Monday, December 7, 2009

There Was 'Tude This Morning

Yes there was.

I wanted to write an email saying something like ...

"I'm worth $7 an hour. If you can't respect my time and effort you are more than welcome to find cheaper care elsewhere."

... but my mom talked me down.

You know, I just don't want to start my day with someone giving off a strong bitch vibe. It's just not worth the added stress it causes. And it kind of (okay definitely) pisses me off. I mean give me a break... I'm not even making minimum wage!


dasnowz said...

You can always tell her it isn't working out and starting next week she needs to find alternate care arrangements for her child. Do you have a contract with the parents? Not sure of the agreements you have. I always had a 2 week trial period where either one of us could end it without duress. After that it was a 2 week notice.

Mrs Furious said...

We have no contract or binding agreement. I'm hoping she works her attitude out over the next day or two... she is obviously not used to anyone setting any limits. If things are still strained after that then I'll tell her she has until the break (she wants two weeks of xmas off anyway). I've got someone else who wants in in January and I'd rather have them. We'll see. But on a daily basis I don't need the aggravation. Everyone else I'm working with is great. Plus I think if she's all pissy it is going to make her baby nervous about being left with me... it just seems bad.

julie said...

Yeah, this one has got to go.

trifitmom said...

why r you charging so little ? i pay a sitter 10 bucks an are a mother with experience ?? ?

Mrs Furious said...

you are 100% right. I've been mad at myself for not having made one (with this woman in particular).

Because I'm a masochist. ;)

Mrs Furious said...

oops I posted that on the wrong comment thread.

if her kid weren't so easy going I'd have fired her today. She has weird tude again at pick up and you can tell she thinks I'm ripping her off.

wootini said...

WTF?? Are you kidding me - again this afternoon? Hello... do not piss off your childcare provider!

She is crazy.

I would be thrilled to have you watch my kids...

inkelywinkely said...

I know this type of woman. I have dealt with her before. (in fact, the one with the whole theft of a potty chair report was like that)

Just be careful. if you end it, things can *easily* turn vindictive for those women..suddenly there is something you have done, or you have, or her child has that is YOUR FAULT. Some way for her to insert herself into your life to "have the last laugh" so to speak so she doesn't feel like such an ass for messing things up herself. She will NEED to blame you.

I hate you have to deal with this woman. Want me to drive up from Louisiana and give her an old fashion country girl whoopin'? LOL

Mr Furious said...

It's too bad the baby is adorable. She and the other baby (boy) are a delight to have in the house in the morning.

Of course, those fifteen minutes I see them to get my smile on, then I'm off to work.

Probably not "a delight" for Mrs F. the rest of the day...

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