Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good News

Well, people, we had two showings first thing this morning.


You know that when you are looking at a house and then someone else shows up to see it, it just makes you want to buy it.

People are competitive like that.

Well, it would make Mr F & I want to buy it.

The good news is that within 24 hours of the listing 2 families immediately wanted a showing. Which kind of validates our price point.

Especially since I saw one couple, that came 1st this morning, circling our house last night right before we got the call for the showing. That means they were interested even before they saw the inside. And the inside is nicer.

I don't want to get too confident. What are the chances that both of our houses would sell in the first showing?!

But I do feel validated.

I also feel like if I ever have to get the house ready to show first thing in the morning, with Mr F & the kids getting ready to leave at the same time, someone will die. And that someone will be Mr F.


Liz said...

Validation is everything! Hoping for a quick sale for you and getting the price you's going to happen.

HC said...

Your house looks so gorgeous in those photos -- I wouldn't be surprised if it gets snapped up (don't worry, I'm frantically knocking on a wooden surface).

Good luck!

Deb said...

Real estate agents should hire actors to show up and make legit buyers feel anxious about a house sale.

I hope you get an offer tonight (or a repeat showing, at a minimum).

Gigs said...

"And that someone will be Mr F"

LOL... I don't know how to make stuff italic here, but that cracked me up. Now that Canine has passed, Mr F is first on the chopping block!

I'm betting it goes fast. Such a cute little gem, that house of yours.

Mrs Furious said...

"Real estate agents should hire actors to show up and make legit buyers feel anxious about a house sale. "
That is hilarious.

I almost titled this post "Knock on Wood".

The waiting and wondering after a showing is almost unbearable! I really hope I don't have to go through this for very long... it's killing me.

"Now that Canine has passed, Mr F is first on the chopping block!"
lol... true enough.
I am really glad that he'll be gone during this process. This is one of those times when I can do it better myself. ADD helping is not always helpful.

Mrs Furious said...

Both parties are interesting and deciding if they are going to make offers!!! Fingers crossed!
And both realtors said our house showed beautifully. Yay! I almost had to divorce Mr F today but it was worth it ;)

Brina said...

congrats on the so far successful showings, mrs f - i'm keeping all fingers crossed for you guys (metaphorically at least since i got a cast on one hand right now^^)!!

woot woot, this is exciting and please don't kill mr f, as hard as it may might miss him after the fact! ;)

Kiki said...

WOW!!! You guys have some good house mojo....I'm excited for you guys and also keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Kellie said...

Sounds great!! Hope they make an acceptable offer!

Dana said...

I'm sending good luck vibes your way! Here's hoping it sells very soon and in the price range you are hoping for!

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