Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That's Not Too Much To Ask... Right?

Today when I was buckling Baby into her carseat she asked for her pacie.

"Say please mommy, please mommy, please please please." I said busting a out a good beat.

"Peas mommy, peas mommy, peas peas peas." Baby repeated.

"Say Mom is the bomb, she's the bomb." I add.

"Mom es da bomb, see's da bomb." Baby repeated.

"Say Mom is hot, she's so hot." I say, fearing I've pressed my luck.

"Mom es hot, see's so hot." Baby dutifully continues.

"Okay." I say satisfied and toss her the pacie.

We both drove off perfectly happy.


inkelywinkely said...

hahahahha!! That is priceless! I will have to try it the next go 'round, huh?

Mrs. Smitty said...

She's so cute. When the Things want their pacis I just get "PACI! PACI! PACI! peeeeeaaaasss!" Followed by screams. Not nearly as cute.

but on the cute side - and this does not relate to your post at all but I want to share - Thing 1 hurt himself yesterday and while he's crying Thing 2 toddles up and stares at him. I say "Thing 1 hurt himself" Thing 2 then starts to stroke Thing 1's head and gives him a kiss. Sweetest unprompted damn thing I've ever seen. And then mommy got a kiss too, from each of them. Heart melting...

Mrs Furious said...

Hey inkely,
I got your email last night. Mr F & I are appalled. I'll try and email you back tonight!

Mrs Smitty,
That is adorable. sib on sib loving is awesome and makes it all seem worthwhile.

inkelywinkely said...

I sent you an update today..finally some good news. :)

BsOnlyToots said...

Bahahahahahaha LOVE it! Anything for a paci! I mean, not, that you are not a hot bomb! :D

Rah said...

hahaha how cute:)

this is so off topic but had a quick question. i finished a project-posted it on my blog today-and i was thinking of the stars that you made at christmas. my project was not for christmas but made me want to make some things to use as decorations for next year. i was just wondering if the stars that you made were easy to package and keep in tact for next year or were they more of a one time use?

Mrs Furious said...

I didn't pack mine up yet. I took everything else down but figure they're "winter" so they're up for awhile yet. I did put a whole bunch in a paper bag to transport for Kid's performance and they went in and came out in perfect condition. They take up quite a bit of room... but I got 4 of the medium sized (about 14" diameter) in one bag and I would pack them that way for storing.

Deb said...

Validation is tough to come by as a SAHM. I can identify. I may try this tomorrow when my big kid is begging me to find the mommy from his dollhouse (which I think I'll hide tonight).

On a separate note, "...sib on sib loving is awesome and makes it all seem worthwhile."

Seem. I snickered. Because SEEM is so right on some days, and this has been one of those days.

Mrs Furious said...

Yeah when I wrote that I thought ...hmm that doesn't sound totally right... and yet isn't that when the truth comes out ;)

gooddog said...

I make mine chant in unison, "you are the best mom in the whole wide world" before doing something super nice... like going through the McDs drive-thru to secretly make my life esier. I'm ging to try the rap with different words next time. Love it!

julie said...

I totally do this with Murphy (not over a pacifier though...God, I wish it was socially acceptable to give an 8 year old a pacifier.) Hey, we got to boost our ego someway.

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