Friday, April 23, 2010

Bitch Fest Friday

Just in case you've been needing it.

This morning (the very morning that I could actually sleep in an extra half an hour) Kid woke up an hour early.


(Aw geez.. spoke too soon... fever & upset stomach... awesome)


Robin said...

For the past month, Fred's probably been home 4 or 5 days. He may or may not get to come home Sunday. we don't know. That might be the crappiest part. Not knowing when this will end.

His job is in emergency response. The emergency (ies)? Oil spills. Dear oil companies. STOP spilling oil!!! For the environment's sake and for mine. Thank you.

workout mommy said...

my husband got home at 230 because he went out with his friends.

Son #1 started throwing up at 330 and I asked hubby to help him b/c i was nursing the baby. Hubby replied he was too tired and WENT BACK TO SLEEP.

i stayed up with son #1 and baby until 5am.

at 6am I hear hubby hurling his brains out---crying out for help. I shut the bathroom door and told him to please barf quietly.

karma is a bitch people. :)

thanks Mrs F--I needed that today!

P/F said... husband, the one who works 70+ hrs/week, has volunteered to take a 50% paycut for the next 15 weeks! Because the company he owns a (tiny) part of has $45,000 in checking - and rent alone is $20,000/month. It is not because they aren't busy (extremely busy). It's because the clients here in Metro Detroit AREN'T PAYING THEIR BILLS! They have over half a million dollars in receivables, but the checks are not coming in. There is a joke in his business that says where else do you spend $2 million to make $1 million? It is not funny, it is true.

We do not go out to eat, I do not shop. There is nothing to cut out. I am very frugal (cheap). I can not get the numbers to work. I don't know if venting all of this makes me feel better or worse.

There are changes on the horizon, nothing I can talk about here but they are big. Really big. The wait is getting to be unbearable.

Mrs Furious said...

workout mommy,
"karma is a bitch people. :)

I'm sorry, I know how you feel.

Oh I'm sorry you are under so much stress! I hope your big changes come soon.

Torey said...

We have a giant Earth Day Sale going on at work for the weekend. Yesterday I had to take both kids in the morning (even though my mom usually takes Gup on Thursdays) We got there the same time as the first customer, 8:50. We open at 10! It was insane. I worked until 5 with Beta (my mom came and got Gup around 11, and had to wait almost an hour for me to get him ready because there were so many people). I didn't get home until 7. Ate dinner, Beta puked at bedtime.

I went to sleep at 11. Beta started puking her little baby guts out at 12. And continued until 6. I finally crawled back into bed (in my last pair of clean jammies. . .can someone explain to me what one is supposed to do with a vomitting baby in order to avoid collateral damage?) while Beta slept on a towel in her crib since I couldn't locate a clean crib sheet. Gup got up at 7. I begged N to stay home so I could go back to work (sans sick baby) and raced to work at 8:30, again beaten there by the first customer. Worked until noon when I realized that I had Beta's carseat in my car, and N had no baby seat. He said he would walk to lunch, and hung up. Moments later I realized I had the double stroller. Homeward bound.

And tomorrow, I get to go to work at the butt crack of dawn again, and deal with more crazy people. At least the baby stopped puking and is happy?

lucinda said...

Peace Corps is out and I ran over a dog.

Mrs Furious said...

what?! Whose dog?

lucinda said...

Stranger's dog on my way to the grocery store. It came running out of the woods and I braked hard but couldn't miss it. They saw the whole thing. I was sobbing so hard they asked if they should call 911.

Nutmeg said...

Last friday my best friend from growing up (kindergarten through college through our thirties)... his dad, who I've known that long and was like a member of my family, was fixing something behind his tractor trailer when a kid, texting on his phone, ran into the back of his trailer. He was crushed between the truck and the car, flown to a trauma OR and died.

After a week of living with that horror and funerals and crying and paperwork and crying... today...

Today the second worst part of the whole thing happened (The worst part being Mr. P dying)... Today the police chose not to file charges against the driver who slaughtered Mr. P.

He admitted to texting while driving. And he ran a man down with his car. If he was drunk he'd have gone to prison.

What's the difference.. and how do you go on living in a world like this?

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I am so sorry. You are absolutely right, I think that should be considered vehicular manslaughter and that it should have the same penalty as drunk driving. Again, I'm very sorry for your loss.

I'm all about the towels. When it is really bad I layer them that way you can just strip off the pukey one and you've got a clean one all set ready to go.
I'm sorry you've had such a crazy sleepless rushed couple of days!

Torey said...

I would like to add a Bitch Fest Saturday.

I'm currently in the ER after a crazy exciting AMBULANCE ride with Beta, who had a breath holding and then had a tonic/clonic seizure that lasted 6 minutes. Neuro won't even come see her because they are SURE it was just a prolonged breath holding spell, so they are getting ready to discharge us, provided her bloodwork comes back normal.

So my day went like this:
Get up at butt crack of 7 am.
Take Beta to work.
Work crazy Earth Day Sale
until 4 when mommy instinct says "GO HOME"
Take Beta home.
Beta cries.
Pick Beta Up.
Beta holds breath.
Beta has massive seizure in my arms.
Call 911.

Well you know the rest. Now they want me to wait up to 2 weeks to be seen by neuro.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? MY BABY had a grand mal seizure that lasted OVER 5 MINUTES and neuro doesn't want to see her??

The kicker? I asked what we do if it happens again (she has breath holding spells multiple times a week that have never resulted in seizure activity before, though I do understand there is a possibility) and was told, CALL 911. Great. Thanks.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm sorry :(

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