a bit.

Mr Furious said...

Not to sound like a jackass, because in the grand scheme it's not the most important part, but all this shit happens when we are flat broke too.

Our insurance blows, so we have to pay through the nose for everything...Still awaiting the final kick in the pants from Putty with a fat vet bill...Just spent any extra money we might have had on a dehumidifier...I'm sure the mold will turn out to be some Martian variety that needs a special team from NASA to remove...

Can't we have our crises on an installment plan? One per month please?

I'm relieved Baby seems to be on the mend, but Mrs F is right—we seem to be permanently residing on the breaking point, and it's getting tough to handle.

AT22 said...

Doesn't it seem odd that all those different things (from the wiki) cause the same problem??

If she is a super-reactor, I'd cut gluten out of her diet, stat. It is just BAD. Tends to help eczema, too.

So sorry about Putty. I know how it feels - and it's not good. We have our beloved cat, Bo, in a box on the TV stand :( And now we have our new beloved cat, Stinky.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I wouldn't be surprised. We used to be gluten free for 3 years around here to control Kid's eczema... which oddly she just came in to show me it is spreading. Calling allergist now!

Feener said...

i am so sorry, somebody is really testing you huh ?

i can remember when my girls were young and we would call the doc in mid of night with concerns and my hubby and i would joke

"she is throwing up blood" oh yea that is normal. everything was normal......

Preppy Mama said...

It never ends for you. Hope you can catch your breathe over the weekend.
So sorry about Putty, loss of a pet is so devastating to the family it takes time to find a "normal" again.
Just wanted you to know I was thinking of all of you.

Kiki said...

Oh Furious thoughts are so with you all right now...I'm emailing you a picture of the lovely hives I woke up with the other morning...yeah, I'm an over reactor too! So glad Baby is on the mend!!

Andrea said...

Im glad to hear baby is ok.

gooddog said...

So glad baby is better.
here's hoping things start to turn around for the furious family. fast. thinking about you all.
ps- ever thought about pole dancing for some extra moolah? they always have amazing bodies and the $ is supposed to be rockin. just sayin... ;)

Mrs Furious said...

Have I thought about it?! Every. Day. ;)

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