Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fashion Emergency


Marie said...

RETURN THE BOOTS!!! Nothings worse than having the "almost perfect" shoes..cause then you cant justify buying ones that actually are perfect yet you'll never wear those because they're not. And the slightly too me, its not that annoying at first, but after a time or two (or walking more than you thought) it is "chuck them in the trash and walk barefoot" type annoying!

Plus, if they're 155 now and you paid 175, you'll get 20 bucks back..perhaps the start to a nice pair of jeans?? :)

katieo said...

oh yeah, take 'em back.

I went through a similar dilemma a little while ago, returning that dress that I didn't really love. I was out the other day and found a dress I fell in love with. LOVE. Tried it on, fit like a dream. $35. I am SO happy and so glad I didn't settle, even if it meant going that long without. My money paid for a dress I love and will wear every chance I get....not something that'll sit in my closet and bug me. It's hard though. I second guess myself all the time...especially with my SEVERELY limited time to actually get out and shop.

Oh, and I have two pair of boots (black and brown). Both have a relatively low heel but are still cute. I wear them ALL THE TIME. skirts, jeans, dresses. They're awesome. If I had lots of money, I'd have lots of pairs of boots. Easy way to spruce up a blah outfit.

(and dude. I popped over to Kiki's blog the other day. All I have to say is that I am planning a trip to the Gap this weekend. she looks fantastic. :)

Mrs Furious said...

Thank you ladies! That is the encouragement I needed. I hate to make a returns especially when it is a salesperson deal where you know they'll be there tomorrow when I go back. But I really think he talked me into a pair that is too big... outside of the fact that they are damaged. I tried on other boots that didn't fit in the calf but fit much better in the foot so it's ridiculous for me to settle on these when they are so expensive.

P/F said...

I'm glad that you're taking them back. I've been on coveting boots, but I'm too lazy to order them and have to return them if they don't work. But with free overnight shipping, I might risk it.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm making Mr F return them. ;)

lindalou said...

return the boots, if there is a problem with them!! no one will take it as personally as you think, and you will be nice and kind and all of that. if your foot moves around in them now, and then they stretch out, which they'll never wear them.
so, get the new price, be nice, smile and it will all work out. i return things and if you're nice and respectful, you'll get the same in return. and we all know that you are so nice, and the new boots will look slammin' hot on you!!

Kiki said...


That said shoes MUST be comfortable (not to me, I torture my feet) but when I am not working these toesies are pampered!!! I'm so glad you are returning them...but don't give up the hunt! I was on and they have TONS of cute boots...I had trouble resisting!!

Treat yourself Mrs. F...every mommy deserves to feel beautiful and you already are. Inside and out!!! XO!

Mrs Furious said...

Of course you get a shout out!! You look amazing and are inspiring me to work harder. How's that for returning the favor? :)

I am a total freak. I don't know why I let something like returning a pair of boots affect me like I do. It's absolutely crazy. I feel like I need to have an air tight alibi!

gooddog said...

oh girl. I hope you got rid of the boots. I just got an amazing pair at Macy's on clearance from 150 to 37. 37 freaking dollars! they are comfy and I waited about 2 years to find something I loved so I appreciate them that much more.

I hope you get to get some clothes you feel good about soon. It's not a treat... it's mandatory. Staying with your kids (and now watchings other's too) IS YOUR JOB. You don't have to have $300 suits to do it but decent clothes really are OK.

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