Friday, February 26, 2010

Bitch Fest Friday

Let it out.


HC said...

I hate snoooooooooooow!

My bitching is very winter-focused today.

Mrs Furious said...

It's been crazy cold and snowy here this winter too. Yesterday there was a biting wind and the girls were complaining and I said "Aren't you glad we're moving back to Michigan?!" And I felt a little panicky knowing we have signed on for much longer/harsher winters from now on. The (slightly) warmer winter temps are the only thing I've liked about Asheville.

HC said...

I can't even imagine a Michigan winter -- Boston winters were bad enough for me!

I shoveled for about an hour this morning, and now I'm lying down with a thermacare pack strapped to my lower back watching will and grace I really can't bitch all that much. I'm trying to look at the snow as a good workout and the cause of a surprise four-day weekend (work shut down)... but if this keeps up and I have to shovel another foot, I'm gonna lose perspective and go a little nutter butter.

P/F said...

I am tired of staying at home because I have no good reason to go out when the roads suck this week. I cannot justify a detour to the thrift store to browse for projects when I pass 9 cars stuck after sliding off of the road on the way to & from school today.

Also, being home bound makes me resent the things I have to do around here more, resulting in three loads of laundry not folded next to the couch at this moment.

BsOnlyToots said...

I am sick of this cold weather too! I live in FLORIDA for Pete's sake! When we bought our new car a few months ago and said something sarcastic about living in Florida and having seat warmers .. you bet my warm butt I have bee using those damn things daily!! I am also sick of having to cover plants outside with sheets & blankets to keep the safe from freeze!! FLORIDA is NOT supposed to be this cold!! I can't imagine what the rest of your guys are dealing with .. all that snow and slush scares me! :P

julie said...

Up here in Massachusetts, we've barely had any snow. That makes me mad. I like snow and I like to ski. What the hell is happening to our weather system. You guys down south have had more snow than us!

Here' my other bitch, I drove a half hour up to Trader Joe's, so pleased that I was forgoing a shower after kickboxing to squeeze in time to get a bunch of stuff we needed. WHat? Huh? Apparently the big RAIN storm we had knocked out power and they had a sign that said CLOSED. Annoying and odd. I mean, don't they have a freaking generator or something? So I wasted an hour of my day driving (all smelly and sweaty...not sure I can get a shower in before i pick up the kids, too) for no reason at all.

Grrrr....I really wanted to knock something off my 'to do list'.

trifitmom said...

i have a four letter word for you, and it ain't pretty..


Loralei said...

Well... I got laid off Monday morning because business is slow and the owner "won't allow" the manager to have a second funeral director. I was part-time as it was! (But I can still write pre-need policies (100% commission). If I have to hear "I thought a funeral director's job was recession proof." I'm going to have to smack somebody. I try to avoid discussing it at all costs. Not much out there for me right now (as I can't move), but have a couple of calls in, and I do have another place I can move my license to--and I'm even helping them (the place I can move my license to) at a Serbian Orthodox funeral tomorrow. Just that feeling needed and me wanting to help made me feel better about things.

Oh, and on my way home Monday, I thought "I wish there was a Bitch-fest Monday." :)

Claire said...

Last week I tripped over my laptop's power cord and pulled it rapidly to the floor as I ran to turn off the smoke alarm in my kitchen - no fire just a delayed reaction to my bacon cooking. The screen looks as though someone took a hammer to the screen internally and the mfg. says they can replace it for $200. I don't have it backed up and I haven't taken it to my son-in-law's to plug it in and see if I've lost my hard drive. I can only take one reality at a time.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that!
Serbian Orthodox funeral sounds interesting.

It has been the craziest weather year ever. Nuts.

"Also, being home bound makes me resent the things I have to do around here more"
word to that.

That sucks.
It is so weird that you all have been snow exempt when everyone else has had record snow this year.

I don't know that MI winters are much worse than Boston. I found NYC to be similar winter wise. Maybe Elizabeth will chime in.
And snow is an awesome workout. I mean it can kill... so... that's something. You don't hear about a whole bunch of people dying on the elliptical. ;)

Yeah I see you all are snowed in today.

Mrs Furious said...

I hope you haven't lost anything.

HC said...

"I mean it can kill... so... that's something."

Bahahaha... oh dude, that's damned funny.

In a related vein, my sweet 70-something neighbor came out to "help" me shovel, and despite me begging him not to, and assuring him that I loved shoveling and that it was not a problem at all, and that he should go inside and have a cup of tea, he insisted, which sent me into a furious, high-speed shoveling fit so that I would get it cleared before he could do too much. He only ended up shoveling about 3 square feet because he was busy gossiping about the neighborhood, while I busted out the rest of my huge driveway. It was so freaking adorable -- I love that guy.

Hey Julie -- was it the Needham TJ's? They pulled that shit on me a few winters ago too -- don't they realize we need our kitschy-packaged, organic snacks??? :)

Mrs Furious said...

" which sent me into a furious, high-speed shoveling fit so that I would get it cleared before he could do too much"
I can totally picture that. Awesome.

Me, Only Better said...

Mine are minor bitches...

I got into the MSW program, and hoped to do a course through the spring to lighten my load next year, which will be insane, but they are not going to allow me without a "good" reason. Hello? Are three kids not a good enough reason???

I am 7 weeks into a 14 week practicum, and my house is falling apart....

I am so tired of winter....

Sunshine said...

My turn - It's a fabulous doozy of a mess. I was co-owner of a business with my mother in law. Long story short, she read something I posted online that I thought was blocked to her. It wasn't ABOUT her, it was about hubby and I - anyway. Long story short, I have been out of work for a month now and will probably end up in court suing this 4letter word before it's over with. So of course now there are lots of extra bills popping up and I would love to (insert lots of mean things here) her. Oh yeah, and she disowned her son to boot. UGH.

I'm sick of the snow. Really sick of the snow.

Mrs Furious said...

hole canoli! I'm sorry. I know a little something about posting about your feelings and having your in laws lose their fucking minds. Thankfully we had no business connection. What a nightmare! I am so sorry. I hope you get everything you deserve out of it.

Me, Only Better,
Congrats on getting into the program! I am really surprised that they aren't being more lenient with your circumstances! Ugh.

Deb said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!! Fluke traffic? Fools!

Mrs Furious said...

tell me about it... in the words of Kid "traffic jam? Don't they know that happens like once a year not eighteen times a month?!"
It has been a hard blow today. It really seemed like we had done it again and had a one showing contract. They actually said they preferred our house but felt they needed to make the practical choice of living within 15 minutes of work. Stop toying with my emotions, I can't take it!! Of course we had those 2 showings and then no one has called to schedule one since then. It is going to kill me.

scout0033 said...

I could not post a compaint on Friday as we still have no power, heat, or lights. In my apartment that is ok - sure a pain but I have a fireplace and a warm dog to cuddle with.
In my classroom -not so fine. We did not get a snow day Wednesday. that would be the smart thing and we don't do the smart thing here in the military.
I needed a shovel to get my way into school. I had to teach my classes in the dark, with no heat. The other building (where the dean is) had heat and power. And anytime we called to ask why on Earth we were here - she said it would be fixed soon. HA HA HA. It is now Saturday morning and they just restored heat and power.
Someone out there with a little more experience tell me what I'm meant to teach 15 kids in the dark with no power? Stupid school, just give us the snow day!

Mrs Furious said...

that is unbelievable. That is outrageous.

michelline said...

I had surgery on 2/17 (belt lipectomy) and stupidly thought I was feeling well enough to go out to dinner and then do a bit of grocery shopping. Ha! I don't even have my drains out. So last night and all day today I've been paying for it. I feel SO stupid.

Andrea said...

is it to late because the shit hit the fan today Im so sick of hubbys employer I could scream literally. I cant go into details but holy shit I cant do this yoyo income anymore its up its down it now way down.I cant go to school now if I cant afford childcare damn I cant stand it.

Mrs Furious said...

ouch,ouch,ouch,ouch (cringing here)
rest up!

I feel you! I hope things work out for you guys.

Holly said...

OK so your Whine with That post showed up in my reader but isn't here so I'm putting my two (or possibly ten, once I get going) cents here.

If you can think of a way to clean less every day, don't. Seriously. By now you have probably requested 24 hours notice. In the event someone is dying to see the place and can't give you that long, say, "Okay, as long as they realize it's not going to be show ready." Then do the best you can in the time you have, and let it be enough. Any buyer who learns you watch any number of kids at the house and can't cut you some slack because they're in an all-fired rush is probably not someone you want to inflict on your neighbors anyway.

Every time we had a showing, I threw the cloth diaper bag in my trunk. You can do the same thing with the amazing mess kids can generate in 1.2 seconds, and it's way easier than putting everything Where It Belongs.

If your family's not anti-leftovers, cook a big pot of chili or whatever and eat off it for a few days so there's less mess. I bet your family will be fine with some food repetition if they get a saner mommy/wife.

Seriously. Take it easy on yourself! In my experience, there are far fewer gotta-see-it-now buyers than those who decide on a day a couple days in advance.

Our realtor also posted only a basic # of pictures on because she isn't a member. She hasn't seen enough interest come from there to bear the expense. I found the carousel picture thing on your realtor's site annoying, but awfully thorough. Our realtor doesn't believe in open houses because she says it only attracts neighbors and never sells a house. I disagree with that (and with the thing, actually) but so it goes.

Oh, and while I'm thinking of it, sorry for suggesting Dexter like you don't know AA. I read enough blogs that I'd forgotten you'd lived up there before.

End rant. :)

Mrs Furious said...

No we're still on a one hour notice... that has obviously been a big part of the stress for me. Especially with the early interest made me feel like it could be like that every day. Now after a few days with no showings I'm feeling more relaxed (kind of). I'm still trying to get the house as ready as possible in the morning so I can through it together if we need to. Our realtor strongly wanted us to be available.
RE: open houses and I find it frustrating since we found our first house through it's open house and our second through
I'm using exclusively to find our next house back in MI. I think for people relocating it is an indispensable tool and the more pictures the better... I am clearly drawn to those houses myself. I think my realtor (also not a member) feels like yours did ... that he hasn't seen it draw buyers but I think that is because they are only using a basic listing. So frustrating considering the commission he stands to make! He does not do an open house but does a realtor open house... that's fine I think that might work better. But I need him to do it! Mr F is bugging him about that today (I need to reserve my bugging for when he leaves!).
I'm just stressed because it's too much at once. Selling the house while taking care of kids=hard... doing without Mr F for 3 months = impossible. I have absolutely no support here. No friends or family that can give me even an hour break. Not to mention the taxes (complex due to businesses) and the continuing ed. It's too much. But it's what I've got to do.

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