Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We might be buying a house today.

Mr F put a bid in on a short sale competition last night.

I haven't even seen it.

And it's a duplex (double yikes).

More later.

In other news I weighed myself today and some of that extra weight must have been wacky water retention. I'm down to 10 pounds to lose. I'm tracking it over there in the side bar as well as my days of exercise. I'm counting calories on a dry erase board on my fridge (why have I never thought of that before?!). Nine weeks to the new old me. Believe it.


Lori said...

Fingers crossed!

Claire said...

Hope it works out for you - and I hope to get my laptop back soon. Thinking of you all as you go through this process.

Jenny The Bold said...

A duplex? I thought you said you wanted to die in the next house you buy ;) I don't think you will like having possibly loud neighbors that close to you, will you?

lindalou said...

sorry, a duplex sounds horrible compared to what you're used to...sorry, i hope you don't get it....for your sake.

Smitty said...

Just knock out the walls between the duplexes and you'll have a mansion.

Mrs Furious said...

We didn't get it.

The potential of the duplex was that it was a big 2 story house converted to a top & bottom duplex which could be reconverted back to a single family house... not a side by side. It was crazy cheap and still had original wood work, etc.
The downside was that we'd have a top tenant until we could afford to covert it.

Chrissy said...

Sorry to hear that Mrs F - I'm sure you guys will find something fantastic!

And...you don't have to lose 15 pounds now!

lindalou said...

hope i didn't jinx you....just sounded like a headache.

i'm not that powerful, i know.

Mrs Furious said...

no, no... I think the person with the full cash offer had the power ;)
It's for the best. it had awesome potential but it was not a walk in and live your best life kind of deal. It would have meant a couple of years of a 2 bedroom arrangement. Mr F took 9 months to remodel a bathroom... I can't imagine the time frame on this kind of renovation. I'm thinking not getting this house might have just saved our marriage!

Deb said...

I have thanked my lucky stars more than once that my husband and I didn't "win" a bidding war on a similar situation in San Francisco. A knock-out-walls remodel is tough enough on a marriage, but having a tenant? (I'm thanking my lucky stars again.) I hope you find a perfect place very soon.

angie said...

:-( i was so hoping it would work out and you could be a legit participant of X street progressive cocktail parties.

running2me said...

I guess .... congrats on NOT getting the house and for NOT having to lose more than 10 lbs :-)

Having daughters myself, I'm just wondering what you tell yours about the dry erase board and the calories. I'm always curious about how other moms manage this "touchy" subject---

Mrs Furious said...

Well Baby is a moot point... she can't read.
Kid hasn't noticed it. It's above her head level and it's small and on the side of the fridge. I did ask her if she remembered when I was on a diet after Baby was born and she said "no" so I didn't elaborate.
The thing with me is I always eat the same foods (no off limits) and so to them they won't notice a difference. I just give up the constant snacking and give myself a smaller portion at lunch & dinner. If Kid asks I'm just going to keep it simple and honest: "I have been eating more than I need to and because I'm not growing it's making me weigh more and now my clothes don't fit. I need to write down what I'm eating to make sure I'm making healthy choices and workout more." Something like that.

running2me said...

Oh, thanks for answering! I KNEW you'd have a thoughtful response!!
I've had to be VERY careful about not passing along my issues to my girls and so far....so good! I feel like I did something right whereas my parents did something very wrong and I knew it at the time so I made a conscious effort with my girls.
Sounds like you are, too--not that I expected anything different because YOU ROCK!! :-)

P/F said...

I'm kind of glad that you didn't get the house too. I wanted a bigger house, and boy did I get it. It is ridiculous what we spend on utilities to heat, cool, and electrify this house only to find that we spend our time in the same room. A couple of years ago, we realized that we didn't see the kids anymore and removed the toys, games, and tv from the family room and put them on our first floor. Now the family actually spends our time together, but I still have to clean the huge unused rooms. I like the feeling of space that I get here, but I don't need it, and have way more furniture than I need to keep the rooms from being empty. It used to take me 2 1/2 hrs to completely clean my tiny house, now it takes all day.

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