Monday, April 19, 2010

2 Down... This Time Pounds

The good news is that I have been rewarded for my efforts this week. 1500 calories plus exercise seems to be the right equation... I'm sure tweaking will be necessary down the road. I'm pretty happy since it's the calorie limit I'm most comfortable with. It allows me to still eat 3 meals and 2 snacks and still eat reasonable portions. I'm definitely more mindful (must be to stick to that calorie allotment) and am aware that I had really gone bonkers in the last year with my mindless eating between meals. It's quite the wake up call to realize that I am not hungry on 1500 calories and that I was eating close to 2000+ a day before. Which just proves the point, that as cute as they are, Pepperidge Farms Gingermen do add up.

I'm back to using some of my standard foods to help me stick on target without thinking too much: Maple Fusion waffles (good God I forgot how good they are) and some Kashi go Lean snack bars for my afternoon coffee break. The Kashi bars are my favorite since they are high in protein and fiber but still have a sweetness that feels very treat like without having any artificial sweeteners (I did also try some Atkin's bars, because they were cheaper and had a similar fiber/protein profile, but they left me feeling sick... and I can't even make my way through that long ingredient list which is typically a food no-no for me... seriously what the hell are those things made out of?!). The rest of my meals are just slightly smaller. I eat a half a sandwich for lunch and stick to a 350 cal portion of dinner. I eat dessert every night with the kids and usually have about 200-300 to spend on it. Again, super important to me that as a healthy weight woman (we're talking vanity weight here) that my kids see me eat healthy portions of ALL foods. What I want them to walk away with is that being mindful of your food and exercising are important parts of being a healthy adult. Eating weird foods you wouldn't eat if you weren't trying to lose weight (or wouldn't let your children eat), or depriving yourself of food your family is sharing are red flags I don't need to wave and in my experience do not work.

After an obsessive amount of thought and consideration I've decided to count mowing the lawn as exercise. I'm a huge believer in NOT counting daily chores as exercise... since... if that was enough and *counted* you wouldn't need to lose weight. But the lawn mowing is a new activity and it is physically demanding and an on par calorie burn to my usual workout and I walk away exhausted and sweaty. But also important is that it took me 3 days of 45-60 minutes to mow the damn lawn and because of that I didn't have time leftover (or energy) to workout on those days. That's pretty much the limit for time I can spend not being available to the kids. So this week I did 3 workouts and 3 days of mowing the lawn... I counted it as 5 workouts (just to be sure) in my count down (going for a total of 35 more in the next 8 weeks). Now that I've seen the 2 pound loss this week I'm feeling pretty positive about my decision to count the mowing.

That's the update.

No showings at all this past week/weekend. I'm feeling really good about my decision to come down 10K this week... we gave it a good run at the higher price but we aren't wasting time (I don't want to do this forever). I think that it's time to lower the price and refresh our property on the listing services. I'm also really happy that I had that one week reprieve. The obsessive cleaning was sucking the life force out of me. Hopefully I can scale it back (no promises though... I am what I am). I'm also feeling better about the prospect of solo parenting for another 8 weeks. As long as the house isn't on the market (soon please) I'm good to go. Having this week without showings has just highlighted that their element of stress and physical labor was what was too much to bear and once this house is in contract I can handle everything else just fine. Which is somewhat interesting and worthy of a post of it's own one day. I'm just someone who functions better without a spouse... and it's kind of funny that I have one... and he has ADD...maybe a duplex isn't such a crazy idea after all. Mr F could have his side and I could have mine. Weirder things have happened.

Mull that over Mr F.

That's all folks.


HL said...

Congrats on the loss -- totally agreed about the Atkins bars. I'm not eating some freaky shit just to lose weight. :)

Andrea said...

woohoo on the loss, and hoping for a quick sell this week Im feelin it for you!

Mrs Furious said...

Something is messed up with those bars! I had read you had a reaction to them and bought them anyway thinking maybe it was just that flavor you had. NO they are weird in a bad way. My stomach hurt for hours after that.

I hope so!!!

AT22 said...

You are right on re: Atkins. All that low-carb food is like that. I eat a lower-carb diet, but I will not eat that fake stuff (including artificial sweeteners, although it took a while to finally quit).

Great job on the loss. Keep it up!

Missives From Suburbia said...

I love, love, LOVE your attitude about food and exercise vis a vis the kids. I want to give you a mountaintop from which to shout that philosophy, because I think it's so important to teach kids by example that food and eating are normal parts of life!

I wouldn't mind the duplex situation. :)

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks. I feel pretty strongly about not fucking my kids up more than absolutely necessary ;)
Kid and I had a funny conversation about exercise yesterday... hopefully I'll post that.

I'm hoping I can keep it up. I find as my stress increases (house showings) I have a really hard time budging the scale at all, like my whole metabolism freezes up... we'll see if I can get the weight loss ball rolling if I'll be able to avoid that now or if... worst case... I have the patience to just stick to my guns and wait it out. I'm not especially good at that ;)

julie said...

That's great about the loss.

Oh those waffles...I haven't had those is such a long time. I may have to go buy a box. Although I am totally into my Kashi GOLEAN crunchy chocolate peanut bars for breakfast.

Jenny The Bold said...

I am going to try those Kashi bars-they look good! And the Crunchy! ones seem to have quite a bit of protein-which I need in my diet.

I was wondering-you don't seem to eat that many calories. You have breakfast, a snack, a half a sandwich for lunch, a snack, dinner and dessert. Do you eat anything other than half a sandwich for lunch? Just curious since you've had such great success with losing weight.

Even though they're not the greatest things in the world I eat hard boiled eggs because according to a health website they are "easily digestible" by your body. They've really helped me lose weight plus adding protein to my diet. I've grown to like them more than before.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm totally digging the caramel Crunchy bars. Delish.

For lunch I eat my least amount of calories. Right now I'm eating (usually) a small tortilla 80 calories with 1.5 tsp of real dressing and 2 oz of chicken and top it with shredded romaine and green onions. With that I have about 50 calories of fruit.

I eat breakfast kind of late, I get up early and have my coffee but never get a chance to sit down until a couple hours later, and so I only go about 2-3 hours until lunch. I drink unsweetened iced tea at lunch.

At breakfast & snack I drink coffee with cream & sugar and so that knocks up my calories on those meals. I have about 300 at each. Breakfast is either my waffles or Kashi cereal but I find the waffles more filling (odd since the cereal has so much protein & fiber).

Dinner is well balanced with lots of vegetables and always some kind of animal protein. I try to keep the carbs down to 2/3 c .

Then I have a little dessert and later I might have cucumbers & hummus or a snack bar or something if I have the calories left. For a total of 1500 and I'm really not hungry. I just eat every 2-3 hours.

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