Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Going To Miss This

This coming home from school and putting on a crown before sitting down to do homework. This age that is both older but unselfconsciously true to itself. Knowledgeable but still magical.


Anonymous said...

I really should start wearing a crown when I clean the house... I'm sure it would feel less like work! I think she's on to something...

Anonymous said...

Whoa is that some serious cuteness!!!

You know, she might keep up the habit for a long time. My college age daughter had me send her her tiara so she could wear it at school. She has always been a bit "different" but in a wonderful way!


Elizabeth said...

That is awesome. Kid is quite the fabulous person.

Interestingly, I was just looking at someone's art who does crown type things.

I may have to make some! (what shall I be queen of? what would you like to be queen of? I should make one for Mame shouldn't I? oh I get so ambitiously full of ideas sometimes!)

Elizabeth said...

p.s. This week has been rough, I may have just broken into the Emergency Beverage (for 21+only!) shortly before posting.

Mrs Furious said...

I was wondering about you since you haven't been by this week. Thank God for emergency beverages ;)

Absolutely you must make Mame a crown. I am queen of eyebrows of course ;)

Ha! Take pictures.

#1 I think it is hilarious that she had a tiara to begin with!
#2 I always think it's awesome when someone has the confidence to express their spirit through their appearance. Good work mom!

Loralei said...

I think I need a crown...

Deb said...

What a gorgeous post, Mrs. F. You captured her age and spirit perfectly.

trifitmom said...

so last night i had a dream we meet but we didn't realize it. we were in disney and for some reason many people wound up in a cheap motel where pickle juice was flooding the hotel. there were like 10 families to one room and it was pouring rain. i was trying to convince hubby it was not a good idea to stay. somehow after this i can't recall what was going on but you came to the door and i said guess who i am - i knew it was you b/c i have seen your photos but u didn't know me. we laughed. strange hhuh ?

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, last Thursday my boss said that the way I said good morning and asked her how she was (you know, every morning I used to say "good morning." and she'd say "good morning" and then I'd say "how are you?" and she'd shoot me a dirty look and say "fine.") was DRIVING HER CRAZY because I once told her that mornings were difficult for me and that therefore I was being fake and contrived!

yeah... I felt pretty angry/shitty about that for a few days. Infact I"m still angry.

there will be meetings. Because this is unacceptable levels of crazy as far as I'm concerned.

Mrs Furious said...

uh... she's fucking insane.

what is up with the pickle juice?!
Let's meet at a 4 star hotel in Orlando instead. ;) Next fall. Mark your calendar.

Considering your job I think if would be especially funny (inappropriate funny) if you wore a crown at work.

Thanks. 7 is awesome and difficult... get ready. Lots of talking back ;)

P.O.M. said...

Your pics of the girls always make me miss my neices.. BUT i'm going to see them tonight. The little sis is turning 2 (big sis is 4).

Isn't it crazy that people dream about you that don't know you personally??? I know I've had a few. So weird. I guess that just goes to show how you've touched so many people thru this media.

Mrs Furious said...

Enjoy your nieces!

Why wouldn't people dream about me?... that's the real question! ;)
I love it. I makes me think that our online friendships are as real as offline ones are.

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