Monday, May 31, 2010

I Don't Know How I Managed To Pull This Off Either

This is the last week of school, folks! And with that also comes the subtle pressure to say farewell with some sort of meaning.
And by meaning I mean cold hard cash (as requested... yes... people... as requested) and thoughtful homemade gifts (because that's what is right).
What else?

For Kid's teacher, whom I've never learned to like, I made a small little jewelry case. It is padded with felt between two layers of the print fabric. The inside has three elasticized flannel pockets to hold a few pieces, and it ties shut with the ribbon. Honor me people, because this was a lot of work for someone I don't actually like! I bought a pair of earrings at Cost Plus World Market for $5 and Kid put them in the pockets.

And, yes, Kid's misspelling of her name makes the gift for me. I just read that as "To Belch" and start laughing my ass off.

For her assistant teacher, a kindly, loving, grandmotherly storyteller, Kid made a pillow. She drew Ruth telling a story with Kid imagining it. Kid loves Ruth and I'm thinking this might make Ruth cry.

At Kid's school there is only one class per grade, so they have been together for the past two years. Kid worked on assembling friendship gifts to give her friends as goodbye presents. This year she and her class are The Dolphins so we ordered a set of sea animal Silly Bandz and tied them onto little cards.


julie said...

Great job on the gifts.

Did the teachers actually request cash? That seems so uncouth.

Mrs Furious said...

Yes, cash. For Christmas and Teacher Appreciation Day AND End of The Year. Ahem. I, of course, also help (read: Kid doesn't do jack) make gifts for Kid to give each time too. But I don't want the class parent to judge me, since she doesn't know that we give *real* gifts, so I also give $20 each time.

Claire said...

The jewelry case is great - well done - but - as a former nursery school teacher I have to say that the pillow is pure gold. I love it exactly the way it is.

I cannot believe the teachers requested cash.

Kiki said...

That is straight up a million years I would never have asked for or EXPECTED cash for doing the job I am paid to do. Just saying.

Your gifts are perfection and precious....I do honor you!

Lindsay said...

Awesome job on the gifts! Way cute.

Angie said...

i hate people like you :-)

Liz said...

I could not come up with those even if I had a bazillion hours of "creative time" to myself. Very well done, so thoughtful. The teachers will love them! Again, how did you find the time?

Gigs said...

I have to say that cash seems like a very weird request from a teacher. At our school we are actually discouraged from material gifts specifically for teachers. Gift cards etc. that can be used for the classroom are more encouraged. I'm not sure what they would think if I slipped them a $20! The pillows are lovely though and I'm sure will be appreciated. You are very talented (as is Kid!).

P.O.M. said...

Cash? NO f'ing way. Just on principle, you should've put some monopoly money in there. Or maybe a print out from Miss Manners.

Deb said...

I want to be your kids' teachers. Those gifts are the kind that make me melt. The pillow is my fav, although the misspelling on the jewelry roll is true poetry.

Giving cash to teachers really disturbs me. They're not waitresses. Our class took up a collection at the end of the year, and I was grateful they waited until the very last minute (hello, the day before the last day?) and I was able to honestly say I'd already bought gifts. Gift cards are fine. Cash--requested, no less--is straight up tacky, as Kiki said. Ew.

Elizabeth said...

I agree! Tacky!

However your gifts are adorable.

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