Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh Yeah Feel Free to Post Your Bitch Fest Friday Here... but first weigh in on the pants

This is what I looked like today. And Last Friday thru Sunday if you want the truth. I like to think in person the shirt looks a lot more nautical and a lot less psychedelic... but... I'm not pretending it's flattering.

Yes I know... horizontal stripes. $7. That's all I can say about that. And it's crazy soft. Oh and I do have a gorgeous coat... so... no one really sees it.

Here is my $15 makeover courtesy of my closet and a new pair of pants I found at Marshall's.

Here is the issue.. just like the pants above they are petites. Do we think they are too short? They did not have them in regular length...which would have been too long and required tailoring which kind of negates the whole affordability factor. Obviously I have to wear them with flats, that's fine. The other issue is the wide leg cut. I'm not typically a fan since it adds weight I don't have. And being short that is a factor. But at Marshall's beggars can't be choosers. In the end I think... does it look better than yoga pants? Cause they are only $15 and I actually will wear them around the house. So I'm thinking I should keep them.


lindalou said...

LOVE the colors and the pants look comfy and really nice, but i fear they will become too short after washing and drying them and you already have flats on...but for 15 bucks!! tough decision!!

Torey said...

I like the pants. and the whole outfit. the length and width make you look sporty. like, on-the-go, business casual.

now, Beta (9 months) had pneumonia in October. she's been on again/off again sick since then. we just made it through a HORRIBLE cold that almost landed us in the hospital again, and an ear infection that required antibiotics that make her so sick we narrowly escaped dehydration.

Last Tuesday (1.5 weeks ago) in the midst of all this, she was supposed to get her first DTaP shot, but couldn't because she was too sick.

She was finally on the mend. Guess who was exposed to PERTUSSIS this past Tuesday? BETA!!!!!!

Kill me.

AT22 said...

My vote: Cute. Maybe just dry flat so no issues with length shrinkage. And they aren't too wide-leggy.

funderson said...

I think they look splendid

Mrs. Smitty said...

I never used to like wide legged pants either because I'm short but have grown to like them, with the right outfit. They are comfy. And I think they look good on you. And you can't beat the comfort factor.

Also, I never dry anything that fits me right all the way anymore. I dry it part way in the dryer and then hang it up. Also has cut down on ironing. I would recommend it if you are worried about the pants.

tecoloteranch said...

The pants are good but will totally shrink in the wash and get too short. You're one of those petites with long legs, so you are kind of doomed to hemming your pants to get that exact right inseam. They aren't too wide, though. Much, much better than the yoga, though. Keep 'em.

running2me said...

I have the same problem with pants, being a shortie myself! And loss to shrinkage has been an issue. Pants that looked nice rose higher and higher. But, if you are comfortable in them and are OK with a little bit of a rise ($15!), I say keep 'em and try and prevent the shrinkage.

My gripe: I am in my 3rd week of training for a marathon (it's been 10 years since I've run one) and my training was impressing even me and then BAM! I have an inflamed joint in my foot. I had a shot today, am on heavy duty anti-inflamatories and am basically in early stages of arthritis in my foot. Basically my dr. told me I'm getting old! haha!

No running for at least 2 weeks. I think it might be time to check out my local pilates studio. At least I can still use my elliptical.

Mrs Furious said...

Re: Bitch Fest...
Ugh. You have had the hardest time with Beta! I am so sorry to hear that she is sick again. Good God things have got to change for you guys soon!

Do the pilates! I have RA and had to get shots in my shoulders, physical therapy, the whole nine yards. Doing pilates (with a pilates trainer) regularly completely changed my pain level and made it much more bearable. I feel like it helped me strengthen muscles in a way that supported my joints better. It's worth a try.

Re: Pants...
Thanks for the input ladies!
I'm keeping the pants and I will NOT dry them. I was already thinking that they wouldn't make it though the dryer without becoming floods. I really hate being this in between size height wise. I'm just 5'3 and petite should fit me. Plus don't you all hate that petite sizes are actually smaller in the waist!?! Pisses me off every time! I don't feel like we get enough credit for that ;)

wootini said...

Like the pants! I'd just hang dry them if you are worried about shrinkage.

I'm de facto single parent for the next month... and all I am getting tonight is endless complaining about not enough playtime, etc. etc. Shoot me now.

Torey, I hope Beta is ok and feels better soon.

inkelywinkely said...

I like the yoga pants, but the bottom shirts.

Oh, and you know my bitch fest post..and I win. haha.. LOL.. Seriously, it CAN'T get worse than this..and if it did, I wouldn't be online after that, so...yeah.

BsOnlyToots said...

I vote keep the pants too! They dont add weight .. you can tell you arent heavy 'cause of the fitted shirt, si the actually just make your legs look skinnier to me cause they arent hugging them ... and I am not saying you have huge legs either ;P I have the same problem with pant lengths .. I usually just buy the reg length and let them shrink away, but if its only available in petites, I do the same no dry rules!

No bitching here .. that I can think of ...

julie said...

You look adorable in both photos! I really like the pants.

I'm too tired to bitch. Not that there isn't anything to bitch about. There's always something;)

Rah said...

i think the pants are super cute and i really love the shirt! you look great:)

Kiki said...

I love the pants, they look close, but if you only air dry them then you should be fine....I hate short pants! If you feel like the pants are a little wide leg-gy then you could get a pointy toe shoe that peeks out from under the pants, it will take away some of that width...that said, I didn't think they were too wide looking. I love the outfit, you look like cute lady on the go!!!

scout0033 said...

So I leave school at 9am with the 24 kids on my swim team. 2 1/2 hour ride to our competition. We lost. 5 of my top swimmers hadn't come because of SATs. My one top sprinter messes up his sprint because he forgot to close his mouth while diving, swallowed too much water, and started choking in the pool.
Yes, i raise my hand, I am the coach with the team of morons.
Half way home the bus suddenly slows down. way down. the driver glides over to the shoulder of the highway and the bus sputters and dies. We're calling the company and they says its going to be 2 hours to get a bus to us, then one drives by! (this is the silver liner to the story).
So that bus goes around and comes back to us. Now its a 50 seater. I have 25. The new bus already had 24 people on it. Not just any people:
24 senior citizens coming back from the casino. Oh yes, my friends this is my life.
So we run along the side of the highway and they were all sitting by themselves and instead of moving we all had to sit next to them. Little old ladies smelling of gin and baby powder.
So we spend an hour with them. answering the same stupid questions over and over "yes we are swimmers" "yes I know its winter out - we swim inside" "no we did not win our meet"
They leave us at a bus station where we get on a third bus - this one an empty school bus - to bounce our way home.
10 hours with my swimmers. I laugh at it all to keep from crying

halfdozendaily said...

I think the grey pants look nice.. :) I'm fairly tall (5'8") so I wear my pants touching the ground, but I think with flats those are cute. I only wear my yoga pants for yoga. lol! Once in a blue moon if I have to run out to the variety store, but 99.9% of the time i'm in jeans.

Mrs Furious said...

" he forgot to close his mouth while diving"
Oh God that had me laughing hysterically.
That is one crazy crazy day.

why are you de facto single parenting for a month?!

ladies I kept them. Wore them today. Crazy comfortable. They are Dockers (jaelynn pant) cannot recommend the tummy control aspect of these enough. Crazy flattering without looking all mom jean and high waisted. I'll be looking for these in the regular length in khaki.

inkelywinkely said...

Okay, crazy comfortable tummy control jeans, slacks, etc.... you have to try these:

They are crazy expensive, at like 91 bucks a pop...but omg, so comfy..I want some so badly!!

They are called "not your daughter's jeans"...maybe you can find them online cheaper.

AT22 said...

You are right about the petite sizes. We aren't *that* much smaller (Well, many of us) and especially the leg/waist area. I do appreciate the sleeve lengths and slightly narrower shoulders.

I went to the Gap yesterday and tried jeans. WTF is up with the sizing? A size 4 (let's say) in most styles (not just jeans) were two inches too big (in the waist) in one style but I can't even get INTO a size 2 in another style?? Really? Why can't it just be consistent? I got so frustrated I just left. I'll be looking for these Dockers.

Mrs Furious said...

Yes I know exactly what you mean.
Try these out because I'm almost always between sizes myself and because of the stretch you could definitely go down a size and still get into them.

Elizabeth said...

oh... forgot to post because of the crazy.

Boss Lady was crazy in front of the work studies today. So witnesses! This is good!

I like the green/grey/whatever pants, you look comfy and slim in them.

scout/scotty/other names I could call you here but won't: bwahahahaha!

Deb said...

I love the outfit. I think the pants are great on you, and they don't make you look bigger. In fact, I think they're more flattering than the black ones. You know those skinny bitches whose pants always hang loosely on them? Occasionally, I'd like to be that skinny. Not all the time, but anorexia does have its place in fashion, and it would be great to pull of some of the outfits those tiny girls get to wear. This is a long way of saying THAT is how those pants are hanging on you. They are flattering, casual, and fun.

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