Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey Mom

"Can we go to Red Lobster tomorrow?" Kid begins,

"I just saw a commercial..." She continues.

"Oh geez..." I interrupt.

"Right NOW they are having Shrimp Fest! And I'm pretty sure that means it's a SHRIMP FESTIVAL. I think everything is going to be made out of SHRIMP!" She finishes enthusiastically.

"Well, you do love shrimp." I say and then went back to doing the dishes.

Something about it made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Maybe it was the very notion that Red Lobster would be that good.


Torey said...

So are you going? ;)

Claire said...

My Mom, at 90, still gets mad at the ads they have for lobster - the actual lobster tail is so small in real life!

Mrs Furious said...

I told we could go with Mr F when he comes into town. I'm not totally anti but I'm always a bit weary of seafood not near the sea... but then again the last time I got food poisoning we were at the beach... so...

Mrs Furious said...

lol... I'm sure Kid is going to be fairly disappointed at what Shrimp Fest turns out to be.

Torey said...

Oh I'm totally jealous of you going. While the entrees may leave a little to be desired, I LOVE LOVE LOVE their biscuits.

Mrs Furious said...

I have heard the biscuits are good. I've only ever been one time in my life and something about didn't leave a good impression. We'll see if I change my tune.

Mrs. Smitty said...

I too love their biscuits - and found a recipe. So close to the original I don't have to go there anymore for them!

Mrs Furious said...

Mrs Smitty,
We're going tonight. I've just been scouring the nutritional info so I don't totally blow my diet!

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