Friday, January 8, 2010

Bitch Fest Friday

Cause I'm that kinda girl.

As for me... this week has actually been an awesome week.  For some reason (cosmic I'm sure) one baby never showed up this week.  The other one I said I couldn't watch.  Leaving me with the mean mom (but half time half time schedule and awesome baby) and the once a week toddler.  It's perfect.  I'll be keeping them until our situation changes.  It's enough money to pay for groceries and that's not nothin'.  

Mr F sold his car, but for some reason (cosmic I'm sure) the buyer never came to get it.  Which is good... because... he needs his car.  And, now, when/if we move he can re-list it at a higher price and just sell it like a normal person.  No more hate mail (I hope).

Plus I got my haircut this week and it looks fantastic.  Usually I walk out of there and look like I just escaped a prison camp for a couple of days until it grows into itself.  Don't get me wrong, she's a good hair cutter, but dude... she is not a good stylist.  

In other awesomeness today is a snow day. This time I took the snow warning seriously and went to the grocery store. My new snow storm motto is:  "It's better to be prepared than to have No power, No heat, and No brownie bars".  

It also means I don't have to babysit and I can spend the day slowly putting away our Christmas decorations and trying to untangle lights and ribbon off our petrified tree.  Fun!

Oh and today is the final interview.  Just sayin'

Okay enough of that positive stuff.  And back to the bitching!

Have at it.


Marie said...

No bitch fest today. I feel better (finally!) after the thyroid surgery and my results came back NEGATIVE!! NO CANCER!!!! WOO-HOOOO!!!!!!

How can I complain about anything w/ news like that! Maybe its just a cosmic-ally good day...(and fingers crossed for Mr F)!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh Marie I'm so happy to hear that! What a relief... I can't even imagine how that kind of stress has been hanging over you.

I made him change his outfit three times. It's very hard to settle on a good casual interview lunch look...

dasnowz said...

i had some good cosmic stuff and one major bad. I spent 5 days at Disneyland!! It was awesome! bad was coming back home. I can't stand the guy who bought the house next to us. Yes we are moving due to him. He keeps blocking our driveway so we cannot come or go. He tore out our fence line hedges. when I got out there to stop him it was half done. so now we have have half a fence line. the bad is he got the part between the houses done first. now i have a view of his ugly 1960's green house from my kitchen.
coming home undid some of the good from our trip. we are quite possibly relocating to so cal!! looked into colleges, jobs, and housing while we were there. it looks promising!!

have fun on your snow day. it looks like we won't have any this year :-(

P/F said...

I'd much rather see an awesome fest friday! I've managed to stay on plan all week, and even fit in an extra workout yesterday, Plus - the kids volunteered to shovel the driveway last night (even though Tom and both have a sick love of shoveling snow and fight over who GETS to shovel).

My one bitch: 'responsible' kid assured me upon my asking numerous times that his book report wasn't due until next week. Then at 8:15 last night told me that it was due today, and that he forgot to tell me about it when he remembered earlier in the week. I'm over it, but he'll be pissed at me all weekend when he can't play his new video game.

Mrs Furious said...

ugh I hate neighbor stuff. A very similar thing just went down on our rear fence/back neighbor. We had a secluded back we look straight into their parking alley.

Good luck with So Cal. I hope it all comes together for you!

good job staying on track! I sucked it up and started weighing and measuring and counting again. God only knows how much I was eating since I'm just now down to around 1700-1800 and BELIEVE me it is a noticeable decrease in consumption ;)
Mr F also has the sick love of snow shoveling. And I have to confess that it does kind of make you feel like a bad ass when you're doing it.. it's kind of addictive.
Oh book reports! I forgot about those. Kid is not at that level yet... she is not going to be a fan.
Still thinking about homeschooling next year?

inkelywinkely said...

Well, I will have to tell you later. I actually had a decent day so far. But... Punk is coming to the house after school today for the weekend, it will be in the teens with high humidity, our water will be cut off and drained to prevent it from freezing (until morning at least), and I may have to deal with more company during that point.
I awoke this morning and starting reading my book to get me into a good mood, and so far it has yeah, wish me luck.

G in Berlin said...

Thinking good thoughts your way.

P.O.M. said...

It looks like bitch-fest is turning into 'happy days are here again.'

I don't have much to bitch about except not being able to fit in my size 4 pants today. But that's my own darn fault. And the butterscotch cookies I have lived on are totally worth it.

HC said...

Hey Mrs. F,

Nothing to bitch about at the moment, but something funny to share. My colleagues (and boss) and I were just meeting with a potential new vendor, and since I'm the techy girl I always just set up my laptop and let them use it for powerpoint stuff. I also recently set up iGoogle as my homepage, and included my Google Reader list, so I see all the new blog posts... and low and behold, what poppped up when the vendor went to use the wireless connection?

"Bitch Fest Friday"

Nice and big and centrally located! :)


Elizabeth said...

Yesterday I took a shower, then the cold water tap Would. Not. Shut. Off.

Had to shut Chihuahua into kitchen, plumber came while I was at work, when I got home the water was still off.

I make some calls, they check some things out, turns out a water main broke due to the construction at the end of my road.

This morning my tire looked 'almost flat' I crossed my fingers and drove into work (because the closest gas station with air is no closer so I figured I'd go after work)

Got the rumbling noises, slowed waaay down. then there was smoke and burning and bits of my tire on the road.

Called AAA which was HILARIOUS seeing as I don't live in the same state as my 'coverage' so the lady kept asking me things like "route 54 does taht have another name" and "the cross street is 15-501 does THAT have another name?"

For the LOVE OF PETE, anyone who lives ANYWHERE NEAR HERE knows what that is.

Its like asking "15 mile, where is that?" in the Detroit Area. EVERYONE KNOWS.

Then I locked my keys in my car. Seriously.

Now I have two! (don't ask) new tires, and I got to spend an hour and a half shopping. At least half of that was in Trader Joes.

Here's hoping the shit is over, because I'm driving to charlotte tomorrow for a Medieval Event, and my dress is (mostly) finished and fabulous.

Mrs Furious said...

hahaha... just be thankful it wasn't Nude Fest ;)

I agree it's kind of fun to get a little fat over the holidays... and it re-motivates;)

" it will be in the teens with high humidity"
So maybe you'll have snow?!

G in Berlin,

Mrs Furious said...

Well that was a train wreck of a morning! Except the TJs part which I'm still missing.
" I'm driving to charlotte tomorrow for a Medieval Event, and my dress is (mostly) finished and fabulous."
Fun. Send me a picture.

AT22 said...

1. was at work much later than expected or wanted yesterday after looking forward to leaving early.
2. staying late made me miss my workout.
3. whereupon coming home late I managed to twist my knee and am hoping that i did not RE-tear my ACL.
4. so now I can't really do much meaningful working out at all (even though I'll try) and I can't see the doctor until the 18th.
5. my house is in shambles as it is under construction, constant dust, and snow slowing them down.

inkelywinkely said...

Yeah, I am crossing my fingers for snow. :)

Mrs Furious said...

it went well. We'll know in a week or so it seems. Gah!!!

Mrs Furious said...



I hope your knee is alright! I know how frustrating it is to have an injury thwart your exercise plans.

trifitmom said...

so glad to hear some good news, and marie - your news is the bEST !!

the only thing i can bitch about is that i am the treasurer of a non profit and they need finacial reports and we don't use quick books and it is all manual and i am trying to produce somethign but i need answers and i am not getting any, and for a volunteer job it is pissing me the eff off as I would prefer to spend my time and energy on my kids - and trying to help my 5 year old and her kindergarten entering - i want to make sure she gets a 504 due to her spd and ocd....

Mrs Furious said...

I hate when people who you are trying to help make helping hard. That 's why this year I'm not volunteering for jack ;)

good luck with the 504

wootini said...

Glad to see some good news too!

My bad news is a holdover from Christmas week - my last surviving and most favorite grandmother passed away on Christmas Eve day after a sudden and very unexpected illness (at 86 she was still living on her own, driving, very vibrant).

So this is the 2nd year in a row we have had a funeral on the first weekend of the New Year (last year, my dad's mom died 3 days after Christmas).

So this week, I'm still very sad and missing my Gran, and also feeling guilty that we didn't go visit more in the past couple of years... as the kids got older and busier it just got harder, and with work, and I always thought there would be more time. Not so. If you still have your grandma, call her tonight and tell her you love her!


P/F said...

"...I sucked it up and started weighing and measuring and counting again." I can't count calories for the whole day or it brings out really obsessive tendencies in me. So, I don't know how many calories I'm eating, but I've noticed how much I WAS eating between meals - yuck!

"...Still thinking about homeschooling next year?"
Right now I don't know what we're doing next year. Tom got a crazy job offer that we'll find out more about at the end of Jan. I don't know if it will work out, or where we'll be - but if it's a new town, I don't know if I should send them to school or not. I'd like to go back to get a Physical Therapy degree - so we'll see. But I love the idea of homeschooling them so that we could get a ski pass and a crappy place during ski season - ski for a couple of hours a day - maybe get them interested in X-Country skiing. There's just not enough time with the traditional school schedule.

One thing's for sure, when our friends asked if I was ready for the kids to go back after the holidays, I really wasn't. They were actually fun to have around, and I wasn't looking forward to the 4hrs/day that I spend taking them to school and bringing them home.

How'd the final interview go? Fingers crossed.

Also - 3 workouts today!!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I am so so sorry to hear about your grandmother. My grandmother (nearly died last year but revived) is 97 tomorrow... so I know that it could be any day. Must be so hard to have it come so unexpectedly.

3 workouts?! wowza.
I'm with you on the enjoying the kids at home... it's still on the table for me but of course how everything goes down will have a lot to do with what I decide.
Things seemed to go well on the interview. There was talk that could definitely be interpreted in a positive way... but... we'll see. Should hear the word next week. I'm excited and nervous. Lots of upheaval, which is hard to get excited about even when you know you'll enjoy the outcome!

running2me said...

Hmmm...not to be all deathy but I went to Johns Hopkins today for a 2nd opinion on my brain tumor!
Opinion is: Yes! You do indeed have one. No, we don't know what's going to happen!
I'm fine--I've been dealing with it for years. I can joke about it.
It's just really real today, I guess.
Other than that, all's great! one kid goes back to college this weekend and my stepson went back to his mom's. (YAY) My youngest got her period last night which explains some of the mood spazzing she's been having.
Melissa (formerly Ms. Flusterate)

Mrs Furious said...

Oh Jesus! I'm sorry.
"which explains some of the mood spazzing she's been having"
lol... can't wait for that shit to start going down around here.

Deb said...

I'm glad it went well! I hope it comes through!!

Kiki said...

I don't have a bitch...shocking...but a question the job there in Asheville??? Can you say??

I just typed the longest comment ever, reread it and deleted...why I feel the need to leave the longest comments known to man is beyond me!!!

Mrs Furious said...

The job is in Ann Arbor! Which is crazy crazy craziness. Mr F and I have been obsessively looking at houses online all night.. I'm making myself sick...

Me too!

Tina said...



That is a nasty word to a true child care provider...don't even get me started!

Claire said...

Went to my Dr.'s at 3:15 pm because I feel so awful and didn't get to leave until 8 pm - I was the last patient. Fortunately I had a good book to read but I'm sore from sitting so long - I have a sinus infection - he prescribed a Z-Pak and Nasonex - hopefully I'll start to feel better once the meds get going. This is my first week after being laid off from work.

Kiki said...

Wow!!! I know how happy that would make you!!! We just got back from a weekend trip to Charlotte and I am in love with it there....except for no ocean I would totally consider relocating myself. Alas, Ken won't move from the beach even though there is a really big lake there....{{sigh}}even the housing was amazing there!

Well let us know as soon as you know, I'll keep a good thought for you all until you know!!!

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