Thursday, June 3, 2010

So Someone Explain To Me...

How I got peed on in the night AND DIDN'T NOTICE?!

Sure I was taking a shower in my dream...

But, you'd think lying in a pool of cold piss would wake a person up.

It wasn't until Baby said something that I woke up to answer her.... and even then.... I didn't notice the bed was sopping wet.

It wasn't until I put my hand down to roll toward her that I realized there was a huge puddle of pee soaking into my mattress.

So I hurriedly stripped the bed.

Phew, it hadn't penetrated the egg the mattress has been saved!

And I run it all into the laundry room.

I get the load started.

Then I look down and realized my shirt is completely soaked with pee.


How did I not feel that?

So I take it off and stop the machine.

But, of course, the stupid thing won't let me unlock the door.

I walk to the bathroom and find an old shirt.

Put it on.

Wash out my night shirt.

Then I realize...

My underwear is soaked.

My entire side is wet and sticky with pee.

I couldn't believe it.... I started to wonder...


No, Thank God.

But still.

I wasn't even drinking last night.


Loralei said...

Sounds like you are exhausted to me! I wonder why...

AT22 said...

The amount of bodily fluids in your house is kind of amazing.

Andrea said...

I would also say exhaustion, kinda like when you have a newborn and you constantly up and nursing and then you go to answer the door for the ups man early in the morning and dont realize your boob is hanging out. yeah been there

Mrs Furious said...

Ha! You don't know the half of it!!

I guess. I'm usually a light sleeper. I think, because Kid didn't have school this morning, I must have shut off more than usual. Seriously weird when you wake up and wonder if you yourself wet the bed!

you and me both ;)

Deb said...

I once wondered if I'd wet the bed. The overturned jumbo plastic cup under my hotel room bed gave me the answer I needed. But I'm not sure the maid saw it my way.

I hope you at least got a decent night's sleep.

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