Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 Down

Both kids are sick.

Baby started yesterday night with a crazy cough and fever (so I'm on day two of holding a child upright all night... we all know how restful that is... especially when they are barking in your face).

Then... boom... this morning Kid puked.

Thankfully I had some ESP last night and put her puke bowl by her bed (honestly... isn't that weird?).

Doubly thankful that she is so used to puking with EVERY SINGLE virus that she used it... BY HERSELF. She's only 7, I think that's extraordinary. And kind of sad.


julie said...

Oh crap. I was hoping that the 2 down meant you lost 2 pounds.

Just what you need right now. Maybe it is a good thing there is no Trader Joe's nearby with all of your favorite snacks. You'd be eating all of those chocolate croissants because you deserve a treat for all of this stress you have...or maybe that is just my style of dealing with stress;)

I hope the kids feel better soon and that you don't get too run down. Take care.

Yay on Kid's great self help skills. Murphy's really good about the whole barf bowl thing, too. It is awful when the kids barf all over the place.

trifitmom said...

mrs f.what is going on ??? why on earth on you not catching a break ?

i am sending good vibes right now....maybe they will both just sleep all day and you will have a calm day ??

Robin said...

Ugh. I'm with Julie. I thought 2 down meant two pounds. Sorry about the sick kiddos. That's the worst.

And good job on the puke bucket. (or "frope" as Kara calls it. As in, "I'm going to frope.")

angie said...

:-( Sorry for both of the kiddos and for you. And yea, kind of sad about Kid's knowledge. Hugs to you.

Supermom said...

I hope they get well ASAP!! I also hope that you DON'T get sick!!!

Deb said...

Oh, NO! I hope they're feeling better soon.

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