Saturday, April 24, 2010

Checked Out

As if you haven't been able to tell this moving limbo has clearly zapped any creative energy out of my soul. Sorry.

I will resort to a list of goings on.

Mr F drove in for a "surprise" trip. I say that since it was supposed to have been a surprise but in an effort to defend his honor (one late night on the phone when I was less than pleased to hear him go on and on about his night out on the town) he revealed his intentions.

Oddly, his being here only makes me feel more tired than usual and a bit sad. He got here just before 2 AM this morning and will turn around to drive back tomorrow morning. It's nice but also feels kind of like a gyp.

Of course Kid has been burning up with her fever for the last two days and is somewhat forlorn that she can't have any fun with Daddy.

No showings. WTF? We even lowered the price this week. Why on Earth would we go from being inundated with showings to a full stop over night? It feels bizarre. But, honestly, for me it is still a relief on the every day front of things. Our realtor did get an insanely intense email from an interested buyer demanding detailed verification of our pricing. He stood his ground which I was happy, and somewhat astonished, to see. Maybe something will come of that.

Oh, Mr F and I are hot for this crazy foreclosure deal in Ann Arbor. It's a complete dump but we could literally buy it with cash and flip it. If it's still there on Monday we just might. It's not our perfect house but it is the right school district and a good location and an easy money maker if we turn it into a rental. And it has the potential to be a really cute house... just kind of decrepit Victorian now. Gives us more time to find our perfect house without changing schools... and will either be fun or a living hell... however you look at a complete remodel with your spouse and two small children in a 1000 sq ft house. I like to think of it as a stepping stone to greatness. And a total blank canvas. And tons of blog fodder. As with all of our great leads of late I'm sure it'll have been snapped up... but we'll see. It solves a lot of our problems as we could afford to live in it while this house is still on the market. If we like it we can stay if we don't we can be making $1200/month off of it. Which would go a long way toward a mortgage payment on another house. Just sayin'. Mr F's going to check it out and assess the amount of work needed to get it up and running. The houses around it are listed at over 3x the foreclosure price... so... it's potentially a really good opportunity.


gooddog said...

"And tons of blog fodder."
Well, then I'm all for it. ;)

P/F said...

A foreclosed home is a great bet in Ann Arbor. Especially while the economy here is still tanking. We lived in a 850 sq/ft house in Burns Park (with 2 kids) and it was definitely big enough.

Another bonus was that we could remind family that we didn't have room for tons of crazy gifts and toys for the kids, so they actually put thought into gifts back then.

I loved living in our tiny house. It aligned so much more with the lifestyle we prefer to live. I am SO jealous Mrs. F.

You'll be leaving Asheville sooner than you think. It sucks that the blog can be a source of stress at precisely the time you shouldn't have to worry about it at all.

Holly said...

I'm pretty sure that the deadline for getting the home buyer's rebate has passed. I know from my realtor friends that that drove a lot of traffic over the last few months, and sure contributes to your drop off now.

Mrs Furious said...

The credit runs out next week... but.. I think you are probably right. Those buyers were in here the beginning of the month to be sure they were in contract by the 30th. Ugh.

I'm excited about it. It's on the Old West Side but north of Miller (which I'm not 100% digging, although that neighborhood has switched over from more rental to more single family as of late) but it is still Bach school where we want Kid to be and still totally walkable which is what I want). I don't think we can lose with it though... let's hope we get it! And if we love it?! Then we just got the deal of a lifetime.

Yes, I am excited about that too. And buying new furniture ;)

Deb said...

"I like to think of it as a stepping stone to greatness. And a total blank canvas. And tons of blog fodder."

I like that you're always thinking of us.

Marie said...

Buy it for cash? No mortgage? Or maybe just for the remodel costs? AND the perfect school system? Its like a dream home!! :) After the last year or so of craziness and "doing more with less" type lifestyle, it would be WONDERFUL to have such a place!! (because, honestly, mortgage is almost everyone's biggest bill!) Do it up however you want, and if in the end you move elsewhere the rent can pay for part of your new house!

Plus, selfishly, I'd love to watch a Furious remodel!

julie said...

Of course Kid has been burning up with her fever for the last two days Oh shit that poor kid. And poor mama.

I think you will be happy almost anywhere back in Ann Arbor.

PS I just bought that Krusteaz Lemon bar mix that you made a million years ago on this blog. I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you while I went food shopping;) Plus, I decided to have a one last hurrah of yumminess before I go back to hardcore tomorrow(having the kids home for spring break apparently meant I needed to eat more than usual....and by that I mean homemade ice cream sundaes and mexican takeout. I feel like a freaking weeble.

P/F said...

We really like the area around Bach, and the school definitely has a great reputation. We looked at a house just down the street from Jefferson market. As long as it's walkable and near a decent school, I'm on board for A2.

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