Monday, January 4, 2010

This Week The Plan

Wow remember those posts?! Yeah... I'm bringing it back, which is probably the best indicator of how much more in control I'm feeling.

I'll be back with the plan.

First, I'm resting on the couch watching Little Women (a version I've never seen before... but is there a bad one?!), and refilling tea party necessities.

Which brings us to 2010 New Year's Resolution #2...

More Tea Parties
(I'm absolutely serious)


Sunday - Shepherd's pie

Monday- pan seared pork chops, steamed broc & carrots, frozen pepper & potato mix

Tuesday- Spaghetti pie (ala Cook's Country), broccoli 

Wednesday- Salmon, rice pilaf, vegetable saute

Thursday- Beef Stroganoff (from freezer), egg noodles, peas

Friday- Pizza, salad, carrot sticks

Saturday- Quesadillas and pineapple salsa

To not eat like a pig.


Elizabeth said...

that version is supposedly fabulous! I mean Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Astor, and other people whose names are vaguely familiar? How can you loose?

And more Tea Parties in 2010? I think that fulfills my new years resolution (Which is, as last year "to be more awesome") must do this myself. (although I'm sure your resolution has more to do with quality time with the girls, and mine with just wanting to be cool)

They're so cute!

G in Berlin said...

Yeah on Resolution #2. My resolution was fewer swimming classes, more teaching my older daughter to read, and earlier to bed.

Marie said...

More tea parties is DEFINITELY a great resolution! We are planning on having more indoor picnics...they are great and I don't know why we do them so seldom!

P.O.M. said...

Happy new year Mrs. F. I was "offline" for 2 weeks and LOVED it. But now I'm pretty much caught up with ya. I had a similar cookie-decorating with my nieces that involved many germs, snot and probably even a little throw up. Good times though.

Kiki said...

More tea parties is never a bad thing and Little Women...there is never a bad version of that movie!!! Loving that "The Plan" is making a comeback!!!!

Andrea said...

yeah "This Week The Plan" has made a come back, one of my biggest goals is to make a menu each week for 2010.

inkelywinkely said...

Aw, I so miss those posts... I have been trying to commit to sicking to my menu and such by emailing it to people..LOL..but no one I know wants to hear it..out here menu planning is virtually unheard of (of course, no one can figure out how I can spend less than 50 bucks per week for EVERYTHING either, so, yeah)...

Would you mind if I commented with mine on the days you make these posts?

And, do you have a certain recipe for the pizza? I have a decent pizza crust but it makes far far too much for us.

Oh, and that version is actually pretty neato.. I always liked looking at their Christmas tree with the little candles on it. :)

(One day I hope to have a daughter so we can have tea parties..Punk has never been into anything like that- too girly.)

Staci said...

Quick question for you...I see today (Tuesday) you are having spaghetti pie (ala Cook's Country)

Do you have that cookbook? My husband is in love with PBS's Test Kitchen & Cook's Country shows. We are looking to get a few new cookbooks & Cook's Country was one of them.

Thanks for any recommendations! :)

Mrs Furious said...

I don't have the cookbook but I have a subscription to the magazine. I LOVE IT. I liked Cooks Illustrated too but I think the recipes they do in CC are more practical and a lot faster to make. So I'd recommend the cookbook. They have lots of 30 min dinners.

Mrs Furious said...

I think being more awesome is a hilarious/awesome resolution. Oh God that makes me laugh yet also want to do it..

I need to make getting more sleep a resolution too.

"snot and probably even a little throw up"
LOL... yummy!

that's the thing tea parties are great, the kids love them, and it really isn't that much work... why don't I do it more? So now I am.

It might have ended up being my favorite version!
I'm glad the Plan is back too... it's good.
Miss you!

It's a good goal. It really does make a huge difference when I do it.

sure just copy your menu into your comment.
I hope you get to have tea parties soon!

Staci said...

Thank you so much! Sounds like exactly what we are looking for!

inkelywinkely said...

My menu this week:

Tonight: Double cheeseburgers (fast food style), fries
Wednesday: steak taquitos, saffron rice, refried beans, southwestern blend veggies
Thursday: leftovers
Friday: chicken fried steak, mashers and gravy, corn
Saturday: leftovers
If you notice, I do two days of the same meal most weeks. It makes for a cheaper grocery trip, plus keeps me accountable to how much I can or can't eat as there HAVE to be leftovers left. LOL..
Oh, and I plan my menu and grocery lists usually three weeks at the time.

(if you want any recipes, lemme know. None of them cost over 5 bucks for two days worth.)

Mrs Furious said...

I do the same thing. I cook exactly what we need for the number of meals and immediately set aside the other portion so we don't eat more than one meals worth. It's a great way to limit calories without really even having to think about it.

P.O.M. said...

Mrs. F - I had another dream about you. I think this is the 3rd total. This one - I was at your house and your whole family was there for some sort of religous ceremony (funeral, I think) and wearing weird hats.

BTW - what was that last book you recommended? After the Prine series. You said it was a thick one.

Mrs Furious said...

Angle Of Repose by Wallace Stegner

Mrs Furious said...

oh and freaky about the funeral/weird hats.... hmm...

P/F said...

I'm glad to see the plan back. I know that I'm not there yet for a weekly menu plan, but if I can just plan our meals for the day, I'm happy.

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