Friday, December 11, 2009

Bitch Fest Friday

Someone left a pile of crayons on our burning hot radiator. Awesome. I don't have quite enough to juggle in the morning.


Brina said...

I saw the pic and I was like 'huh?' until I saw your explanation. Now I'm no longer 'huh?', but wtf!! Sorry about that for you, Mrs F.

Not too much to bitch about, other than that I am 30 now and without real perspective jobwise - for the past two years I have been thinking about taking correspondence classes, I think this what it'll boil down to, but at the same time I'm so afraid of failing and this is sooo not me! Nobody can really understand this, myself included, but geesh: I'm scared of failing. Now I'll never find out if I fail, if I don't try, right? However, I'm so worn thin at the moment, I dunno if I could take it... I know rationally at the most I'll lose time and money (here in Germany they charge like $280/month for the economics classes I'd wanna take), but darn!

btw. is a Bitch Fest Friday post supposed to make sense? I sure hope not, reading thru this again ;)

Elizabeth said...

I have today off, and I'm getting my dog tomorrow (have I mentioned that I'm adopting an Chihuahua? It's crazy!), so those are excellent things.

However, yesterday we got these chairs back we loaned out. These were our good matching set of antique reproductions. We spent Six (6) F*&$ing weeks restoring and refinishing them last spring. I wore off my fingerprints sanding and carving these chairs.

The undergraduates knocked them over every night in their show. At least one of the four is destroyed and two more are seriously fucked up.

The response was *shrug* it all belongs to UNC anyway and stuff gets used.... THE LACK OF RESPECT MAKES ME WANT TO BASH THIER FACES IN. If they were going to DESTROY our FURNITURE they should have chosen the CRAP CHAIRS rather than the BEST ONES WE HAVE THAT I SPENT 400 HOURS ON.

Also my computer, the new shiny red one I ordered from Dell to replace my 4+ year old that died quietly in its sleep?

I guess I never really ordered it...

Marie said...

Went for a physical and found my thyroid was enlarged. Got an ultrasound to find a cyst. Got to have the joy of someone shoving a needle in my neck to biopsy it. Now need to have half my thyroid removed and possibly the other half too at a second surgery if its cancer. Happy freaking holidays. At least its not till after xmas, right? So that gives me a good 3 weeks to focus on the surgery, intubation, pain to come... Oh yeah, and the questions as to why mommy has a boo-boo on her neck.

Mrs Furious said...

No bitch fest friday doesn't have to make sense... it's more mysterious that way ;)

I feel failure ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it holds me back... more in the past than now... I try to make a good example for my kids and sometimes that is the push I need to take the risk.

Go for it!

"have I mentioned that I'm adopting an Chihuahua?"
Breaking with the family tradition?!!

word. Disrespect makes me more furious than any other transgression.

"I guess I never really ordered it..."

Oh that sucks!
"So that gives me a good 3 weeks to focus on the surgery, intubation, pain to come... "
That is what I would do. I'm really sorry. I hope everything comes back benign.

Mr Furious said...

The wacky vertical-only photo looked like the fridge for a second.

For the record -- I am NOT "that moron."

(Not about the crayons, anyway...)

wootini said...

Oh Marie, I am so sorry. I will be thinking of you, and hoping it turns out to be benign.

What I had to complain about seems minor after that... just a massive project at work being incredibly late, and though largely finished and awesome, is being held up by an incompetent vendor for one small but critical piece of the puzzle. Boss is annoyed, and sometimes I just want to quit. But health and family are more important than anything, and I suppose this too shall pass, eventually. Or you'll see me on the front page of the Washington Post, being locked up for homicide.

Elizabeth, do you seriously work for PRC?! My husband and I both went to UNC and were drama majors in the early '90s. It sounds like you must work in the props or scene shop? I promise, when I was in charge of the Lab! we were super-careful about anything we borrowed from PRC. I miss Chapel Hill so much sometimes. Have fun with your new dog!

Holy cow, Mrs. F, that was an ungodly mess. :(

julie said...

Oh Marie, I will be thinking of you. Please take care.

I don't have time to bitch...I guess that is my bitch today. But it is so nice to know I am not alone in all my thoughts.

Brina, you'll find your way. And I totally get the fair of failure so I do nothing thing.

trifitmom said...

normally i read the title bitch fest friday and i think oh others have so much worse i won't bitch, i am lucky..i will leave it to others. but today i am cranky ASSSSSSSSSSSSS and i figure i can vent here.

so i work with a non profit and the director is driivng me nutz. this am i drove to place of business to drop off a large quantity of the product we work with, she had requested i drop them off there. i have to count and sort the stuff and i did. i have about a 20 minute window btw dropping off and having to pick up my oldest at her class. while i have to tote my 3 year old with me. all for a good cause.
i prop the door open so that i will be able to unload the several heavy boxes i have in the back of my car- where i have to leave my 3 year old UNattended (by now she has moved to the front seat and rolled down back windows) the first thing the director says to me is "you know you can't prop that door open the heat is not on in here" to which my jaw dropped in amazement of her rudeness??? so i explained that i left it propped open to carry in all the boxes of product she had asked me to bring. to which she said "oh ok, i guess we will just have to leave it here in the hallway " ???? WTF it was almost like the twlight zone, did she forget i was coming ? NO she just can't handle running the show, she is far too stressed and hits the panic button.
this is the type of stuff i can't let go. she apologized for being rude, she could tell i was pissed off. WAS IT ME, am I oversensitve ?

just opened the mail and had notice of overdraft ??? just not a good day

northerngurl said...

My bitch for today: It's -40. Long johns, they're so f*#!ing unattractive.

scout0033 said...

Alright there are times I feel that I not only complete my job but do 3 other people's jobs as well. You know what, sure that's fine. But then if you are one of those people who I'm doing your job don't you dare tell me how to do it.

So I'm a teacher. Small boarding school. Another teacher calls out sick we cover in our free/prep periods (no subs). So Today two teachers called out sick. Great. My 5th period class i teach studio art (i'm actually a science teacher but that is a whole other story) so I agreed to take one of the teacherless classes. They were working on poster projects anway. Cool - dump them in with my art kids who are painting. But then I get a call that no one else can take the other teacherless class for 5th. Sure why not bring 'em on down. Cool I'll just watch my 7 kids paint, 12 kids make posters and another 12 with nothing to do.

Nothing to do? perfect you are now watching Wall-e (which i have in my classroom because i teach science). I was pulling my hair out! Not only is this a small boarding school but its a military school. All the f%$k ups are sent here.

Sure fine thats ok. But then the teacher who left no work for his 12 history kids gets MAD at me for letting them watch Wall-e. Not educational enough for him. I almost killed him in the mess hall, but wait couldn't do that because I was late to sports.

Even after a full 8 hour teaching day I coach swimming. 2 more hours there, then I am in charge of the yearbook (1/2 hour meeting), and then had study hours (sit and try to make ADD kids study for 2hours).

I'm doing my job and yours. If you're not going to do your job then f&%k off and let me do it my way.

That was my day. sorry it was kind of long.

Mrs Furious said...

Hey I know you! (did I know that before and forget?)

You've got to get a job at a hippie school like Kid's.. they don't do sports... or extracurriculars. Cause I'm imagining that it's not terribly lucrative either. And why are there no subs? That's just full on crazy. We had subs at DCD.

Mrs Furious said...

-40! I was feeling all pissed that it was 20 here.

Mrs Furious said...

"just a massive project at work being incredibly late, and though largely finished and awesome, is being held up by an incompetent vendor for one small but critical piece of the puzzle. "
Oh God this happens to Mr F all the time. I bear witness to the fury it can induce daily.
Hang in there! I hope it gets resolved soon.

It is not just you! That is crazy. You have your kid out there for one thing... the stuff is heavy and seeing as you only have two hands what are you supposed to do put it down and pick it up each time you open the door ?! wtf? I cannot believe she wouldn't just be appreciated of your time and effort.

Nutmeg said...

Everyone sounds extra stressed... and Marie? I'll be thinking of you... I really hope everything thing turns out okay.

Elizabeth said...


Yep, I work for Playmaker's technically, but I think about half our budget comes from the school?

I'm the props artisan. I love it, I really do. But it's CRAZY

Mrs. F.- I know! it's not a dacshund, but It came home with me today and I love her!

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