Saturday, April 17, 2010


Baby has been sicker than sick this week. Yesterday afternoon, while Kid and I were catching up on American Idol, I realized Baby wasn't with us. I sent Kid on a reconnaissance mission.
She found her like this:


G in Berlin said...

Poor baby:(.

I took my younger in for her 4 year and the dr told us she was sick- we hadn't noticed! But it did explain why she was tired and cranky.

We are showing our place in the US now for a rental turn-over, so I think good thoughts your way as well as ours.

trifitmom said...


Mrs Furious said...

Good luck with your house! No showings again today for us... so I'm feeling really good about our decision to lower the price next week.

I was just thinking about you! Kid has been off the hook this morning... tantrums started the moment her foot hit the floor... long day already. I've been trying so hard to try and preempt her triggers but sometimes nothing works. I did not respond to her the way I would have wanted either. Sometimes I just don't have it.
Sorry... needed to let that out. ;)

G in Berlin said...

You know, in so many ways we have the same issues: with my husband in Munich 3-4 days a week, I sometimes feel the top of my head blowing off as they push my buttons. In a lot of ways, I know the acting out is because they miss my husband and his (stronger in some ways, weaker in others) type of discipline. My problems are generally in the am, as my older needs to be in school on time which forces my younger, who is the late sleeper, to get up exhausted. There's no relief. I just keep trying, but sometimes, no matter what I do, we all have issues that result in yelling and apologizing.
It's tough being a single parent, even temporarily. And you have many more responsibilities as well. Give yourself a pep talk- you are doing great- and don't take any tiny missteps too much to heart. I think you are amazing.

Nutmeg said...

Poor Baby.

I can always tell Eli is sick when he sits still for 30 friggin seconds!

All the extra energy I have I am throwing your way.

Christy said...

I don't think I've ever commented before, but I had to say that she looks exactly like her older sister in this picture!

Andrea said...

awwww so sad, but Mrs F. your desk looks fantastic. Im jealous.

Mrs Furious said...

funny... their biggest difference is their eyes... and with them closed they do look more alike. Their hair has settled on the exact same shade. Which is interesting considering that Kid was born with blonde hair and Baby with dark brown.

thank you :)

I'll take it! I'm really glad we haven't had any showings this weekend and I can kind of rest.

Gee thanks. I'm curious to see if any of this ultra cleanliness will carry over as a habit once we sell the house... I'm kind of thinking not ;)

Kiki said...

Poor, sweet she feeling any better at this point???

P.O.M. said...

That is such a cute pic. But I have to admit that the first thing I noticed was how clean your desk is and how great everything looks in there :)

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