Saturday, December 12, 2009

Celebrating The Season With Baby

She's right you know. A *natural* Santa impersonator lives over there.... which provides a hilarious wrinkle in Kid's ever questioning mind these days. Even in July he sports his long white hair & beard. He is always wearing a red henley long underwear shirt and he drives a red pick up truck with a SANTA license plate and a "Got Toys?" bumper sticker.


Marie said...

How freakin cute is she?!? I love how she has the whole Santa thing worked out..and how perfect that he lives across the street! Poor Kid...her mind must be going a million miles a minute trying to work that all out..the real vs not, yet there he is...hmmm....

inkelywinkely said...

Yeah, there is no fooling Punk. He went to school and told everyone there was no Santa...and that your parents buy the gifts..some kid gasped and said, "You won't get any presents for saying that!"

and then...drum roll please...

"Well, I always get toys for Christmas because MY parents love, when you get crappy toys ask yours why they don't know what you like since you live with them both." hahahahahaha

Yes, it is fun sometimes living with an evil genius.

blander said...

1. how cool that she's going to grow up thinking santa lived next door to her for a little while!?
2. I wonder if she would have sung Jingle Bells for about an hour if you hadn't sort of stopped her.
3. She is DEFINITELY her sister's sister. I've never met either of them and they are both equally adorable and charismatic. TOO CUTE!

gooddog said...

ooops. again, blander is me. but neve call me bland. ;)

katieo said...

It's Thomas with long hair!

Seriously, that part at the beginning where she says something like, "no, an orange for youuuu" is HIM. EXACTLY.

Aaron and I were just saying the other day that this age (I know he's a little older than Baby) is so fun. When he's not acting the part of evil dictator, he is just pure adorable sugar. Merry Christmas Baby! (Does Santa know he's got two little admirers across the street?)

Preppy Mama said...

Oh that is so precious!!

Kiki said...

I love Baby's sweet voice...cutest run ever.....I swear you guys do have the cutest kids!

Brina said...

sorry that earlier deleted comment was me - i hate typos to the sense that they make a comment gibberish!

what i meant to say was that she's absolutely adorable! ...and that bow totally made my heart melt too :)

Mr Furious said...

I love how she has the whole Santa thing worked out..and how perfect that he lives across the street!

That's the best part—Santa actually DOES live across the street!

Has Mrs F ever mentioned this before? Our across-the-street-neighbor is a big jolly old man with long hair and a santa beard. He works it all the way. His license plate is "SANTA" and any kid would naturally assume that he is Santa in Clark Kent-mode.

Mrs Furious said...

It's good and bad. Baby just accepts that he is Santa. Kid is dealing with if he is Santa or if he is a fake Santa and if he's fake... then... that lets in more doubts that there is no Santa. Several school mates no longer believe.

Oh there is a part two video where she continues to sing it. I just wish she wouldn't start shoving her "microphone" in her mouth as soon as I start taping her! I thought it would be too mumbled to hear once I put it up.

you don't have to tell me... anytime I read about Thomas I can't get over how similar they are. They are each other's male/female counterpart. It's hilarious to me.

I don't even know where she picked up the bow thing. I was totally shocked when she did it. Too cute.

Mr F,
you obviously didn't read the post ;)

Oh thank you.

Slightly less precious when you know that she was up at 11 PM doing that video. When she gets her schedule all messed up it is a mixed blessing... she is in the BEST mood ever... and yet... it is 11 PM. ;)

Mrs Furious said...

I'm just glad Punk isn't in Kid's class. ;)
We're doing everything we can to keep the dream alive for a bit longer.

julie said...

so cute.

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